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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 02:00 PM
id have to agree with teslandlyne above.
being doing some research into tesla lately, and if just 1/4 of what he stated is true, there is so much the public doesnt know its not funny
read lyne's book 'aliens at the pentagon', if you ignore 80% of the text. ie, his history etc..., there is still a great deal in there to think about
so much so, im actually getting a kit of parts together to test some of it out

posted on May, 23 2008 @ 04:06 PM

Originally posted by jaydelay
I find it very strange that not many people know about Tesla. I mean, honestly I never heard of him till I read about him in on ATS.

Thats because I mention him all the time.
Well no, same thing for me more than two years ago and looked
all over the net on Tesla pages.

All we know is a few patents left in the US and UK and Switzerland that
were not confiscated, his writings and the first two biographies.
His notes and lab were confiscated by the FBI.
Here is just one of the conspiracies arise.
The FBI interrogated his accountant and Tesla to such a point
the weakened Tesla was left for dead. German spies may
have finished him off. (this due to conspiracy theories not
believing the died alone story... so make up a better one or
is there research that points otherwise)

Lyne writes about Tesla and his activation of the ether which you
can read about in low level in the demonstrations Tesla wrote up.

Early books about Tesla were reviewed by the FBI and not printed
without many revisions.
Also, present day books are mostly stories given government OK
so if there were a secret to divulge, it is not in those books.

Lyne might have gone in the CIA but knew he would contract away
his research ideas.
Lyne concentrated on the Tesla connection with saucer technology
and how it works. I have found a better understanding by group
message board with him and two Tesla devices make the saucer
work on a lot of ac static charges set up by a circular one connection
coil (makes ac static at high voltage) and an electron pump for

Lyne also does some free energy research.
And finds people with quite great finds and is always amazing to
hear about some of them.

posted on May, 23 2008 @ 04:27 PM
reply to post by babylonstew

Lyne stated he knows of two people that developed levitation using
the method and flight. People said is was TT Brown's mechanism
but it was all Tesla's parts.
He will not divulge the names and some guy did ask.
Messages asking about dis information can be shown the light unless some
thick headed members test the banning button.

The group, not started by Lyne, requires that you read and understand
Lyne's books and recommend some actual Tesla readings.

I did get more out the the group to the point of my above descriptions.

There was a lot of building talk at one time but its not for me.
I thought taser electronics might be used for one of the devices
in a small model UFO. Lyne comes back with using a chainsaw motor.
Well he lives near Texas and did see a UFO when he lived in Texas.

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 01:25 PM

A Tesla web page... see the ferrofluid page.

Lines of force appearing as cones.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 11:07 AM

Originally posted by shrunkensimon

I believe Tesla knew of the "electric universe" theory before anyone else, and how the Sun really works. He understood more about electricity/vibration than anyone in the history of mankind.

I got a new saying about Tesla and Einstein.
Einstein 1905 gave us the atomic bomb but Tesla gave us free energy in
1892 400 years after Columbus discovered America. Yet the Danes were
trading for copper in Canada before the Bronze Age and perhaps they
discovered America. Either lost in history and no one interested in

Popular myths never give way to historical correctness.

There is a map that says long island and Tungusta were in a direct path.
This would mean JP Morgan and the government WERE interested in
all of Tesla's WILD tales. And found out big time and had tower torn
down in a hurry.

Yes, thats is not the story we have been told, but I like it better.

So we are lied to by statements Tesla never did any thing after
Niagara Falls.

HAARP would be an improvement on the Tower (which had multiple
purposes) using a phased array antenna arrangement. Tesla had
to shovel coal to run the tower generators and the Illuminati HAARP
has its own gas field and pipeline for the power.

The government didn't believe in Tesla in 1914 but there is an
apparent change of mind since 1945 and the advent of the
free energy scientists in New Mexico who can't say anything or
encounter dire consequences.

posted on Feb, 16 2009 @ 10:56 AM
Here is a video tribute to Tesla i made. Please feel free to share with anyone and everyone you know. His story deserves to be known, given what he did for us ALL


Nikola Tesla - Tribute

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 07:59 AM
Made a video about Tesla.. a tribute to his legacy. Please share :-)

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posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 09:40 PM
A wild thought I sometimes ponder.

You know how they say are and were(a bunch now destroyed) ancient libraries that may contain documents about the "secrets of life" or "ancient or alien technolgy". And that if somebody were to find them we could harness that technology. Well what if thats already happend with Tesla.

Now I know its a crapshoot, but...You know how Nikola Tesla's grandfather was an officer that serverd on Napoleon's Army. And it just so happens that Napoleon's Army is who "re-discovered" the Rosetta Stone at the 'Institut d'Égypte in 1798 along with other treasures and scrolls.

It was such an astonishing find that when confronted by Britain the French said they would rather burn the findings than to have them in Britain's control. When the French Army left Egypt in 1801 they were able to smuggle some of the notes and artifacts past the British. Well after Napoleon's fall years later the Brits finally had the Rosetta Stone in their control, and is now in a museum for us all to look at.

But what about some the other findings? I wonder if maybe somehow Nikola's grandfather happened to get his hands on "really valuable scientific diagrams " or something. Then ended up in the hands of his grandson.

I mean they call Tesla the 'Father of Modern Science' for a reason. I mean come on! Alternating current?! (Electricy as we know it) and the Radio!?! (The beginning of our current Communication/Information Age of Humans) He has made more important scientific "discoveries" than anybody IMO.

Many of people here on this site already think that Ancient Egypt was more technological than we are today. It makes sense. And maybe they had it all documented, and maybe it survived through the thousands of years. We're led to belive it didn't. Maybe he just had those ancient library scolls(or a copy of them)? And who took them when he died?

All maybes and what ifs...a fun theory nonetheless

posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 03:08 AM
reply to post by lucidwave

lol, you should write fiction novels.

No seriously... you seem to be able to come up with interesting story plots.

But as for that concept, no.
Tesla did all his research... he didn't pirate his designs from anyone, and certainly not some fabled lost library.

Besides, if our ancestors had made generators, they'd be turning up everywhere... electronics and generators don't just decay like fossils and buildings.

The man was a genius... don't try to take credit away from him, even if it is a hypothetical notion. He deserves all the credit we give him, and then some.

We wouldn't be where we are without him. The current industrial age is owed mostly to him.

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posted on Mar, 11 2009 @ 01:07 AM

I was interested in the Tesla T.T. Brown link you mentioned earlier in this thread, do you have anymore information on that. Brown seemed to have stumbled onto something much more then the Biefield-Brown effect, or at least thats how its been presented mostly on the internet (often sites use "stumbled") But, it sounds like his research much have been much more directive to reach such an end result. Any info would be awesome.

As far as Tesla info, has his FBI files (at least those disclosed) been posted, I can find that if need be, but I'm sure someone already posted.
His biographies are excellent for the most part (master of lightening)

I also find it interesting that the "hands-down" greatest inventor and EMF experimenter did not believe in non-wave based models. Its also interesting to note that our current understanding of the electron is no longer that of a point particle, which was the assumption Einstein was operating under when he interperted the photoelectric effect, which just about killed any discussion of a wave-based unified physics theory.

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 03:03 PM
I have just pinned down what Tesla defines the aether as consisting of.

His many experiments drew to this conclusion.
Bill Lyne researched Tesla very well and has stated this many times.

The Ether is a insulative fluid containing electrical carriers.

If Tesla did break apart the ether and surround a craft with carriers
then would the craft be as stable as the ether.
There is no drift near the Earth.

However if a craft were to venture away from the Earth would the
charges from the Sun push the craft away never to return.
NASA video of UFOs in orbit may be craft that illuminate brightly
as Tesla found in experiments.

ED: TT Brown is a lesser effect than Tesla.
Tesla surrounds the the craft with negative carriers and pulls them in
for levitation and propulsion.
TT Brown effect might give you levitation using a Tesla coil.
Apparently construction in the Lyne book was followed and levitation
was achieved as people, without knowledge of the Tesla effect
although Tesla equipment was used, called it TT Brown effect.

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posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 06:15 PM
In a Tesla March 5, 1904 submission to a magazine about
his transmission of Electricity without wires, see he mentions
Leonard E. Curtis inviting him to Colorado Springs to carry out
his experiments.

Google: Leonard E. Curtis Tesla

PBS story
The unmuseum on Tesla
Earthlink On Nikola Tesla

A friend and patent lawyer, Leonard E. Curtis, on being advised of Tesla's work, offered to find land and provide power for the research from the El Paso Power Company of Colorado Springs. The next supporter to come forward was Colonel John Jacob Astor. With $30,000 from Astor, the inventor prepared at once to move to Colorado and begin building a new experimental station near Pikes Peak. Joining Tesla were several assistants who were not fully informed of the inventor's plans.

Tesla's experiments with radio convinced him it was possible to send not only electrical signals through the air, but power. Conditions for this would be best at high altitudes where the air was thin. Knowing this, Tesla's patent lawyer and friend Leonard E. Curtis, suggested that Tesla might set up a new laboratory near mile-high Colorado Springs, Colorado. Curtis owned part of the El Paso Power Company located there and could get him free electricity for his experiments.

Armed with a loan of $30,000 from John Jacob Astor, $1O,OOO from M. Crawford, a drygoods merchant, and the unending influence of his lawyer friend, Leonard E. Curtis, Tesla became fervently committed to a regimented schedule. He contracted for the construction of an experimental laboratory of his own design. In mid­July, a structure of awe and mystery stood isolated on the prairie pasture east of the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind. It was a huge barnlike construction approximately 100 feet square and braced on three sides. Above its sloping roof was an SO­foot tower through which there extended a 200­foot mast topped by a one­meter copper sphere. The forbidding omen hovering over the area was augmented by a fence with notices written in large black letters warning, "KEEP OUT-GREAT DANGER!

I wanted to find out more about Mr. Curtis as the name is great in
Tesla was sill under contract work which he could not fully disclose
at his birthday announcements except for how great the equipment
was performing.

ED: Youtube has TT Brown effect demos but they might be ion
effect but they might be wrong. One old timer plugged in a large
looped coil into regular current, I suppose, and it rose and wobbled
and burnt up. Back to Youtube, in a MythBuster the ion was put
in a vacuum and it didn't work. But that doesn't make it ion.
The Tesla saucer doesn't work in vaccum either, unless by
millions of volts to push the aether apart. So nothing on Youtube
might be TT Brown. TT BRown is just an official report name on a
levitation experiment.
The Tesla saucer seemingly draws in charges that surround the craft
and draws in more charges for horizontal flight. The AC flow demoed
in 1892 as published in Experiments.

ED: I didn't state Tesla definition or finding about the aether:
an insulative fluid with electrical carriers. This some what differs
with his long term analogy to sound and compressible media.

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posted on Mar, 5 2012 @ 07:20 PM
There is a light display called the brush.
Also seen from Earth as the Aurora if you notice the green lines.
This flow of charges through the Capacitor call Earth imparts momentum.
Tesla tuned coil and ship to create a charge flow to impart momentum.
If there is a missing theory here we can only look to the ship that Tesla
designed as say things must work that way.

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