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Would Confirmation of Alien Life Disprove God and Religion?

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posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 04:49 AM
religion and science USE TO BE STUDIED AS ONE SUBJECT, but for control purposes and brainwashing purposes it was divided.

Religion never thaught you about the "GIFT" the gift of soul, the soul is an infinit being with infinit ability and knowledge who can fully express it self through physicality which promots its growth interms of maturity, the soul is a being who IS NOT TIED DOWN TO ANY INSTITUTE, the soul is free to do what it want and when it wants, the soul chooses a conciouse space to evolve in and it chooses its experience. Do you see the difference between religion and spirituality?

We are already gods, but we really need to master ourselve we need to be "CHRIST LIKE" we need to be leaders not followers or lambs. We need a higher form of maturity, we are all acting like bafoons. Religion has multiple problems it doesnt teach you the true form of spirituality there is a difference. The three main religion is not metaphysic nor is it spiritual in nature its mentions a few things but there is no other emphasis usually gloryfies war nor does it teachs about the true origins of the human race and how life came into this galaxy or universe there is scientific explaination for this the BIG BANG theory is not wrong but it wasnt atoms that exploded. In another universe the human race FAILED to evolve negative energy is quite heavy so blackhole form take those negative entities and planets shift them of to another universe and when it arives there everything just explodes out of those "POUCHES" and scatters. SUPRISINGLY the Tibetans mentioned this long befor christianity or any other religion or science "Before time began, before there was Light, there was darkness and all that was, was sustained within a great cosmic egg began to crack open. Light, time, and space spill out, becoming the universes, planets, stars, and suns." Another problem with religion is they blaming Satan and see other religion as the source of all evil which also leads to a point where religious people are not responsible and close minded period. BAD THINGS HAPPEN BECAUSE WE CREAT KARMA, WE ATTRACT NEGATIVITY BECAUSE WE REFLECT THAT ENERGY ONTO TO THE UNIVERSE AND UNIVERSE OBEYS US AND MANIFEST THIS ENERGY THROUGH FORM OF SICKNESS, STRESS, DISFUNCTION...etc THIS IS TRUE SPIRITUALITY so now you know you are responsible. You want to be free the price is responsibility, whats shocking ATHIEST have shown this quality. Spirituality and Science I can see coexisting, religion I see it more of a political body rather then a spiritual one. NO ONE SHOULD JUDGE YOU OTHER THEN YOUR SOUL, NO ONE SHOULD RULE OVER YOU OTHER THAN YOUR SOUL...YOU ARE THE HOLY GHOST, YOU ARE THE SON AND DAUGHTER OF THE GODESS, YOU ARE THE GOD OF THIS CONCIOUS SPACE AND MANY OTHER DIMENSIONS THAT IS YOU THE SPIRIT

The character Moses is a prototype diety based on an egyption Pharaoh SIEGMUND FREUD the greatest psychoanalytic was assinated when published the book MOSES and MONOTHEISM, Jesus Christ is not a real person he is also fictioncal character he is based on astrotheology. The character called GABRIEL and SAINT MICHEAL becarefull these are the name of spacecrafts Alex Collier covered this look him up.

posted on Jun, 11 2009 @ 05:54 AM
Huggs everyone....

I think some turmoil would come from if the ET's claim they seeded this planet and they created the life here....
Kinda like saying we're the big boss??
We seeded you,,we have free rein in your airspace,,and we abduct you....
You'd think there would be a prime directive on not to interfere with another worlds culture/religion...
But its obvious with the abductions and cattle mutalations they have a different prime directive.

I wonder if the ET's have a relegion??

Now if one is face to face with one...that would be dam scary.
And they know your scared!!!!

I myself dont trust them....

sorry to ramble on....


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