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New World Order - In the Name of God

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posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 03:34 AM
Everything have its own cause. Even decisions which are made in your family consisted of 4-5 members are good deliberated and projected to be fruitfully in the future. If it is the rule for a micro community - family, then you can imagine with what quantity of effort, attention and foresight there are made plans and decisions for macro community – nation, state or, let us say, religion. Although nation and state are also important, and although someone will think that it is anachronistic in a 21st century to make attention on it, still, in this review we shall dedicate the most attention exactly against the religion – more precisely, three religions.

Religions are still alive, they exist, operate and spread throughout the planet. Even 4/5 adult citizens is a member of some kind of religion and there is nothing bad in it, because beside spiritual role, religions also fill up less spiritual, but necessary role – need for finding own identity and individuality in the world.

Well, there is no end about religion stories, but an acceleration.

Although their individually origin, age and ceremonies are mutually differentiated, all religions have on common feature – permanently present desire for an absolute power.
If you read holly books of this three religions, everywhere you will notice the same motive: -"Everything existing is created by the God, that God is the only what exists, and he exclusively authorized us to represent him on Earth, he donated in our ownership everything existing on it and delivered exclusively for us the whole control above all beings on it.

Inasmuch the persons don’t belong to our religion – because they don’t recognize the Only God as their own, they still reject to do it, then we will launch a military power against them, burning and destroying their villages and cities, and killing them all. For this, we have a complete licence and free rein of the Only God, who will be satisfied barely when everybody accept our religion and recognize our power ".

If you started to make laugh against this short review, please do not do that, because it represents ongoings of former times but also of present times.

If sometimes there was a period in a human history during which humanity were experienced accelerated development, it certainly was the beginning of 20st century. Changes on all fields were so quickly and suddenly, so religion realized that it will be considered with a reason, during that period of development, as a source of every negative and regressive, as a brakeman of progress, so in those process it will lose a power.

Somehow in the same time, there is published "Origin of the species", which is not written because yonder scientists didn’t discovered a real connection between monkey and a human, and what its creators – and Darwin himself among the rest knew it very well. "Origin of the species" is written with the goal to intercept machinery of death personified in one religion and it make success, but for very short time. Understanding that it is sustained significant defeat in a battle for the power, religion made quick recover and immediately responded with direct attack – with a hard infiltration in anti religion secret organizations and by their assumption for a more decades.

Skull and Bones, Jesuits, Knigths of Malta, Opus Dei and dozens of religion public orders and secret organizations unknown to the public, represent just a part of underground which uses religion for a centuries as a mean for power conquest, wherefore with their active participation, assumption of anti religion secret organizations is conducted in a wholly.

It is intelligible that everything this is realized in silence, so at the same time there is nothing changed in a tradition and work of this organizations, because it would make an alarm for a membership, but it is just their public power directed in a particular way, which precisely fits to the religion. The whole irony consists of that membership of atireligion secret organizations at this moment don’t operate on realizing of religion goals, and they aren’t aware of this.

Illuminates, Rosenkreutzes, Templars, Masons, Bilderberg group and the others who declares as illuminators of mankind, freedom and human rights makers, are chosen as an impact fist of religion because of their acceptable appearance. We shall talk about it later.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 07:32 AM
You're exactly right and I agree with ya 1000%! Religion is the problem, hands down! God is not a religion, and that's the big picture people can't see! Jesus was sent by God, to establish a "relationship" with man, not a "religion". I have said this many many times. Satan has "used" religion to dupe the entire world! There is no such thing as religion, it's man created. Jesus never once said in all his teachings that he was here to bring us catholicism, or buddhism, or judaism, or islam! He was sent here to teach "God's" laws and statutes. Satan knew that the way to divide the flesh was to create a diversion inside the minds of the people he wanted to deceive, thus religion was formed. It all boils down to, my God is bigger than your God, and my God can kick your God's ass! Stuff like this was never taught by Jesus and is not approved of by God himself.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 08:15 AM
Yeah let me tell you. I bet when they come round you up you'll be begging for mercy. FIGHT!!!!!

Jesus predicted this long world government.

posted on Apr, 21 2009 @ 09:37 PM
reply to post by watchtheashes
I fear no man, for the first death he can put me to is only temporary! That second death?? Well, that's the one that scares me, for I hope I am worthy to enter his kingdom! I raise my own food, have my guns still, and I ain't giving them up. I am not on here at ATS to scare people, or try to convert them to believe in God. I am just trying to get out the pertinent info that I hope will save just 1 life! If more than 1 person wants to take heed to my message, I praise God for that! I don't believe in doom and gloom, for there's nothing gloomy about the Kingdom of Heaven!

posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 11:50 AM
New World Order - In the Name of God

As it is, as it will be. Kingdom of God, THE NATION as we are. the construct phase has come to an end. As soon as all will fall in the hands of those retrieval of the gifts. As we are, we will prevail

The kingdom of heaven here on EARTH. May we play and work along!

the repression into soundlanguage will outburst into the language of the fire and as the fire goes 'round we will speak, and out ot this will come the joy, the steadyness, which I feel great need for. Mourningglody! to keep a day.

barf, take care _.0°0._

posted on Apr, 23 2009 @ 11:42 AM
what the new world order is is in fact us being judged on act. There were too many people being miserable and poopied up there had to be His Hand in game, a little resistance had to come up to put eveyrthing right up nice and safely into place to adjust our lives. mh

still at work, we proceed with caution...

posted on May, 18 2009 @ 03:15 AM
Hi folks,

I apologize because I don't response on yours post, but my account was be suspended.

Because the article from initial thread is very long, on this address you can read his continuation.


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