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Our Aryan Heritage: Learn about your real spiritual heritage

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posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 08:02 AM
This is one conspiracy that is seldom discussed, that is because it is the mother of all conspiracies, so successful is this conspiracy that barely anybody knows that this conspiracy exists.

I want this thread to be an informative and positive one which will re-introduce your Aryan heritage to you, and you will be able to learn about the deepest spiritual secrets that have been deliberately hidden from you and kept suppressed by your elite masters that run the world. I will present this thread in the form of a Q&A and give you the unadulerated truth.

Aren’t the Aryans Hitlers master race?

No, the Aryans were not a master race that were blue eyed, blonde and white. This was a racist interpretation that developed out of Western occutlism and Theosophy in the early 19th century, though Theosophy itself did not condone this interpretation. When the West came into contact with India, they came into contact with Vedas that were composed by the Aryans. They were shocked to learn that Vedic culture was similar to Western culture and that European languages shared common ancestry with Sanskrit. There were clear links between the ancestors of the West and the Aryans. This lead to many Western philosophers and intellectuals concluding that the Vedic Aryans were the forefathers of all there cultures and there was a sudden love for everything Indian.

However, Christian missionaries were not at all happy with the sudden love and affection for Vedic culture and saw it as a threat to their civilisation. So they fabricated theories the Aryans were actually nomadic European warlords that originated from the Steepes in Russia and spread by conquest, conquering much of Europe and India. This idea was attractive to Social Darwinists and white-supremacists and they popularized the notion of a master-race that owing to its genetic superiority conquered much of the world and civilised everybody.

More here:

So who are the Aryans really?

The word Aryan is a Sanskrit word meaning “Noble” and refers to a particular noble culture which was once practiced all around the world before the destruction of the last civilisation during the cataclysm 5000 years ago. This lead to a massive rupture in the world and everybody was separated, with only remnants of their Aryan heritage. Their heritage consisted of religion, language, myths, symbols and sciences. The common symbol of the Aryans is the Swastika which can be found in virtually all cultures. It represents good fortune and prosperity, and it is still widely used by Indians.

Aryan culture was a beautiful, prosperous and spiritual culture. They were nature-worshippers, but they did not necessarily worship idols, but the spirit of the universe that animated everything. The Aryans saw the entire universe as conscious and saw man as existing in harmony with the universe. Does this sound familiar? Yes, it is the so-called Pantheists/Pagan/idolaters detested by the Abrahmic religions.

You’ve have heard all kinds of lies spread about the Pagans. You’ve been told they sacrificed humans and animals, they were savage barbarians . Were the Celts, the Greeks and the Persians barbarians? No, they were advanced spiritual cultures that wrote great literature, created very colourful and vibrant art, and excelled in science and philosophy. They were demonized by the Abrahmic religion because their Aryan-values were anathema to the Abrahmic values of control, power and domination. The Aryan culture was a liberal, democratic and enlightened culture that promoted individual freedom and divinity, taught us to respect nature and live in harmony with it and that everything in this universe was divine and this divinity is within us all.

The Aryan homeland was the Indian subcontinent and their official language was Sanskrit, which itself mean the perfect language, it was a language especially constructed for spiritual and intellectual discourse. After the cataclysms 5000 years ago, the Aryans were separated into many parts dispersed throughout the world from India to Europe. This lead to the birth of what is known as the Indo-European languages: Avestan, Lithuanian, Greek, Latin and Germanic etc

What was the Aryan religion?

The word religion as it is commonly understood is understood be something negative, stifling, irrational. In that sense the Aryans had no religion, but instead practiced pure spirituality. The Aryan religion was a spiritual religion and is known as the Vedic religion, whose scriptures were the Vedas. The Vedas literally mean the books of knowledge. They were composed by sages of superhuman intelligence. The entire Aryan society was based on the knowledge of the Vedas.

Vedic religion is also known as Hinduism, but this term is actually a complete fabrication by Christian missionaries who ignorantly put every single religion and sect of India under one umbrella term - “Hindu” and tried to make it look primitive and savage by mistranslating the Vedas and perverting them. There really is no such thing as Hinduism. The true religion of the Hindus is the Vedic religion, and few Hindus today can claim they are Vedic and know what the Vedas really teach.

What do the Vedas teach?

Pure and pristine spirituality. They reveal the secrets of creation, of spirit and being, the principles of nature, the universal laws and values. The kind of nobility they express, the sheer divinity contained with them is unparalleled. They are not a man-made religion. They are cosmic in every sense of the world. There is absolutely no compartmentalization in the Vedas. They teach science, metaphysics, cosmology, spirituality, art, philosophy and ethics, virtually every subject.

Even hearing the Vedas invokes cosmic feelings. This is no accident, the Vedas consist of mostly Mantras, and Mantras are constructed by a special dialect of Sanskrit known as Vedic Sanskrit. The Mantras is meticulously constructed and encoded with a meaning which can only be revealed in higher states of consciousness.

Listen to the most glorious Mantras of the Aryans - the Gayatri mantra - and you will understand yourself what I mean by cosmic:

The words:

om bhur bhuva suvaha tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo na prachodayat


"I invoke the Earth Plane, The Astral Plane, The Celestial Plane, The Plane of Spiritual Balance, The Plane of Human Spiritual Knowledge, The Plane of Spiritual Austerites, and The Plane of Ultimate Truth. Oh, great Spiritual Light which is the brilliance of all Divinity, we meditate upon You. Please illumine our minds."

The Vedas being cosmic have no affiliation with any one human group. Although it is generally thought the Vedas belong to the Indians, this is not true. The Vedas are truly cosmic and belong to everybody. They are our heritage and the Indians have been caretakers of this heritage. Many people are reawakening to them irrespective of their caste, creed, sect, race:

The scene above was once playing out all over the world. This world was ruled by Aryan culture and spirituality was widely being practiced. It is great to see people rediscovering their Aryan past, and hopefully you too will rediscover it.

Perhaps there are a few questions about what the Aryans teach. The main purpose of this post is to inform about the main Aryan teachings.

]Do Aryans teach about god?

Yes and No. Yes, because they do teach of a supreme being known as BRAHMAN, an infinite and absolute divinity that is pure consciousness, but this is unlike the personal creator god of Abrahmic religion. It is more like an absolute reality that underlies all of existence, a profound mystery but which is the source of all wisdom, love and knowledge. The Aryans called this Sat-chit-ananda - existence, truth/pure consciousness and pure bliss. This is the only true reality, everything else is a virtual reality.

See more here:

What rituals do the Aryans practice?

The Aryans practiced many rituals to celebrate the divine, but the most prevalent of these rituals was nature-worship. As the divine and supreme being is beyond ones imagination, the Aryans made use of symbols to represent the divine. These symbols were known as Devas, literally meaning the shining ones. From Devas come our words for diva, day, divine. The Devas represented the highest and various manifestations of how the divine appears to us, each divinity had their own qualities and were either masculine, neuter or feminine. These became known as the nature gods or nature spirits. The Aryans had a very deep reverence for these divine ones and much of the Vedas is dedicated in praise of them expressed in the form of poetry beautiful beyond words.

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posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 08:34 AM
I thought the Kurgan hypothesis, which suggests Indo Europeans originated in modern day Ukraine, was more widely accepted than the "out of India" theory.

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 08:43 AM
Some of the principal Devas and hymns dedicated to them:

Surya: The sun god. His qualities are consciousness, illumination and light.

The sun divine, the leader of all in the solar system. Spreads his immortal, all benefiting light. Being the eye of all natures bounties, he becomes the source of all creativity and makes all regions visible.

O sun on thy coming, all livings beings are awakened and the wing birds flock around from the boundaries of skies to greet thee.

Usha. The goddess of Dawn. Her qualities are wisdom, enlightenment

Right in her movement, sublime by eternal law, true to eternal law, red-tinted, refulgent. The divine dawn has come, bringing the light; to her the sages sing the welcome of hymns.

Saraswati. The river goddess. Her qualities are inspiration, poetry, music, life-force, speech.

May Sarasvati, the purifier
rich in wealth - the intellect
Her treasure - desire our sacrifice.
Inspirer of the truthful,
rouser of the noble minded, may
Sarasvati accept our worship.
Sarasvati, mighty ocean,
she rouses up with her light
And brightens all intellects

The Vedas hold in reverence virtually everything in nature, sun, moon, stars, sky, Earth, rains, nature, time. They are full of praises for nature. The Aryans were especially sun-worshippers, because the sun represented the supreme being or centre of the cosmos itself and consciousness.

The Aryan rituals mainly consists of prayers to the various nature spirits. They also conducted fire-rituals to cleanse the atmosphere of all impurities and pollutants. In the fire ritual they would recite Vedic Mantras and invoke the various spirits. The reason they used fire was because fire/light is believed to be the messenger between this phenomenal world and the celestial world and fire invokes other celestial energies.

What are the Aryan answers for the questions of life?

How and why was the universe created?

It wasn’t. The universe has existed eternally, is unchanging and infinite. What you perceive to be a physical and separate world out there is nothing more than an appearance, an illusion, a holographic projection of the self-similar absolute reality. You are really existing within the cosmic-mind and the cosmic mind has many levels of consciousness, of which this material plane is one level. Everything in this universe are the thought-forms of this cosmic mind and you are participating in its mental constructions. The universe is unimaginably vast and infinite, universes within universes, universes on top of universes, you are just inhabiting one part of this infinite reality.

A Vedic Mantra that is dedicated to this point:

That is infinite
This is infinite
The infinite arises out of infinite
If the infinite is taken away from the infinite
The infinite still remains

Infinite is interchangable with perfect and absolute.

Who are we?

You are living entities, spiritual beings, sparks emanating from the divine absolute that have descended from the celestial realm into the material realm and become entangled in the material world. You have forgotten who you really are because you have misidentified yourself with your body. You are not your body, you verily are spirit itself experiencing reality through the vehicles of mind and body. It is desire that brought you here, and it is desire that will bring you back here.

Reality does not just mean this earth plane or phenomenal world, reality means the entire spectrum of experience and its various levels. You are experiencing reality at various levels - physically, mentally, emotionally.

What is our purpose?

Your purpose is to return to the supreme spirit, but you cannot return until you are free of all desires. As long as a desire remains in you to experience, you will continue to incarnate in the world. You can end this vicious cycle of rebirth by controlling your desires. The Aryans created scientific methods to enable you to do this called Yoga. By practicing a form of Yoga you can gain control over your senses, over your mind, and thereby control over your desires. This is not a short and easy process, it takes innumerable life times and austerity and perseverance living a Yogic or spiritual life, but the more you practice, the more you will evolve spiritually.

All desires lead to thoughts. If there are no desires there would be no thoughts. Note the connection between desire and thought, it means that all thoughts that you have, whatever they maybe, are fashioned out of your desires. You can never perceive reality as it really is, because you are perceiving reality as you want it. You are caught up in your mental constructions and fantasies. In your world, you are the one that decides what is right and wrong, you are the one that decides what your purpose is, what history is, what is true and what is false, and because of this your reality is a false reality. You’re like a child playing with his action figures enacting out self-created dramas, but you’re the child that gets so caught up in playing, that you forget reality.

Whatever you think is not neutral, it is construction. If you want to know real reality, you need to stop thinking and simply become a silent observer of reality. This does not mean you cease to act in the world, you still act, but you do not become entangled in your actions. To help you develop this power of observation the Aryans developed meditation. Every time you are meditating you are sharpening your observational powers. Your powers become so acute you can instantly discriminate between truth and false.

This is why your masters have kept you away from your Aryan teachings. For if you practiced them you would instantly catch all the clever lies your masters tell you. You would not for a minute accept the world as it is today.

Do not remain under the illusion that you can think yourself to the truth using logic. Your biggest mistake is you think it is possible to use logic to arrive at the truth. Your logic will never reach the truth, because your logic occurs within your constructed world. You can know about your constructed world, but not the real world. Even knowing your constructed world by this method is pain streaking and slow. The scientific method of learning bit by bit has taken thousands of years to learn even basic laws of our phenomenal world. The truth is your mind is severely limited by biology and sociology. You can only reach a certain limit using logic and after that you are stumped.

We see ourselves as carrying the burden of working out all the mysteries of life by ourselves using our puny mind. Why do we beat ourselves up so much? There are no mysteries. All exists in plain sight if you have eyes to see. All you need to do is just open your eyes and everything will be revealed to you.

So if there is something that you can really take from this thread is: MEDITATE. As soon as you start meditating sincerely and regularly, the world will begin to change in front of your eyes. You will begin to see it with new eyes and gain new insights and understanding. Again your masters do not want you to meditate, because if you do, the reality they have constructed for you will begin to disintegrate.

The Abrahmic religion preaches against meditation. This is no accident, they know about meditation and in elite Abrahmic circles meditation is practiced, but they don’t want their masses to start meditating. They tell their masses that meditation is a satanic practice and meditators open themselves up to Satan and demonic attacks. They instead prescribe to the masses prayer to be done in a methodical manner and for self-interest. They tell their masses all they need to do their rituals to get salvation. They keep their masses ignorant of true spirituality.

The Abrahmic religion is the source of all evil in this world, they are behind the wars, the economic exploitation of the poor, behind the misery that pervades much of the world. They are the reason why your Aryan heritage has been concealed from you. There has been a concerted effort by the Abrahmic religion to suppress, distort and pervert Aryan heritage from as far back as Sumerian times.

The truth is: You are the descendents of the great Aryans and your heritage is Aryan - NOT Abrahmic/Sumerian/Elohim/Illojim. You can once again reclaim your Aryan heritage and your Aryan title. Do the ultimate act of denying ignorance and embrace your Aryan heritage.

This thread is not designed to be controversial(though it will most likely generate controversy) but only to make known a master conspiracy against humanity for the last few thousand years to suppress its spiritual heritage.

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posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 08:53 AM

Originally posted by Cthulwho
I thought the Kurgan hypothesis, which suggests Indo Europeans originated in modern day Ukraine, was more widely accepted than the "out of India" theory.

It's propoganda which was fabricated by Christian missionaries to discredit India's Aryan past and to pervert Aryan heritage. The truth is around 5000 years ago due to several cataclysms the Aryans migrated out of India and went into Europe. The second video, entitled "Vedic history" discusses this in some detail.

The vast archaeological evidence uncovered in India in recent times has exposed the Aryan invasion theory lies. In fact there are records of early Europeans which clearly indicate their India-origins. There are, however no Indian records which speak of a foreign Aryan homeland. The "Out of India" theory was widely accepted by Western intellectuals in the 19th century, until Christian missionaries started spreading lies. Max Mueller was the key proponent of the propoganda, but later admitted he was wrong.

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posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 09:34 AM
Aryian is from Iranian - true.
Mesopotamia is the birth place of civilisation modern iraq, it is believed these people came down from the plain.

Peace out.

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 09:39 AM
The Shah of Iran also possesses the title Aryamehr, which means Light of the Aryans.

His son Reza Pahlavi claimed his father's Titles publicly in 1981, does this mean that you are a supporter of Reza Pahlavi?

If so, why has your clique declared war upon the Western world, which has done you no wrong?

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 09:44 AM
reply to post by huckfinn

Errrr....I'm not sure what one has to do with the other. Iran overthrew the monarchy in 1979, and Reza Pahlavi is in no position to be declaring war on anybody (nor has he). What 'clique'?

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 09:54 AM
But you are claiming the existence of an Aryan Heritage...the Shah of Iran is the Light of the Aryans...he is your King of Kings. I am testing his claim.

Either he is not the Light of the Aryans as he has repeatedly claimed for most of the 20th Century or you are not Aryans and possess no such Heritage.

The OP claims a long Heritage, filled with great accomplishments in the very same place you allege your origins is a Royal family claiming to be your leaders...something isn't matching up.

Is he your King, your Light, or is he a despicable imposter? Are you Aryan, or are you lying?

I am not aware that the Iranian Mullahs have any such authority to dissolve Royalty...sure he may not be able to return to Iran, but he is active in Exile; he has his own web site.

But the question is...who is the Liar? You or Him?

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 10:11 AM
reply to post by huckfinn

Are you talking to me?

The word Aryan comes from Sanskrit, the root of the Indo-European languages. The closest descendent of that family is Avestan(Iranian) which is very similar to Sanskrit. The original word "Arya" becomes Arian in Avestan and Arianes in Latin, Ariya in Greek, and Eire in Celtic.

The Indo-European languages all have a common ancestor which is called Proto-Indo-European. In actual fact it is Sanskrit. The Christian Missionaries fabricated a hypothetical language called Proto-Indo-European because they refused to admit Sanskrit was the source of IE, though many Western intellectuals accepted it because of evidence. There are also records of IE cultures tracing their origins to the Indian subcontinent.

IE language(English, Greek, Latin, Celtic, Italic, Iranian etc) are of Sanskrit origin. Most of the words in these languages are directly of Sanskrit etymology:

AKSHA, "axle, axis" Ger. ACHSE AKSHI, "eye"=Russ. OKO=L. OCULUS=M.E. EYGHE, "eye". It is common for older English words spelled with a G to drop this letter and exchange it with a Y. (EYE; OCULAR; OCCULT, associated with the Evil Eye.)

LUBH, "desire greatly, allure, excite lust" > L. LUBET, "there is desire"; LIBIDO, "a desire" (LOVE, LIBIDINOUS)

MASTA, "weight" (MAST, a weight)
MI/MITA, "mete out, meter"
MIIV, "move"
MRI, "die", akin to MRITA, "dead" > L. MORI, MORTUUS (MORTALITY, MORTICIAN; MORTGAGE, "death=pledge"). See MUR.


PAN~CHA, "five"=Gr. PENTA (PENTAGON, "five-sided figure")

PAD, "foot"=L. PES/PEDIS (FOOT, BIPEDAL, "two-footed";

PATHA, "path"
PHAL > Ger. SPALTEN, "split"

RAAJ, "rule", akin to RAAJA, "king"=L. REX/REGIS; L. REGERE/RECTUM, "rule, govern, direct" (RECTIFY, DIRECT, REGAL, REGULATE,

SAMA (#1), "same" (SIMILAR, SIMULATE) See SAM.
SAMA (#2), "any, every" (SOME)

SARPA, "serpent"



TAT, "that"
TRI-, prefix "three" (TRIPLE)

VAACH, "speech" (VOICE, VOCAL)

YUJ, "yoke,join, bind", akin to YUKTA, "joined";

YUKTI, "junction"; YUGA, "a yoke, couple" > L. IUGARE, "join, fasten";
YOGA, "union"; YOGI)


This is no coincidence. The mother language of all IE languages is Sanskrit. The Europeans are the descedents of the Aryans, whose homeland was the Indian subcontinent. They were practicing Aryan culture, but then through cultural imperialism of the Sumerian culture their culture was wiped out.

The Abrahmic tradition is not European; it is Middle Eastern. Most European people have completely forgotten about their own culture and their ancestor culture is derided as "Pagan"

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 10:16 AM
reply to post by huckfinn

I'm not sure what you are saying, and your vague use of "you" makes it even more confusing. Who are you addressing with your "you"? Me? The poster before me? Seeing as you differentiate between the OP and "you", it seems you are not addressing the thread starter with your "you".

Notwithstanding that, few people still accept Reza Pahlavi as royalty, and even if they did, the title "Aryamehr" originates from....1965? The Pahlavi house came into power only in the last century. There is no 'royal lineage', and even if there was, I don't think this is what the OP was talking about when he said 'heritage'. A spiritual heritage doesn't need a bloodline, and besides, while the Iranis also used the term 'aryan' as a self-identifier, the OP is talking about Vedic culture, not Zoroastrianism.

I could style myself as the "Superfine Blue of Destiny", and even if the name caught on, that wouldn't make me the culmination of all things blue in the history of the world.

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 10:23 AM
I see what you are saying concerning the Sumerians, they certainly did do what you assert. Abraham, however, was not a Sumerian, and Sumerian was not Semitic or IE. I think the story is a bit more complicated that you are making it and I also detect a trap door which could lead someone who reads your post into a dark place. Be more careful.

As far as the Shah claiming to be the Light of the Aryans, I'll just accept that he is a liar and you are who you say you are; just a bit confused as to why my alarm went off when I saw your thread.

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posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by huckfinn

Abraham comes from A+Brahma, which means NOT brahman. It points to a particular ideology which is the antithesis of Aryan culture. This can be seen if you read the Abrahmic scriptures vs the Aryan scriptures - one is about power and control, while the other one is about freedom and spirtual growth. One talks about gods that interbred with the daughters of men and gods that ordain masscres, the other talks of peace, tolerance and divinity everywhere.

You can even look at the archeology of Sumerian/Mesopotamian vs Vedic/Aryan civilisation. The Sumerian cities were overcrowded, sprawling and homes were built close together with no planning and they were ruled by god-men like priests that kept everybody ignorant and in fear of gods wrarth. While, the Vedic cities were equalitarian, cities were planned and society was urban and middle class.

The Aryans called the Sumerian/Mesopotamians "Asuras" meaning demons. Not just the Aryans, but even Jesus disapproved of the corruption and tyranny of the Abrahmic religion, and tried to instruct his people of Aryan teachings, and he was persecuted and crucified for it. Later his teachings were distorted and assimilated into the Abrahmic fold.

They have deliberately kept Aryans teachings suppressed throughout history because the Aryan teachings connect us back to our spiritual heritage before the Abrahmic-line seized power and control and started to lull people into stupour. They actively demonized the Pagans(The Aryans) persecuted them and killed them. They are responsible for the dark ages and for the exploitation and wars you see in the world.

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posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 10:50 AM
Interesting post. I hope that one day Humanity will tire of these religious fantasies and grow up. The Universe and our place in it are indeed mysterious and awe inspiring, but I don't think we should add needless complexities into our model in order to progress in our understanding of it.

As to the afterlife -- I am firmly of the opinion that oblivion is preferable to perpetual rebirth and suffering, or eternity in some primitives conception of paradise.

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 11:07 AM
the Semitic language, Hebrew and Arabic amoung them, is the language of the Beast, no doubt. It makes sense that a person who is well read will come to the conclusion that emulating the people from books written in Semitic is not exactly wise. It is definately a book of despair.

However, I also think that the men listed in the Bible were fully aware of their own fallen state...this is not hidden. Cain murdered his brother. Adam fell, so on and so forth. It's a book we are to learn about ourselves by reading...not copy the behavior.

As far as the IE is a language of the woman, who is also fallen. She loses her home and wanders the Earth. She is continually victimized throughout history. Continually, she falls for the tricks and traps. In the darkness, she makes war not upon her enemy, but upon herself.

I detect you may be at this state of your development. You clearly see that a crime has been committed upon humanity, your world, but you aren't, in my informed opinion, at the place where you are aware of the nature of your enemy.

The Semites are not your oppressor, they are the fallen man Adam, the Beast, which you cannot for some reason see is your father, brother and son; your male aspect. They are the other half of your world. If you cannot reconcile this basic reality you will forever be trapped in a world where what you know is irrelevant. Claiming to be Aryan is not incorrect in basic terms, but it is the same mistake the woman keeps making.

Someone has shown you something that was intentionally hidden from view, but they obviously allowed you to come to your own conclusions with regard to what it means. You've lashed out at the people living right next door to you, the Christians is who I think you mentioned. Which means you will eventually return to the people who committed the crime against you...

Test the said Sumerians destroyed and oppressed you. Are Christians Sumerians? Are Jews Sumerians. Are Muslims Sumerians. Are Hindu's Sumerians? Are Buddhists Sumerians? How about Taoists? I think not.

The one who did you wrong hides behind these people when its able to. Revealing itself to you, through them. You attack and destroy your only salvation.

When the Beast, throws of his yoke and lives free the enemy has no hiding place. When the woman opens her eyes she will see that only way home is through cooperation with someone she might consider an enemy.

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 11:14 AM
Oblivion is neither a truth or a science. Many from all walks of life, and every culture have profound spiritual moments (not religious) and existence is the experiential knowledge of many, if not most, humans. Its also metaphysics, and
if they truly don't already know this, and about the plane that surpisingly remote viewers trained by the military spoke of, but aren't hiding it from us, then they don't have the advanced science everyone claims the cartel are hording for themselves.

Thank you for this thread. Its the caste system in India, not early verdic teaching, but later imposed by the ruling class, that makes so many people overlook this very important part of human history.

I'm currently watching the videos you've linked. Thank you.

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 11:32 AM
reply to post by Indigo_Child

Well first off lets understand the definition of the word "Aryan" and it's origin. Then discuss how this has been twisted.


As an adaptation of the Latin Arianus, referring to Iran, 'Aryan' has "long been in English language use".[2] Its history as a loan word began in the late 1700s, when the word was borrowed from Sanskrit ā́rya- to mean the same thing it originally did in that Old Indic language, namely as a (self-)identifier of speakers of North Indian languages.[2] When it was determined that Iranian languages – both living and ancient – used a similar term in much the same way (but in the Iranian context as a self-identifier of Iranian peoples), it became apparent that the shared meaning had to derive from the ancestor language of the shared past, and so, by the early 1800s, the word 'Aryan' came to refer the group of languages deriving from that ancestor language, and by extension, the speakers of those languages.[3]

Then, in the 1830s, the term "Aryan" was adopted for speakers of Indo-European languages in general, in the erroneous belief that this was an ethnic self-identifier used by prehistoric speakers of European languages. This development was in turn instrumental to the development of the concept of an "Aryan race", which by the early 20th century became closely linked to Nordicism, which posited Northern European racial superiority over all other peoples (including Indians and Iranians). In Nazi Germany the classification of peoples as Aryan or not was most emphatically directed towards the exclusion of Jews.[4][n 1] This racialist interpretation engendered both the "Aryanization" programs of Nazi Germany, and – in a late 19th century British-mediated form – to a racialist reinterpretation of Indian society, texts and history. Following the end of World War II and the discovery of the genocide that the self-styled "Aryans" had caused, the word 'Aryan' ceased to have a positive meaning in general Western understanding. In colloquial modern English it is typically used to signify the Nordic racial ideal promoted by the Nazis.

the myth of the aryan invasion

It is indeed ironic that the origin of this theory does not lie in Indian records, but in 19th Century politics and German nationalism. No where in the Vedas, Puranas or Itihasas is there any mention of a Migration or Invasion of any kind. In 1841 M.S. Elphinstone, the first governor of the Bombay Presidency, wrote in his book History of India:

The Great Aryan Myth

The actual origin of the myth is obscure. Hankins (The Racial Basis of Civilization, 1926) traces it back to the early period of the nineteenth century, and if its roots extend further into the past, they are not clearly uncovered. The German warmongers, in the latter part of the century, avidly adopted the myth as dressing for the doctrine sometimes called "Pan-Germanism": the doctrine of a race of supermen, destined to dominate the world with the ruthlessness of ancient savagery.

This doctrine of a great German race, however, is older than the Aryan myth. It was well established before Nietzsche fulminated against morality and humanitarianism. Perhaps the German paranoia can be traced back to Fichte, Schelling, and Hegel, as Hankins implies, and as Kolnai (The War Against the West, 1938) seems to think it can be. This possibility is not important for our present purposes. The doctrine of a German race of supermen is certainly older than the Aryan myth.

The Myth of the Aryan Invasion of India

One of the main ideas used to interpret and generally devalue the ancient history of India is the theory of the Aryan invasion. According to this account, India was invaded and conquered by nomadic light-skinned Indo-European tribes from Central Asia around 1500-100 BC, who overthrew an earlier and more advanced dark-skinned Dravidian civilization from which they took most of what later became Hindu culture. This so-called pre-Aryan civilization is said to be evidenced by the large urban ruins of what has been called the "Indus valley culture" (as most of its initial sites were on the Indus river). The war between the powers of light and darkness, a prevalent idea in ancient Aryan Vedic scriptures, was thus interpreted to refer to this war between light and dark skinned peoples. The Aryan invasion theory thus turned the "Vedas", the original scriptures of ancient India and the Indo-Aryans, into little more than primitive poems of uncivilized plunderers.

This idea totally foreign to the history of India, whether north or south has become almost an unquestioned truth in the interpretation of ancient history Today, after nearly all the reasons for its supposed validity have been refuted, even major Western scholars are at last beginning to call it in question.

The Aryan Myth

These theories continue to be maintained by modern historians, where not only are "Indo-Europeans" still believed to be the ancestors of modern Europeans, but of Indian civilization as well. However, as David Frawley has pointed out in Myth of the Aryan Invasion of India, not a single item of evidence is available. The only shred of proof provided is an ambiguous reference in the Hindu Vedas, to a battle between the forces of "light" and the forces of "darkness." Nevertheless, according to the Columbia History of the World: "it is probable that as the Aryan invaders battled their way down from the northwest through the Ganges Valley, they conquered and enslaved local peoples most of whom were darker and smaller than their Aryan foes. The most archaic word for slave is dasa (dark), and the classical word for caste if varna (color). The principle became the basis for a further development."

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 11:47 AM
I think you are on the right track, however I think it might be more complicated still...


Where do Atlanteans come in to play? Are they the same as Aryans?
Where do Giants come in to play?

Are Aryans from the same line, just a different generation?
Are you sure ALL of us descend from Aryans?

Good thread. SnF.

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 11:55 AM
reply to post by huckfinn

The Sumerian/Semitic/Abrahmic simply is an ideology, an ideology which stems from the cult of ego. If we feed our ego the ego greeds for power and control, because that is the only thing that keeps this hungry beast at bay, but its appetite is ravenous and can never be satiated. Today we are living out this ideology in the world - greed and power rules. We made to believe we are nothing more than bodies and are taught to want things to make us happy and taught to compete with each other like animals. This is the real Satan that Jesus warned us against and this Satan lurks within all of us. The abrahmic linage feed that beast within us, while the Aryan lineage starves this beast to death, so our true divinity remains.

The battle between the gods and demons is an old battle that is playing out throughout this universe. Some of us choose the company of the gods and some of are tempted by the demons. The problem is most of us are not aware we have a choice, because the demons never play fair. They deceive us into thinking theirs is the only choice and that they are not demons but noble. This is why they say the greatest trick the devil ever played was convincing the world that he does not exist.

The Abrahmic religions keep looking for the devil outside, oblivious that the devil has been living inside for a very very long time. Those of us who have woken up have realised where the devil lives and where divinity lives.


Elisha (with help from God) sent two bears to kill 42 children for making fun of his bald head. 2 Kings 2:22-23

Abimelech killed 69 of his brothers on a stone. Judges 9:5, BT

Doeg the Edomite killed 85 priests and all the men, women, children, infants, oxen, donkeys, and sheep with a sword. 1 Samuel 22:18-19, BT

Elijah (and God) burned to death 102 men. 2 Kings 1:10-12

David killed 200 Philistines to purchase his first wife with their foreskins. 1 Samuel 18:25-27, BT

Abishai killed 300 men with a spear. 2 Samuel 23:18, 1 Chronicles 11:20, BT

The chief of David's captains killed either 300 (1 Chronicles 11:11) or 800 (2 Samuel 23:8) men with a spear. (Sometimes it's hard to correctly count the number of dead bodies in a massacre.)

Elijah killed 450 religious leaders in a prayer contest. 1 Kings 18:22-40
(The total in this massacre may have been 850 if it included the priests of the groves.)

Shamgar killed 600 Philistines with an ox goad. Judges 3:31, BT

Samson killed 1000 men with the jawbone of an ass. Judges 15: 14-15, BT


O mankind! I bind you together towards one objective - the welfare of man. Toil together with mutual love and goodwill. May you share the comforts of life equally. May you accomplish your work with mututal accord and finally may you, in the pursuit of your ambition at all times, engage in working together with goodwill - AV 3.30.7

One is barbaric and demonic and the other is noble and divine.

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by SLAYER69

Brilliant collection of information there Slayer

It's great to see someone fully aware of the truth about the Aryans. The Aryans indeed is not a race, it is a spiritual heritage and culture that was once prevalent around the world. And I really hope we return to the Aryan ways - the noble way of living.

posted on Apr, 26 2009 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by huckfinn

To equate any genetic or racial group on Earth with "evil" is bigotry mascurading as religion, or worse science. For the record, the NAZI's diden't invent the fiction of so called racial purity. Thats been a human delusion for thousands of years. To imply a group is "evil" must then preclude genetic mixing of different groups. Our fixation on this has always amazed me. This may have something to do with the fact when born, we are preprogramed to be attracted to others who look like us.

As far as species viability is concerned the more diverse any group is geneticly, the healthier it is. Both in protecting that group from birth defects and disease. Regretably I've found no amount of debate can sway some people from their prejudice that genetic variability is a threat to some vauge identity they wish to bestow on them selfs.

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