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The reasons christains are laughed at

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 11:46 PM
because unlike all other religions they claim that anyone not like them is satan himself and is going to burn in hell. It doesnt matter how good a person is according to them, if they dont believe in jesus they will burn. this link here explains their deep hatred and some propaganda for ya:

seriously wiithout any evidence claiming freemasons mack pacts with the devils and that mohamed slaughtered christains( The crusades were started by christains) and that allah is a pagan god because they say jesus WAS important but he was simply a prophet not god himself like christains.
And the freemasons must be evil coz they think that all religions have it pretrty much wrong claiming themselves to be better then the other while all the major religious figures are equal and exist because of a supreme being.

I mean what the hell, claiming someone worships lucifer for simply not buying into the economical aspect of religion??? they do good things, they live by rules, but do not feel that god wants their worship in the form of dollar biills to sinister ministers and TV priests????

I mean grow up. Your religion is not better then any other. it has been changed and dilluted so much by those in power to suit their own needs it is a pthetic shell of what it once was. Jesus was not god. God can not be split into three seperate gods. Everything about yuor religion is a recycled ideal from a previous one. Its hard to admit I know, but it because of blind morons like yourself this world is in such #. YEAH THIS THREAD WIL BE REMOVED BUT IF EVEN ONE READS IT, ITS WORTH IT.


Freemasons are not devil worshippers and even if they were, your little constitution must have a part of freedom of religion right???every other religion has dignity yours is a sideshow at a messed up circus and most followers simply go for the sake of it, all other religions pray coz they believe in what they are praying it.If they were satan worhippers why are they giving all their money to charity and creating things for the masses???

GOD, ALLAH, JUPITER, SATAN, JAHWEH same thing, one supreme being, be good in life. EVERYTHING ELSE IS JUST BS TO MAKE MONEY, HEAVEN NO HEAVEN, christains muslims budhists whatever will all end up together if theyve been good in the afterlife.

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 01:37 PM
Just to let you know I am a christian and have never been laughed at because of my beliefs.

Your article does not explain christianity. It deals mainly with Freemasons.

I ask you. Are all Christians Freemasons? No. Are all Freemasons Christan's? No.

May I kindly suggest that you study your subject for a few years and then come back and discuss it.

FYI I do not consider a person that does not believe in Jesus to be Satan. Nor do I believe that anyone that does not believe in Jesus worships Satan.

As far as having hate for those that do not believe as I do is a totally absurd idea.
A true Christian hates no one.

Remember...Not everyone that says they are a Christian is really a Christian.

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 02:58 PM
Wow, someone got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning.

God bless.

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 04:49 PM
Even though I'm personally against organized religion, I feel sorry for people who have been forced into a faith from childhood, against their will. I was raised to freely choose whatever religious path I wanted, and feel that everyone else should be entitled to that. But, those same people that were forced into christianity, or whatever else can still grow up with the option to change teams so to speak. Just because I'm against the Christian, or organized religion way (yes i count atheism as organized religion), I still respect peoples path, just because it isn't mine, doesn't mean it's wrong. There are three groups of christians that are out there from my observation and contact with various christians. These can apply to all religions as well:

One type of Christian are the devoted followers that have read the bible, have heard the pastors take on it, others take on the scriptures and also have their own conclusion. But to this group, being is Christian is more about repeating texts and attending service, they feel a deep connection and love for not only god but for everyone regardless of their lifestyles/beliefs. They also live the Christian way, which is to be kind and charitable to those in need. These are the good people of the religion, and don't fit in stereotypical types. I've also never heard this type of Christian use the word devil seriously, and never heard them say anything about god being a jealous and vengeful god. They are also against war of any kind and that includes religious wars.

The second type of Christians are on the other end of the belief pole. These are the fanatical ones that starts fights, and brings conflicts. These are the ones that give bible thumping their name and makes Chrisitianity look bad. It's most likely that they aren't very educated or intelligent people, and love to shout out lines from the bible, but obviously don't understand what they are saything themselves. These are the blind followers that don't ever question anything, they are robots spiritually. These are the ones I feel sorry for the most. They think they have found god and peace, but that is only it, they only think it, they don't feel it nor understand what their chosen path is all about (unless their church leader is a very corrupt person) These are the Christians that burned witches, started holy wars and have brought shame to their own religion.

The third type of Christian are the middle grounded ones. They are only Christians because that is what they were born to, and were made to go to church because their parents made them (just like the other types) but when they grew up, they never joined another religion, nor did they reject christianity, they just don't practice it at all, never actually read the bible, but call themselves Christian because that is what they were born into and were baptised as. They probably would fit under the spiritual, but not religious category.

In every single religion, these three types have them, the paths are there, the gods are there and aren't there, it's all up to the person. I've always liked the wiccan rule, "do as you want, but harm none". I think all the religions follow this basic and most common sense rule, but not all see it that way. I'm sure you have probably been on the receiving end of someone calling you or your ways "devil", just ignore it and don't take it personally. Feel sorry for that person if anything because they don't know any better.

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 05:37 PM
I have a vision about what 'Religion' could be.

Instead of some kind of cult-like organization with a head priest or pastor or something, have it be like a community college.

You learn the history of religion, the philosophy of theology, learn about other religions, practice things like yoga and asceticism (going without), do other spiritual stuff as a small group, definitely keep the part about singing hymns together in big beautiful amphitheaters, but instead of one guy, have a series of professional and amateur speakers for the sermon.

Make it about the people, and develop them and lift them higher, as opposed to making them a 'flock' that follows a pastor or a priest. That way you take out the potential for abuse of power and substituting the 'man' for the 'supreme being'.

Have some stuff they do together, but let them veer off into various things as it suits them. They could still sing together, but afterward they could go study their preference or sect or doctrine. They'd have ample exposure to it during their upbringing as children entering the basic Bible school. But you could study anything from Mormonism to Buddhism to Eclectic types as your 'major' area of study.

It would be more like 'Religious Special Studies' program than some kind of a instrument for bigotry, xenophobia and separation and more like a tool to bring everyone together under one roof for piety, reflection, spiritual growth and knowledge.

[edit on 14/2/2009 by Syandos]

posted on Feb, 14 2009 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by dizziedame

you obviously didnt read it, i understand maybe you have alil bible in your eye. Im talking about christain freemasons the article is a christain one about how evil all freemasons are. seriously dont be trying to preach when you dont even know whats happening, then again that would just make you a good christain wouldnt it. all you need to do now is go burn some chicks for knowing maths an d touch some kids and you'd be a priest.

posted on Feb, 15 2009 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by Wolfpack Rebellion

While I do agree there are some sects of Christianity that state any non-Christian is the devils work, I would disagree with the assumption that all sects think in that tone. I was raised Catholic, and never heard the parish priest talk down on any other religion at the small church we went to.

I eventually left the Christian religion to find myself. I have no ill will, nor do I make fun of anyone who is a Christian or any other religion for that matter (although I have to bite my tongue when it comes to Scientology!).

The point is, never lump all people or religions in the same mold.

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