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A summary of your life.

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posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 04:39 AM
Hi there folks. I've been meaning to post this for a while.
This thread is dedicated to everyone. Please, share the summary of your life. You don't have to tell every thing, like things you'd rather not talk about. I know we all have those deep scars that have impacted our lives. But let this thread be one that will let others in our family of ATS/BTS, know who you are.

I guess I will start.

I was born in 1984 in Colorado Springs, Colorado, here in the United states. At the time, I lived with my mom, my dad, my half brother from my mom's previous husband, and 3 dogs. 1 dog that I was real close to was a beagle named Snoopy, funny thing was, he was born the same day I was. He lived until we were 18 before we had to put him down.
My family, bless them all was great except for one person. My dad. He was abusive in both physical and psychological aspects. I swear I have PTSD because of him and have had war vets tell me I have that thousand yard stare in my eyes. It's hard to talk about but perhaps another time. My half brother moved back to Texas to stay with his dad because of the abuse my dad put us though.
When I was about to turn 4 years old, we moved to Virginia, where we lived until my mom found out she had breast cancer. We moved back to Colorado Springs when I was six, so that my mom could go to one of the best chemo places in the world. At this time my mom was put into the hospital, her tumor was the size of a golf ball, they didn't think she was going to live at all. At the time, my dad told my mom, "You'd better find some one to watch that kid because I won't. He then went to stay at a girl's house that he'd been cheating on my mom with. I was sent to stay with friends for 3 months.
My mom got better after losing all her hair from chemo and the such. And life went on. One night I was spending the night at a friends house who lived across the street. At about 3am my friend's mom wakes me up and says that my mom is here to pick me up. My dad beat the crap out of her. So we loaded our things into our van and took off to Denver. We stayed with one of my mom's sisters for a few months. That's how I got here today.
Lets fast forward.

After much drama with my dad, my mom devorced that deadbeat. And met a really nice guy who she is married to to this day. We got a house and I made some good friends, my best friend I've known for about 15 years now. I got engaged with a girl who proposed to ME, but in the end, I caught her with one of my good friends who was living with me at the time. I kicked his back stabbing ass out.
We had to move again because my step dad was messing up, his first impression was great, but now a days... I don't know, he's still a good guy, better then my dad ever was that's for sure.
I currently reside in this small condo with my mom and step dad, and check out ats every day I'm at home. I'm just living life, it's rough but I'm alive.

There's a LOT more I could go into detail about, but this is a quick summary of my life. My life has been tough, and I'll never get over the things that have happened to me and my mom, but dammit, I'm alive and I'm still here. And I will fight all the way to help others out when I can. This is life, I will live it.

Thank you all for reading, and please share your summary of your life. Lets get to know each other more, and as I stated at the beginning of this post, you don't need to tell every thing. I know I haven't. Thank you all again.

Edit to add. This is not a thread to one up each other on how hard your life has been, talk about the good points in your life as well. I am thankful for where I am today, I have a loving family, 2 awesome cats, my best friend of 15 years, my nephews and such. I'm pretty happy right now. But I can't help but worry about the future. We will all make it though one way or another. Thank you all again for reading.

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posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 05:08 AM
So. Right now I'm drinking my second 40 of OE(Old English 800 7.5ALC). Not that that matters.

What does matter, is what is about to be presented is a 100% true story, no lies.


My name is Cameron, born 7/31/89, at 14 me and my father lived in an apartment together. I use to sell drugs, at 14, not explicit drugs but what in modern day terms you might call legal medicinal drugs. *cough* thc. So, I was takeing part in my term of illegal activities, tax free, underage. Did my buisness. What came forth at the age of 14 was quite an event. My Father's girlfriend's son proceeded to raid the house, etc. Me and my Father ended up homeless.

We struggled. No success.


My father and me decided it was appropriate for me to live with my mother, having dropped out of school at 12 due to [scalp] psoriasis, I had severly wanted to attend school again. I actually cried and prayed to God to just be able to go to school again.

So anyways, I move in with my mother, and I am living with her and her new husband Richard, which is quite possibly the worst person ever to exist. My mother and Richard begin doing methamphetamines together, in and out with and without him, and several times I was offered the drug and LITERALLY declined.

Richard beat the living SH%& out of my Mother. Multiple times, and once I pulled a knife on him that received from one of my friends that was in possession of the knife, and after I pulled it on him, him being in a bedroom seperate from us, he gave me a black eye after I told my friends to leave.

Bottom line, Richard Martin of Arroyo Grande gave birth to my brother Lucas Martin. My brother is soon to be taken from me to this scum bag, due to his heritage. My brother, Lucas, is age 4, and I wish to raise him, and my grandmother has temporial custody. This will all fail soon, I have seen it in visions.

So I remain here, with my life story....... I don't know what is to come, but I do have presentation of the future, I have seen the future, and the Tarot cards have gave me my future. So on February 19th 2009, My blood brother will no longer be of my family, and he will be ruled under a meth addict alcoholic of a parent.

Life's a bitch, so # it while it's tight.

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 06:07 AM
First half is done, best is yet to come.

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 01:11 AM
Cool, we're looking forward to hearing about it.

Hope to hear soon. =P

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 02:07 AM
For some reason or another I cannot edit my post, so, I'll just let you all know.

My mother is dead, November 12th 2008, and that's why I'm about to loose my brother.

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 04:13 AM
I was born in Westminster Colorado March 11th 1981, where I lived with my mon and sister until my mom married. We moved to Ohio when I was 14 and I hated it! I went to a school where I didn't quite "fit in" so I decided to move back to Colorado and do whatever, so I did and stayed with reletives, worked alot for about 7 months before deciding I missed my mom and sister so I then moved back to Ohio where I finished Highschool.

Just after highschool I joined the U.S Army! I was excited and nervous and not paying attention to what I was doing, got involved with a female my same age who had a son from a previous relationship. After basic training I married this girl and it's been Hell ever scince, she didn't start driving until after we were married for 4 years, could not find and keep employment (still can't to this day) and has trouble understanding the most basic tasks in life, I am currently the sole "bread winner" and do nothing but work.

I'm miserable at present and feel bitter all of the time, I do have quite a bit to be thankfull for however but my miscontent dwarfs all that. Of course this is the extremly condensed version (Campbell's soup) of my life and also a breif warning to those young people rushing into life thinking that they are invincible and nothing bad will ever happen to them, please take my advise and wait to marry and have children, if you do not life will eat you up and spit you out wherever it feels so inclined to do so:w:

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 04:39 AM
I was born in White Bear Lake MN on March 28 1979. I was raised LDS, up until I decided to choose my own path sometime around the age of 15. My parents divorced around this time as well, and then they got remarried 2 years later and off I went to live in UT.

It was my Sophomore year in high school and was labeled a rebel and a nihilist by the Principal. A few years back a friend named Asher gave me Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. This book opened my eyes, and I loathed the school curriculum. It was worse in UT, so I chose to drop out.

Later that year I went back to visit friends in Minnesota for the summer. I had tons of fun, but it was odd catching up with people I knew since I was young. Noticing how much alike yet how much we had drifted with the affects of experiences.

I got my nose dirty, real dirty getting up to no good, partying and the like. I moved back and forth between The west, the Midwest, and back again. What I lost from the conditioning mills, I gained in hard won experience. I saw the shadows in the low down doldrums.

After living in Minnesota for awhile I got the twinge to explore again, to get the wild out of me. So I went to one of the wildest places, Alaska. It was trip, let me tell you. I drank at one of the coolest places, with the old timers. Hearing their stories. I experienced cold that had me feel that -20F was nice.

I saw the Aurora Borealis for the first time, I experienced a lot, but I got my nose stuck in the cookie jar. So I had leave. Here I am again in the West. Sober since last May. I got plans, but no wheels. I got hands but no work. At least I am still breathing.

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