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Are you guilty for failing your children???

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 12:00 AM
Well are you? As you people can see not only on the threads of this website but the current events going on now, there are people who are in charge of anything worthwhile, and are dictating the path of this planet.

This recent thread shows that what was thought by you people who would rather see the world burn than to believe that there was once VERY smart and ambitious group of people who are devising a plan to enslave us, that yes a one world currency is really coming. And just as people predicted, that a crisis would have to happen first, hey quess what in a few months the phony dollar will collapse, chaos will manifest, and yadda yadda the diabolical master plan begins * mean laugh here *.

And if you still believe that this isn't caused by the NWO or whatever you call it, then this thread isn't for you. You have done nothing wrong, and also have done nothing. It's too late to argue if you believe in them or not, they probably have already won. This thread is for the people who deep inside themselves knew all along what was happening, be it by the " crazy " conspiracy theorists or whatever other means.

Do you feel quilty that even though you knew, you chose to ignore that bug inside your head, because maybe you thought that you wouldn't make a difference if you attempted to act.
Or maybe, and MOST likely, you were waiting for someone, maybe even a hero to take charge and do what you never thought to do. By that I mean anything like gathering a group and i don't know march towards the white house in protest and not moved until you caused enough tension to gather media and let the world know what you wanted them to know, and if they moved you by force you came back again and again.

I am guilty, I feel and know I failed. When I stayed up nights wondering if I should do something I just returned into my regular life, and pretended I didn't know what was going on and even ignored it. What tears me the most isn't that it will affect my life, but that of my future children should this go on into the next generation. They shouldn't be held accountable like we are because of the generation before us.

Don't you guys "get it" this is still happening because past generations thought the same way we are thinking. THE ONUS IS OURS, RIGHT NOW HERE AND NOW, NOT YOUR CHILDREN, OR FUTURE CHILDREN!!!

Looking back now I feel sickened by myself, I can't believe how far we let this go on. We reached a point that they can do anything and no one will act. I AM GUILTY ARE YOU?

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 12:37 AM
I would like to direct you to the following thread; "The Matrix of Reality", and suggest you watch the video there if you haven't seen it yet. There are some good posts there as well, additionally I would suggest trying not to give into fear and anger, and as hard as it is to do, love the illusion for its grandeur and remember what we are is forever and it is always darkest before dawn. Peace be with you.

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posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 01:35 AM
I hear ya, except it's hard for me to share the guilt, because i tried and found that nobody really cares enough to do anything. So far in all my years here observing you strange humans, i realized that the human race in it's current state isn't much worth fighting for.

That, and it's not MY children, as i see no need to add to the overpopulation problem, nor any reason to bring a life into a dead world. We're just waiting for the big asteroid to bring some global justice to the equation. I hope we don't make it to colonizing space, because that just means we'll find other worlds to exploit and spread the the destruction to.

Since i could recognize there was a world around me i've seen it going straight downhill fast. As a kid i saw it clear as day that we were on the road to destruction and nobody would do anything. I remember spending most of my childhood shocked and horrified that nothing was being done. It already was a world that felty all wrong, like nothing was real and everything was a lie. EVERYBODY was perpetuating the lie and i was pissed. With everyone in on it so to speak, in extreme denial, i found i couldn't really trust anyone but myself to not be driven by denial and the guilt of that denial buried in greed. I did stand back though and admire the intricate web of deceit built from slaves believing the liars, and how it perpetuated.

I tried to get help for our future, telling adults my concerns as a kid, and instead of any change, i got psychological evaluations till everything looked like a blurry inkblot to me. I learned then that it was war, and i needed to go into battle to change things, so i launched my campaign. I made sure i had attained a real education and not that crap they tried to feed me in middle school. I got good at public speaking and went to work. I won awards for public speaking and ended up making my way up to being a guest speaker at a huge event, with the audience of government and industry heads, the "elite". When i stepped to the podium and the crowd fell silent, i began my speech. Not the speech that was supposed to be given, but a speech concerning the deliberate socioeconomic walls that were being constructed. I stood up, looked "them" in the eye, and told them that i know what they conceal.

Before that the harassment had already been going on, with the school officials trying to force me out of school, i resisted.

They moved me from honors classes into remedial classes across the board, and my guidance counselor smirked and laughed when he gave me a lane excuse of classroom overcrowding. Every week they'd try to intimidate me and force me to sign the papers to drop out. They tried to entrap me and get me expelled, but i stayed a step ahead. I had a double agent in the system that i was working. She was trapped in the system and she KNEW they were out to get me. She'd slip me info in books she'd suggest i read, and she helped me avoid several ambushes and traps. For a while i was under some pretty thick surveillance by what i think was the FBI I tried to find out what agency they were with, but all i managed to do was repeatedly blow their cover. I was engaging the powers that be actively at this time in a covertly militant way.

One day they finally trapped me and had some thug cops come beat my ass and haul me off. They tried to charge me with tons of stuff, several terrorism charges included, they tried to get me to confess to anything that i'd say. I said nothing and they had nothing. I still got banned from the public education system by the court.

I went back into battle and managed to get my GED under their noses, and later got my GED reissued as a valid diploma (by working the system and all it's little loopholes) and in the end i beat them.

But, that's a small battle in the war so to speak, and though i did get to help some kids that were being wronged for the wrong reasons.

That was about 18 years ago that i left school. Since then i saw most of the horrifying things i feared would be reality surpassed by far more horrifying things than i've ever imagined would happen. I saw hate, war, and death everywhere, all motivated by slavemasters' greed.

Now i'm just completely disgusted at the entire human race, you've had your chance to do good, and you ran with greed. Our parents were the ones that failed to hand us down a world worth living in, and i've fought to change it, but i found that people are truly shallow, selfish, petty things that have the attention span of goldfish and astounding shortsightedness.

If there was room for another person on this earth, and i did produyce offspring, what am i going to tell my kid?

"Son, this is your world, you are the future. Don't breathe the air, it's poison. Don't drink the water, it's toxic. Don't go in the sun or you'll get radiation sickness. Most of the food is poisoned, and what little is left that's still pure you'll have to fight to obtain. Most people are lying to you for personal gain so trust nobody. Yeah, it's smelly and overcrowded, the thought police are out there watching you pee."

I just hope the big space rock comes to wipe us all out soon.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 03:45 AM
I really don't see any reason to slight goldfish they may be more evolved than we humans. It is easy to focus on the negative the key is to Focus on the positive and remember it is all an illusion.

posted on Jan, 30 2009 @ 03:51 AM
Yeh I think in some way we have always failed out kids.
No matter what we do, but all we can do is try.

posted on Jan, 31 2009 @ 02:52 PM
One reply?

Looks like I hit a nerve, and let some people here without a response.

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