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To all the non believers looking for logic...

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posted on May, 9 2009 @ 10:00 PM
Over and over I see threads posted by non believers asking for a logical explanation of God. My question is that if one is a non believer why does one have such a deep seeded desire to have an explanation? If God does not exist why waste ones time on searching for a logical explanation, it seems contradictory to me. None the less, the video posted below shows logical proof of God as our creator. I am sure someone will have something negative to say but if this wakes one person up then my time has not been wasted. As time advances so does science, science has only validated God as our creator over and over. As time progresses so does our knowledge of the world and our universe, although many questions are left unanswered maybe this short video will help someone see the light. God Bless even if you do not want him to.


posted on May, 9 2009 @ 10:40 PM
Sorry, but that stuff isn't logical. It just goes on about the number 7 and then uses math in anyway possible to make things come out to 7.

Like saying there are 28 letters in the original language and such. And then dividing it by 4 to get 7X4=28. That is nonsense.

The start of it was pretty good, talking about space time and such. But unfortunately that can easily be explained away, as all people experience time, the earth and the heavens.

I do maintain that the understanding of the bible given was for the time. Like the way a kid learns science in the 3rd grade, verses a quantum physics class. You would explain things to the 3rd grader in a way a 3rd grader could understand, and so I look at the bible as being like that. Not "exact" truth as in giving the physics of things, but a general understanding.

So I have nothing against the theory itself and believe it to be true. But in the way it's done in that video, it would be IMO like equating the story of chicken little as being about asteroids.

posted on May, 9 2009 @ 10:45 PM
The video disappointed me, I was under the impression it was going to be a good one.

Seven is a number, ldkdljf is not a word, but has seven letters, ergo God designed this word to be perfect, and thus blah blah blha blah blah.

The bible says In the beginning god created the heavens and the earth, ergo he knew of the Space time continuum, quantum mechanics, time travel. WHAT?

The bible is an ancient relic, this guy clearly has not seen anything from Hinduism, those artifacts, are much greater, and much older.

We have such a deep seeded desire because, well put it this way, when we went to the moon, did we think we could just you know, fly a plane up there, no we took time and millions of hours studying the way to do it.

Even we hadn't alot of people would of died!

Thats on the physical scale, what religion says is that you can put faith into something, spiritualy, economically, and physically. Hits all three of them, and has no proof behind it at all.

I can tell you about the molestors wrapped in priests clothing but you can also tell me of the good ones, why?? Because we are all humans some good hearted some not. Doesn't mean theres a satan with a pitchfork and a bearded man, pulling puppet strings!

Science has not time and time again validated christianity nor any other religion, i'm sorry but i'm calling BllSht!

Science is faced with a question it can't answer, (happens all the time) the religious see this and say God must be working, "do you not see that you have no answers because you do not know how god works!". Then science figures it on and moves to the next, Rinse, Lather, Repeat, and die a little inside.

For us (atheist) we see people raising there hands and shouting for the lords help, we don't see this imaginary being at all, no evidence at all, but I swear to god (hehe) that if I raised my hands up and yelled for pixies to help me, you'd call me a lunatic! Thats how we see it.

We don't want any more death from your ignorant religion.

A guy posted on here, something I enjoyed.

Quit taking a single thing that seems sensible and with time if it's proven wrong, don't try to prove the whole universe is wrong, just to fit one single idea.

I mean really, if you die, your atoms go back and take another form, (neat if you think about it) then they go into someone elses, right now theres an 80% chance you have in your skin William Shakespears atom from his skin. (It's in the book The Short History of Nearly Everything, i'll put the page up later) So it fits, it makes sense, but denial sets in, I don't want to die, a man with a beard and a yamika says you don't die, you live forever, yay I like that! Ergo a believer is made, from a simple fear that the world is, well the world!

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posted on May, 9 2009 @ 10:54 PM
Of course everyone knows "in the begging" means TIME its in all the science books in Harvard. "The heavens" our limited knowledge of the universe it has to be SPACE. cause there nothing beyond that right?. THE earth is matter, man he got me, the earth is made of "matter" so it must be true.

Nothing more than some guys interpretation on a old book using our limited knowledge to try and persuade and hook the common man & keep believers believing. This guy reminds me of Thomas Kindell (great guy btw very nice person).

posted on May, 9 2009 @ 11:09 PM
reply to post by Bringer

If the bible had mentioned maybe, you know dark matter, black holes, and quasars, I might think twice.

But really this guy took one sentence, and ran with the friggin wind, it sounds good if you already believe, but if you don't you see it for what it is.

posted on May, 9 2009 @ 11:15 PM
I'm not here to debunk god again, just read some dawkins if you must.... i want to talk about why i feel it's important,,,

Three main reasons, number one - for about 3000 years the same deity has be used to accept or deny all things in my culture (ok, so not exactly my culture we were agrarian pantheists until ceaser's armys) but basically apart from greco-indies metaphysics and psudo-athiest philosophy most things have been done with 'the grace of god' - Religion has been one of the most important (and arguably destructive) forces ever to play on human the human mind.

number two - Were i to idly ignore the actions of certain fundamentalist Christian elements then the powerful lobby groups would swiftly ensure that my children should i ever have them are taught that an invisible wizard happening to already exist is required for the world to be created -they would miss out on the beauty that is evolution. Further they would soon start getting taught that the world is only 6000 years old, ruining the awesomely fascinating mystery of the 16,000 cave art in france. Before long those desperate to return the world to hard core religious law would edge my quiet valid opinions out the way and soon the world would descend back into the dark ages, when if you studied your history you'll notice that someone with #my# opinion that there is no god was called a HEATHEN and was more likely than not tortured to death. Who knows maybe we would go even further this time? actually follow the insanity of the bible, the whole family stoned to death for suggesting worshiping another god - rape victims forced to marry their tormentor or stoned to death, animal sacrifice every time a woman has a period, etc, etc, etc

number three - because i'm not following some close minded dogma which demands i ignore all opposing views, indeed my dogma -that of scientific method- forces me to investigate other options. Don't forget of course that much of what is in the bible and religion has nothing to do with invisible wizards or deus et machina but is in fact fairly interesting psychology, philosophy and moralism. So to better understand myself and the world around me i have gone to great lengths to understand the many religions on the planet, their development and the effect they've had (mostly measured in deaths of course)

So those are my three reasons i have spent the time to learn about, understand and debunk your religion - one, historical reasons, two, practical reasons and. three, educational reasons. It's funny that so few religious people bother to try and understand other view points, oh wai- that's because you believe the sky wizard made you right and the rest of us wrong, lol makes perfect sense.

oh and here a two more bonus reasons that weren't good enough for the top 3....

4, because people keep knocking at my door asking to debate religion - oh no, they want to convert me to their religion the last think they want is a debate #hehe# shame because i have good answers to most their questions if only they would stop glazing over and ignoring everything i say until i pause and they can say 'but jesus loves you' as if that explains all the logical, moral and philosophic contradictions in their belief structure.

5. the subtle effect that thinking god made a perfect world has on political ideology - for example, those who think that gawd made a perfect world automatically ignore all the terrible dangers which a natural world has such as climate change, pandemic, etc, etc because they either don't think they're possible or think that god will save them due to his 'plan' ---- this can be seen very clearly in isreal at the moment, certain former presidents may well have been trying to create the conditions needed for the bibles conclusion (jews rebuild temple on temple mount, then all get killed before they come back in a giant gold and jewel encrusted castle, we all get killed and 144,000 people (not us) get to go to heaven while we all perish in hell forever) and although i don't buy into their religion or like their military tactics but i certainly don't want to see israel destroyed just to fulfill some sick fantasy.

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 02:08 AM
Ok I get it. I once had a bicycle with no wheels too. After throwing out all preconceived notions of religion and I started studying to find logical answers to my questions guess what I found them. Funny huh! I have never been an atheist, I have never given into the I'm a monkey theory or the I slimed out of the ocean theory or my atoms return to their original state and reform into someone or something else theory. However, religion as I knew it had a lot of holes in it and I set out to prove or disprove it and to find the truth. I stumbled onto this site (ATS) and was linked to cog-pkg site below. Long story short, the more I studied the more I believed. I do not believe in all the things on the site below however it did help me fill some holes and find some missing pieces. I hope it helps someone else if they are searching. The video below is another great resource for little known Bible facts that may help, IMO it is better than the original video I posted. Bottom line God is our creator, Jesus died on the cross for our sins. There is everlasting life but no there is no pitch fork hell but there is a Devil he was a fallen angel. If you believe in Jesus Christ and that he died for your sins you will have everlasting life. That is the important parts but If you are like me you need more. Literally throw away everything you ever thought you knew and start over like the Bible says as a child you will be enlightened. If you have an earnest heart you will find the truth. It is all scientifically plausible, very logical and mind blowing I promise.

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 03:10 AM
I liked this video. It is logic to me. But i know some people dont like numbers. Numbers makes things superstitious or random for them.

But when it comes to science we all know that nothing is random. Because all matter changes on time.

Here is a way some one else used God as the ID of

An official seal or signature must always have three distinct features to be considered valid:

1. The name of the official
2. The title of the official
3. The territory of the official

All valid documents are made in this fashion.

When the President of the United States signs a bill into law, he must sign it with:

Collectively his signature would read…If George Washington.

George Washington, President, of the United States.

In six days the LORD made heaven and earth: Exodus 20:11

An official seal or signature must always have three distinct features to be considered valid:

1. HIS NAME = THE LORD ("I am the Lord: that is my name" Isaiah 42:8)
2. HIS TITLE = CREATOR (Notice, "the LORD made" in above verse)

Collectively His signature reads…

“The Lord, Creator, of Heaven and Earth”

Well God = Energy so this makes sense to me.

Edit: We wouldn't have much to think with if we weren't made up by energy.

Instead of saying from dirt we have come and to dirt we will become. We can say from energy we were created and to energy we will become.

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posted on May, 11 2009 @ 03:42 AM

Originally posted by Melissa101
Literally throw away everything you ever thought you knew and start over like the Bible says as a child you will be enlightened.

Those who are capable of giving up their free thought for the promise of everlasting life are doomed not to see enlightenment.

Enlightenment lies in raising above all paths and seeing that they all lead to nowhere...

Many choose one with the heart and stick to it.

The beauty of the free thought is that it allows you to travel them all without ever being consumed or constrained by any of them

What's with everlasting life fixation anyways, I fail to see importance of it ?

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 11:36 PM
I respect your ideas however, I am sorry you feel that being enlightened through believing in God and everlasting life is constraining. You are right in the sense that we have free choice, just as God intended you can believe or not and no one can force you to do either. That is a beautiful thing and is the ultimate essence of God and his ability to allow us to choose, it is our own free will, and this is a very deep expression of selfless love. Good point...

posted on May, 11 2009 @ 11:40 PM
reply to post by spy66

Great info Spy66. Thank you so much for sharring this with us! I will share this one it is a keeper.


posted on Sep, 4 2009 @ 03:43 AM
People are pretty goddamn gullible.. maaan, talk about wishful thinking! You so badly wanna see that you're just drowning in delusions... DROWNING. You see god EVERYWHERE dont you.

That video was just.. i dont have words.. kinda like "lets make up reasons to believe in god, just in case you dont have any"

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