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The Mysterious Death Of Britt Lapthorne

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posted on Apr, 22 2009 @ 05:06 PM
reply to post by CoolMemberOfATS

Maybe the same unfortunate accident happened to Britt.

No one has yet to explain how her legs were cut off in a supposed accident. That just seems very strange.

posted on Apr, 27 2009 @ 11:16 AM

Originally posted by Kryties

Originally posted by OZtracized
The only thing you left out was that her legs were chopped off. The police had claimed she fell off the cliff by accident or suicide. Her father then, unsurprisingly, remarked something like "so she fell off the cliff and cut off her legs on the way down? I don't think so".

I can't believe I forgot that! I did have a web page opened with that information on it but it must have gotten lost in the mix when I was compiling the whole post.

This is a very important clue as to what actually happened to her. If suicide or an accidental fall was to blame, how come her body was found with the legs cut off - or for that matter missing part of her jawbone.

Put in context with my theory posted above, I think it gives it even more creedence!

I heard stories that her tongue was also cut off/missing when they found the body. I actually never knew the name of this girl till i read this post. I remember her as "the australian girl that died in Croatia". There was a small media report on this in my country though, Macedonia is not very interested in news from the rest of the region, at least not lately. But living in the same region where Croatia is, i know very well how dangerous these lands here can be, especially for foreigners. The entire Balkan region reaks of corruption, perversion and crime. If we have mafia here in our own country which i consider to be the least "evil" of the entire region, i can imagine what is going on in the rest of the countries. Croatia in particular is well-known for its corrupt police, no wonder if they are involved then. I can't believe i was planning to go on summer vacation in Croatia this summer. Caution to those who plan on vacation here in the Balkans: only visit in larger groups, and go out in larger groups too. This especially applies to girls. you can either end up as a victim of forced prostitution, human slavery trafficking, potential organ source for the black market, or like in Britt's case, a possible toy for deranged, sadistic, insane torture games from the Hostel movies-type.

Very good report though


posted on Sep, 3 2009 @ 06:54 PM
Hmm. Find this strange. This is from the opening post of this thread.

From - November 26, 2008

We're just horrified and it's really distressed us like you could not believe. I'm just flabbergasted with the coroner.
- Britt Lapthorne's father Dale

The body of backpacker Britt Lapthorne has been released to her family after the Victorian state coroner told them she might not be able find the cause of her death in Croatia.

Coroner Jennifer Coate on Wednesday said a post-mortem examination of Ms Lapthorne's body was completed on Tuesday but she would not receive the pathologist's written report for another two to three weeks.

"The family has been informed that it might not be possible to find a medical cause of death in the circumstances," Judge Coate said in a statement.

So, the Coroner and the Judge in this case coincidentally have the same last name?

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posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 12:04 AM

Update: 25 March, 2010....

AFP to review Lapthorne case
The father of Australian backpacker Britt Lapthorne holds little hope a small team of Australia Federal Police officers travelling to Croatia will solve the mystery of his daughter’s mysterious death.

Dale Lapthorne, the father of the 21-year-old RMIT university student, said the family learned on Monday that a new, two-man delegation was flying to Croatia the following day.

But as he learned more about the ten-day mission, his enthusiasm turned quickly to pessimism.

‘‘(We’re not feeling) at all positive about the new investigation,’’ he told The Age.

‘‘We’ve been through 18 months of hell ... It would be hard to see some sort of light come out of this. Sorry to be negative, but we’ve become rather negative about government authorities and police forces and the window dressing.’’

Chief among Mr Lapthorne’s concerns is the sheer volume of information the officers must sift through, most of it in Croatian, in such a short time.

‘‘There’s supposedly a lot of interviews to go through, a lot of site visits. How is this possible on only two weeks?

‘‘That’s mainly our viewpoint. We’re very pleased about the tenacity of the AFP to persist with this ... but we questions if two weeks, or even seven days, is a token gesture. Is it just a bit of window dressing to close the case?

‘‘Our expectation out of it? Probably not high.’’

The family also believes there are other factors at play, particularly within the Croatian bureaucracy.

The case remains unsolved after 18 months, said Mr Lapthorne, and ‘‘now is a good time before the tourist season to close it’’.

‘‘The second aspect is that Croatia is trying to join the EU ... (The EU) has cited two areas that Croatia needs to address in order to even think about joining. One is their finance. Two is their police force. I think their police force is doing everything it can to window dress and say ‘We have improved’.’’

‘‘In Dubrovnik alone, they are onto their third police chief since Britt’s disappearance. But unfortunately this is all at the top. The rot is still set in below.’’

‘‘One thing is for sure - the Croatian police would have dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s before they let the AFP in. They don’t want to be embarrassed.’’

The current police chief, Tonci Glumac, who was elected in July, is the third police chief in charge of the investigation since Britt went missing.

He is a law graduate and a career policeman with more than 20 years’ experience, but his two predecessors were routinely criticised over the Lapthorne investigation.

Croatian media often refers to the Lapthorne case as an example of worst police practise.

In an editorial published in December about corruption and other problems in the Dubrovnik police, national daily
newspaper Slobodna Dalmacija said: ‘‘The only credible move (in the Lapthorne investigation) was made by Dubrovnik police when it announced, before the media had a chance to, that photofits of two men who had tried to kidnap several young girls just before Britt Lapthorne’s disappearance, were in fact pictures of two of their police.

''Everything else was a clear show of knowing nothing, being unmotivated and uncivilised - at least among those police who spoke to the media.’’

Apart from the Lapthorne investigation, Dubrovnik police have also been criticised over the unsolved murder of a Frenchman who lived in Croatia, as well as several recent drug investigations which media reports say also involve local police.

Nothing new to add to the case as yet, just this update that indicates the Australian Federal Police are finally getting off their collective bums and looking into this obvious case of foulplay and possible corruption.

[edit on 25/3/2010 by Kryties]

posted on Mar, 25 2010 @ 01:42 AM
WOW..Great post my friend..I watched all the video's and have to say that i believe a better investigation is due...S&F for this most excellent post!

posted on Jun, 1 2010 @ 09:04 AM
A small precision but however very IMPORTANT (to my opinion) :

Britt's body was found on october 6th and not on october 8th as mentionned in one of your (very interesting) posts.

posted on Jul, 13 2011 @ 09:36 AM
Any explanation as to why there is no wikipedia article on the subject? Seems like there are less known disappearance cases that have wiki articles on them...

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