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Dr Bill Deagle on Project Camelot 16th Feb 09. Whats Up Bill?

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posted on Feb, 20 2009 @ 10:30 PM
Good evening, morning and afternoon guys.

Dr Beagle is back with more information for us via Project Camelot in there latest telephone conversation.

So what's up Bill?

And what I believe, from all the research and also the intuitive side of what’s going on, is we’re going to be facing a number of things that fly in the face of logic and the latest in scientific research.

they’re going to proceed with a Carbon Tax at the same time they’re probably going to put in jeopardy... 100-million souls are likely to die in the next year from starvation caused by us not dealing with the financial problems, and if there’s a financial seizure, in a sense, where the entire world economy shuts down.

So I agree with the experts, the financial experts like Gerald Celente. We’re probably going to be dealing with a bank holiday as early as, possibly, somewhere between March and June.

BR: This is very much what George Green says.

BD: Right. And that means a world-wide collapse and it’s all tied... Part of this is tied because they have an agenda and a timeline. And people need to know this, that the timeline deals with galactic and solar issues.

For example, I’ve had contacts inside the government that in the last 30 days we dismantled two nuclear devices in two U.S. cities. One was New York City and another was another U.S. city. I couldn’t get a final answer on it, but it appears it may have been Los Angeles. That was from very high up in the government, with very good contacts.

Almost 20 states are putting 10th Amendments in. And tomorrow I’m going to have one of those initial authors on the program, Representative Charles Key of Oklahoma.

And this is exactly what Obama is doing under his administration, is to set up a new imperial America that will make treaties with world governments for regionalized currencies and a world governmental control of finances, the military, and ecological, along with a world tax like the World Carbon Tax, etcetera, to fund the globalization that they’re doing.

So basically the states are saying, with the 10th Amendment announcements: Don’t try to pass in federal law, when there isn’t a state of war, to have a National Service which will include all young people 18-25 including not only in the four branches of the military, but Homeland Security, and indentured servitude to corporations that can be renewed at the whim of the corporations or the government.

So what we have now is a situation where the battle lines are finally drawn. And they’re going to move very quickly, so we’re at very high risk of a false flag in the next six to nine months.

In fact, this move by the states is very good because it shows that people are waking up spiritually and intellectually, that this is not just a new administration that’s going to bring change to resurrect the economy.

There are three different options that are available on the menu right now, and they could be in parallel, or in sequence, like 1-2-3, like being hit by a prize-fighter. The most likely first false flag is an economic bank holiday coming up as early as March; I’d say mid-to-late March is very likely.

The next thing is an event that’s very likely a nuclear event. If there’s any moves at all to make any attack which would allow Israel to attack Iran, there will be two types of events: Number one is nuclear, and the other is biological. The counter-measures that Iran has right now in Syria is they have sleepers in America and in other Western nations with biological weapons ready to release.

The Avian flu is very, very likely to occur this year and is almost certain to occur by next year. That means that the Japanese move by Panasonic Corporation to pull back employees to Japan with the coming pandemic is based on fact, not conjecture.

I find some of his points interesting indeed.

Lets see how this unfolds

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 08:10 AM
....ground control to major Tom.......

Anyone got an opinion on Mr Beagle's claims?


posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 08:47 AM

Originally posted by InfoProvider
....ground control to major Tom.......

Anyone got an opinion on Mr Beagle's claims?


I think you should take Deagle's claims with a grain of salt.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 09:10 AM
as with all claims coming out...someone is bound to be right, just from the sheer numbers of them. i think the western world is in a state of fear that is so far down the road, that it is feeding upon itself, causing more and more failures. i heard that detriot has turned into a ghost town and there are houses on the market going for as little of 19 thousand dollars. as the saying goes---"hang on baby, we're in for a bumpy ride".

i live in stockton california and once again, this town has been voted #1 in the nation for foreclosures, just last night the city is considering filing for bankruptsy, it would be only the second city in califirnia to do so

there are alot of businesses closed up here, however the walmart parking lot is full as if it is christmas, you literally have to walk about 150 to 200 yards from your car to the front doors. more and more business flyers that come in the mail are advertizing "2 for 1's" and 50% off sales.

i have talked to some people that are now thinking about carrying a weapon when they go out to shop, and these are liberal democrats. i went to a sportsman store locally, and i asked about the sales of guns and ammo, and they told me in the last few weeks, they have seen dramatic increases in sales of these items.

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