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107-year-old: 'Nothing but the greatest!

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posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 05:18 AM
the newly-fashionable cynicism of recent is really really really getting on my nerves. i had a smile on my face, and a warm(ish) glow in my heart after reading the OP and thinking of this woman's joy.

first reply (and subsequent) stomped all over it.

HE may or may not fix our country. i dont know. but can we all just please for the love of god PLEASE try to see a good thing for what it is? good thing being: and old, old woman with joy in her heart.

if we are all so jaded that we cannot manage to bring joy with us through the coming mess, then we really are in serious trouble.

posted on Jan, 21 2009 @ 07:19 AM
her sentiments are valid and her life experiences are fascinating.
she has every right to her point of view.
for the naysayers and cynics, if you haven't lived her life, you'll never get it.
personally, i can only imagine the importance of what the woman's words have to convey.
older members of my family have lived the indignities of segregation.
the colored only signs may have been taken down but, the attitudes that put them up there are alive and well because some children are still taught to hate based on skin color and religious affiliations.

what i've read is a basic lack of human understanding and the need to be torchbearer of negativity at one woman's moment of joy to witness another chapter in history; her history as well as her country's.
its a common occurrence here at ATS.
i admire her strength. she's witnessed things i'll never know.
she's lived to tell her story. perhaps, a young person reading or hearing her story may want to learn more about that chapter of american history.
that could be a good thing in itself.

to people who seem to think acts of racism are past history,
i say you're mistaken. many things never make the 6' o clock news.
abuse of power is stil around. there are still organized groups whose sole mission is to dehumanize a fellow human being based on delusional thinking.
violence still occurs, ignorance still lives in the minds of many, and slurs are still hurled.
just because you don't witness it, doesn't mean its non-existent.

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