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The truth surrounding UFO’s / Aliens, For the newbies!

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posted on May, 22 2009 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by kresh7

Thanks kresh7 for the links to the Alex Collier vids. I don't know what to think about his supposed contact with the Andromedan's, and I really don't care, but what I do know is that after watching those video's he has some great info that I believe to be true, especially on a spiritual note. And I agree, that whatever your belief of his supposed contact, at least listen to what he has to say about everything else.
Thanks again


posted on May, 23 2009 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by stealthsurfer

Alex Collier i think lies alot its well known that anybody that glances to the left alot are using their imagination. And he glances to the left every like 5 seconds at the opening of him 1994 interview/.q

posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 03:00 AM
I wonder how many people looked at this post and just changed site to, BBC I player or sumit Legit lol! Its truth people!¬

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posted on Mar, 30 2010 @ 09:07 AM

THE THREAT: THE SECRET AGENDA, by Dr. David Jacobs A Review by Amy L. Hebert

In Dr. Jacobs' new book, "The Threat: The Secret Agenda: What The Aliens Really Want...And How They Plan To Get It", he indicates that the alien agenda is essentially to breed hybrids by mixing human and alien genetic material and integrate the hybrids into human society until only hybrids, under complete domination and control of the aliens themselves, are left. He indicates that the hybridization appears to progress in stages:

STAGE ONE (Hybrid 1) - Starts with in vitro joining of human sperm, eggs, and alien genetic material. "The result of this union, which is grown partially in a human female host and partially in a gestation device, is a hybrid being who is a cross between alien and human.

STAGE TWO (Hybrid 2) - Is the stage in the hybridization process when aliens join a human egg and sperm and assimilate material from the first-stage hybrid (Hybrid 1) into the zygote. This process also begins in vitro and requires both a human female host and a gestation device to mature the fetus to "birth". The resulting offspring is a cross between Hybrid 1 and human. Dr. Jacobs indicates that even at this stage, the hybrids still look quite alien and there is no evidence that Hybrid 2's can reproduce.

STAGE THREE (Hybrid 3) - Involves taking a human egg and sperm and adding genetic material from Hybrid 2, begins in vitro in a human female host then to a gestation device. The resulting hybrid looks very human. They could "pass" as a human although they would seem somewhat "off" in their appearance.

STAGE FOUR (Hybrid 4) and STAGE FIVE (Hybrid 5) - Dr. Jacobs indicates that the hybridization program reaches a critical point in these later-stage generations. The aliens again splice a human egg and sperm with genetic material from Hybrid 3 and the resulting hybrid is so close to human they could easily pass without notice. It is these later-stage hybrids that humans often call the "Nordics" although they do include a variety of hair color and eye color.

Each stage of hybridization produces beings with many characteristics of human beings but retain many invisible alien characteristics including the ability to use mind scans on humans and maintain complete control of human abductees. These beings are not human and they are not totally alien... They are hybrids who THINK like aliens because they were raised by them. These hybrids may display human emotions but their loyalties belong to their "creators" - the aliens. The hybrid agenda is the same as the alien agenda. "They become them."

Dr. Jacobs indicates in his book that what abductees often remember as the aliens showing us the "error of our ways" and an interest in the earth's environment, the aliens never show any concern for what may happen to HUMANS if they destroy this planet, only what will happen to Earth. Dr. Jacobs speculates, "Is it not possible that the aliens are concerned about the environment because they want a clean Earth for themselves? The fact that humans live on a sullied planet does not seem as important to them, but that THEY might have to live on a despoiled planet may be intolerable."


Dr. Jacobs indicates the evidence suggests the aliens' ultimate goal is integration into human society and all their efforts and activities appear geared toward complete control of humans on Earth. Dr. Jacobs outlines four programs the aliens have put into effect to achieve their goals:

1. The Abduction Program

2. The Breeding Program

3. The Hybridization Program

4. The Integration Program

The Abduction Program involves selectively abducting humans around the world. The Breeding Program is the process whereby the aliens collect human sperm and eggs, genetically alter the fertilized embryo, incubate fetuses in human hosts, and make humans mentally and physically interact with the offspring for proper hybrid development. The Hybridization Program is where the aliens refine the hybrids by continual alteration and breeding with humans to become more human while retaining crucial alien characteristics. And the Integration Program involves the aliens preparing abductees for future events when eventually the hybrids or the aliens themselves integrate into human society and assume control.

Dr. Jacobs' research correlates the information coming from many researchers in the abduction field. Some researchers, which Jacobs calls "The Positives", prefer to believe the aliens are benevolent and here as much for OUR benefit as their own. According to Jacobs, "Often the New Age Positives band together into almost cult like groups to defend themselves from their detractors - researchers and abductees who have come to different conclusions about the abduction phenomenon. The Positives reinforce one another's feelings and insulate themselves from the terror of their lives; they become angry when "less enlightened" abduction researchers question their interpretation."

Dr. Jacobs points to several researchers such as John Hunter Gray, Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Richard Boylan, Jopseph Nyman, and Dr. John Mack as researchers who prefer to put a more positive twist on the abduction phenomenon. Jacobs states, "Both Boylan and Mack de-emphasize the effects of the standard abduction procedures. Boylan believes that gynecological and urological procedures take place only with a very small number of abductees and he rarely focuses on them. And although Mack has found nearly the full range of alien physical, mental, and reproductive procedures, he only mentions them in passing while emphasizing what he finds to be spiritually uplifting elements." The view the Positives have of the abduction phenomenon do not correlate with what most abductees describe as horrifying and traumatic experiences. According to Jacobs, "The benevolent "spin" that the Positives (both abductees and researchers) put on the abduction phenomenon is puzzling, given the way most people describe their abductions: being unwillingly taken; being subjected to painful physical procedures (sometimes leaving permanent scars); enduring humiliating and abusive sexual episodes, including unwanted sexual intercourse; living with the fear and anxiety of wondering when they will be abducted again."

According to Dr. Jacobs, "The aliens have suggested that the time is not far off when their programs will end and they will have achieved their goal." These beings repeatedly warn that something catastrophic will happen and there will be mass terror and confusion and the aliens will intervene. Jacobs indicates that the aliens only refer to what will happen in reference to the abductees but fail to mention or show concern for non-abductees. Various abductees have been told by the beings that "some" abductees will be needed for further breeding purposes. But what will become of the rest of the human population?

In his closing statements, Dr. Jacobs expresses deep concern and fear for the future. He points to the futility of stimulating the scientific community to take a serious look at this phenomenon and even many UFO researchers have ignored or dismissed the abduction phenomenon since the late 1940's. Jacobs sighs, "It is clear that unless there is a dramatic, irrefutable, public event, the scientific community is probably not going to research the UFO phenomenon - regardless of how important the subject is. And even if scientists now decide to conduct serious research, it may very well be too late."

In the final stages of the alien agenda, humans will be slowly "phased out" while the hybrids are "phased in". Memories of loving mothers, fathers, freedom of choice and religion will be replaced by memories of selective breeding, single-minded functions geared to serving the aliens' needs, programs and a hive mentality. If a population has no memories of individual choice, family bonding, freedom, it will not remember or know what it has lost. Without stress or the needs of survival - controlled by the aliens - growth becomes unnecessary. As each generation of human beings is blended with alien genetic designs and control, memories of freedom, strife and the liberties we so vehemently seek will become only distant echoes of an ancient society.

It is clear that the alien agenda depends on secrecy. Evidently they are concerned that if the human population became aware of what they are doing, their agenda might be resisted. This suggests that resistance is possible, and might even be successful.

There is strong evidence that human beings are the product of alien intervention in our evolution, something that has been going on for perhaps tens of thousands of years. Nor can we dispute that there is room for further improvements, improvements that we may soon be making ourselves using germ line genetic engineering. Greater intelligence and the capacity for telepathic communication could be desirable attributes that we could embrace.

But it is one thing to offer us such improvements and allow us to accept or reject them. We might even welcome having aliens joining us as fellow inhabitants on our planet, adding their cultural contributions to our own. But imposing these things on us is something else again, especially if it comes with alien control. A constitutional order among freely associating equals has much to recommend it, and we can justifiably contend that it is ultimately superior to a hierarchical, fascist order in which a ruling caste dominates lesser castes.

One of the recurrent themes in the reports from the abductees is that in conversations with hybrids during abduction sessions, the hybrids seem unhappy with their situation, chafing under alien control and longing for the free life of normal humans. The aliens may be able to induce a temporary delusion of love and happiness in their subjects, but eventually the delusion fades and is replaced with despair.

We must also consider the disturbing possibility that hybrids are already among us and in control of the key organs of government, industry, and the academic community. It would explain a great deal, including comments we sometimes get from insiders, about sometimes tense but very real cooperation between the elites in government and the aliens. Some may have alien mentalities, others may have just sold out, perhaps hoping to be rewarded by being allowed to survive as a part of whatever plans the aliens have for us. But for whatever reason, it may mean that any resistance may have to be not only against the aliens but against some of what we think of as our "own kind".

Could this be connected with the world-wide push to eliminate our constitutional rights, especially our right to keep and bear arms, to be free of warrant less searches, or forfeitures of our property, or prosecution for political dissent?

In the meantime, we need more information about this potential threat. If you or anyone you know may have been abducted, make contact with a reputable abduction researcher and work with him or her to try to extract as much information about the experience as possible. The signs are missing time, seeing a UFO, or feelings of strong discomfort when confronted with images of grey aliens, which are now all around us. You may be able to provide a key piece of information. You may even learn how to function as a spy during future abductions, asking questions and eliciting responses that reveal something important. A Web search can provide you with information on contacting groups that are working on this.

You may not want to think about these things, but there may be nothing more important to our future. If you merely retreat into your business or into your amusements, you may be helping to seal our fate as a species that didn't have what it takes to seize control of its own future.

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