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Who has been visited by Angels?

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posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 04:25 AM
Perhaps the reason you are asking us this question is because you feel that your experience is so unique that you are wondering about the reality of your angel(s).

having experienced unexplained events of different sorts, some of which left proof that they happened and some of which did not, i have come to the conclusion that, where there is no proof, one can know the reality of an event by the change it made in him/her. Lasting change is proof that it was real.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 07:06 AM
reply to post by RKWWWW

What a fantastic and blessed experience.

You encourage me by sharing it.

Most of my supernatural experiences have been somewhat more . . . at arm's length, so to speak.

I did once feel a heavy large hand on my shoulder in a moment of desperation and despair--in the middle of a large room with no one around. I turned around thinking it was a tall large brother in our church. No one was there.

You might enjoy Jesse DuPlantis' story. His visit to Heaven and some of his experiences on earth afterwards are a real trip. I think he has a website.

Blessings in your walk.


posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 08:03 AM
Perhaps you are asking this of us because you are not sure the event(s) really happened. if there is no other proof, one can be sure of the reality of a "visitation" if it caused a lasting change in oneself.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 01:48 PM
Just to let everyone know my intentions are not to piggy back or even have anything change in my experiences. Those of you that accused me of this should really use your head more than your mouth.
I have been at my mothers side in the hospital the last day, she had a heart attack after posting this. Yes she is fine, she had to have two stints put into two blocked arteries by her heart.

My angelic visits. Here is the first.
I was working in a cb shop in walcott iowa, it was for those of you that have travelled or been a truck driver, was located inside of two white trailers at the I80 truckstop , directly under their large digital sign, the message sign. Yes , they are gone now, but they once were a place called cb roadcaster.

I was the manager of this business, I was also the head technician. I was going to school at a local tech college for electronics and this was my paycheck. I was undergoing some depression, based on the fact that it seemed no matter what I did, if I saved money , something would come along , an emergency or problem and take it away, this was an ongoing thing. here I was , head in charge of a business and I couldn't even afford the toys and tools the guys under me were buying, because of my luck. I totally got down on myself. I wanted to buy a ham radio that had money for in my pocket at least six times before, but always something took that money the day before making the purchase. I was working late, no one had brought any work in that evening yet, I was just shooting the crap with my first shift supervisor that had pulled a double with me that night. I had my back to the door, when it opened and someone came in. when someone came into the shop a buzzer triggered by a radio shack electric eye buzzed to let us know we had customers, but this time it didn't buzz, it chimed. The hair on my skin everywhere was standing on end, not with fear, but with some kind of energy. I was still facing away from the being. I became over flowed with positive feelings, like the greatest I have ever felt in my life, that is the only way I can tell you that the being whatever it was , was charged with some kind of mind influencing energy. When I turned to face the being , I seen a man about six foot two with snow white blonde hair and a perfect set of teeth looking at me, his eyes were the bluest I had ever seen, like pools of blue water from a lagoon. He looked me directly in the eye, ignoring the other guy I was talking to before he came in, and said to me, are you "my name first and last" . I stood there astonished as this being knew my name, and I had never seen him before in my life. He had a hand behind his back, would of worried me if I hadn't of felt so positive and happy. I said yes I am this person you ask for. He pulled the hand around, it was the exact radio I wanted and tried so hard to buy for the last three months of my life. He said to me. I was just praying to God , and he told me that you needed this radio more than me. So here it is with no strings attached. This was witnessed folks, by a guy who you would call cowboy, as american and country as can be, later he called this angel a homosexual name that rhymes with tag, and accused me of setting it up. I had no money, did not know this man, it was for real.
He told me that the message he was to deliver was simple, follow the path laid out for me, quit worrying, he was watching over me. When he left I watched him climb into a big rig that had no markings on it, none, just all white, yes all white. and drove away. That was my first Visit with a material giving Angel, and for the record he gave me a 400 dollar radio that I called the police and checked on, it was legal. The plate on the truck trailer by the way for Bush fans, was a Texas Plate.

Refute it if you want to, I will divulge the name of the witness if someone wants to look him up and talk to him about it if need be to validate the story.

I have one other encounter I will share later but I need to get back to my mothers side right now at the hospital, her surgery was two and half hours ago.

posted on Mar, 21 2009 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by backyard guru

Thank you for sharing such a cool experience, I totally beleive you, sacrifice does bring miracles and protection. There are some fine humans on this planet, connected to the source.

I hope your mom gets some good rest, I have had a heart attack, and she really needs a break and lots of love.


posted on Mar, 22 2009 @ 06:31 PM
hi im new to ats and this is my first post.
Im 16 and live with my family on the isle of wight, UK. i wouldnt call myself religious at all, and believe it is all a screen to cover us away from what is really happening with the interference of extra terestials.
On christmas day 2008 me and my family were sat in the living room watching the television, when my mum started and a fierce agument with my dad about something i cant remember, my grandad who is elderly and recently lost his wife few years ago was feeling very on edge but did not say anything. Anyway just after the argument my other grandad who was in the living room took some pictures of the family sat down watching the tv and trying to relax. Later that eveing i looked on the camera at the photos and came across one that was very strange, there was something by the curtain and just above my other grandads head. i zoomed in and it was the end of a feathered wing. i imdiately thought that it was an angel looking over my grandad likes his gaurdian or something. even though proir i did not believe that angels exited. i will post the picture later. thanks

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