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2Pac Raps About Illuminati

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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:30 PM
(Feel free to move this thread)
Kids at school are talking about 2Pac, and one kid keeps mentioning he's coming back. I wonder if they understand what he's talking about when he raps about illuminati. For those that don't believe he doesn't rap about the illuminati, here's some proof.
Listen to this song.

I made the important parts in bold, and think about those parts:

How we, our own style (x5)

Don't you love it
2Pac freak #
That reach the public
Still I
Believe my speech so deep that all my real niggas done it
Ass naked rhymes in these cash makin' times got me
Loosin' my mind inside the lines of these wicked rhymes
Label me a ghetto star
Comin' up quick
# what you heard
We be runnin' this #
It's plain to see, my whole damn click shine bright
Always new the real niggas would end this sit when the time is right
Now East to West
Is irrelevant
We doin' it world wide
Ha ha
Similar to bitches
Like girls they hide
They die slow
When I ride low
Bumpin' this beat
I bury
All bitch made niggas comin' for me
I rock 'em to sleep
Then evade the cop's
I'll never go alive
4-5 blazin' shot's
Still gettin' mine
Livin' blind search for salvation
Still got my gun's
But I visualize One Nation
My work is done
With my niggas get they cash in stacks
Get yo' ass on the cash chase mash in packs
Ha ha
For ever ballin'
The alcohol callin' me
And I still
Bust on them all till they crawl to me
To all my Hip-Hop junkies
And my niggas in jail
When this song play
Give 'em hell
My thug nation

Peep out how we freak our own style(X6)

Make yourself welcome
Cause EDI is hostin'
Rollin' with niggas on the mash coast to coastin'
We don't be boastin'
No high postin' is allowed
Makaveli hit us a lick
And we set to make 20 thou'
But it's all gravy, baby
We thug's this daily
It ain't amazin' real niggas trail blazin'
Today's got a constant flow cause we gotta get it yo
Always had a passion for cash so now it's getting critical
Did ya know
This flava lays that one this day
The East coast West coast war is now history
Feel me?
Now picture me rollin'
With niggas from Hoboken to Oakland
Puttin' it down more potent than that # you smokin'
One Nation

(Verse Three: Young Noble)

Young Noble I'm calm and casual
Bomb like the arab's do
The end be tragical
Televised on nasty new
The revolution's comin' what you gonna be shootin' or runnin'?
My crew is trained for gunnin'
Soldier state your name and number
We race in Hummer's
Tryna catch the sun set
We lace they runner's
A hand full of death threats
So what's next a war plan and a strategy
Battle me to the death cause nothin' left
The hell with causalities
We made niggas under trainin'
Train trigger's for the aimin' and Jersey claimin' ain't a damn thing changin'
One Nation

(Chorus x7)

I've been rockin' mic's since Sergio Valente
Down for my people just like Coonta Kinta
Got more Biunique mammies than Tito Puente
My man Tupac picked me up in the Bentley
I come from the East (uh)
Come to speak peace (Peace)
I come from the West (West)
Bring the buddah bless
Come from the East (uh)
Come to speak peace (Peace)
Come from the West (West)
Bring the buddah bless
It ain't no mother#in' hair off my chest
Times is hard I rock a bullet proof vest
Met, so many yes men
So many yes
They try to gas
My head like 'hess

The heavenly father
Put me to the test
Divide and conquer
What I do best
Ain't nothin' to it but alleviate stress

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:34 PM
UMMM, there's a music section in BTS that would be a more appropriate home for this thread, "2pac" was a rapper nothing more.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:39 PM

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 08:48 PM
Tupac rapped about the government being against african americans. You could call it the illuminati if you want to. But it was just the fed. The "One Nation" is everybody being treated as equals. Most of his songs are about the feds coming after him for what ever reasons.

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posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 10:17 PM

Originally posted by CNRHKick
(Feel free to move this thread)
Kids at school are talking about 2Pac, and one kid keeps mentioning he's coming back.

The MSM Push 2Pac and biggy or should i say Hip Hop/Rap/R&B music in general as a Religion to the African-Americans. 2Pac is not coming back he is not Jesus.

posted on Jan, 16 2009 @ 10:44 PM

Originally posted by alyosha1981
UMMM, there's a music section in BTS that would be a more appropriate home for this thread, "2pac" was a rapper nothing more.

You obviously know nothing about the man. "Rapper and nothing more"... what a crock of #%&! I wonder what you'd call the grand master of the illuminati... Club leader and nothing more?
No matter what you "are" you can still be connected to things. Try and deny ignorance and dont brush this off so easily.

He was a social activist in case you didnt know. He was very aware of the society around him, and he had a strong desire to make changes. Whatever he spoke of in his music it had impact, concidering he is still worshipped 13 years after his departure. He had sold like 80 million albums last time i checked making him the most selling rapper ever.

If you cant contribute....then go away, we dont need you.

He is connected to the illuminati in quite a few areas.
Btw the feds always watched his family cause of their ties to the black panthers.

He's got a song called Killuminati that stands for Kill Illuminati.. He referred to himself as the Don Killuminati.

Tupac knew and even SPOKE OUT on his last album against how the Prince Hall Freemasonry Lodge had infiltrated HipHop to create a false form of hiphop. How ironic that Jay-z and Nas now have adopted the symbolism of the Illuminati lately.

He even said that some expected Illuminati to take his body to sleep. He was obviously going against them, a power he knew was dangerous. But then he died in quite mysterious circumstances. (which you research if you must)

Why wouldn't he be against them... his mother was a black panther, (who fought for rights for the oppressed communities) She knew well that the illuminati are the same group of elitists who brought black people to slavery.

Now there is a ton of stuff on this.. if you just look. But IGNORE that ignorant comment from alyosha1981. Tupac was the one that got me wondering what illuminati is, and so my awakening began.

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posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 02:09 AM
reply to post by Daniem

I can say this because the Don Killuminati was my favorite album and the fact that I just read all of the lyrics of the album. That album was a diss to Bad Boy, Jay Z, Mob Deep, and Naz. He is not talking about the supposed world running organization Illuminati. Yes you can say he was an social activist to the impoverished African Americans. That he spoke out against the way the federal government treated their race. But sorry to say that is all it is.

He's got a song called Killuminati that stands for Kill Illuminati.. He referred to himself as the Don Killuminati.

If you are going to make that statement try doing it without adding the extra ill.

If you want to use his words in your fight. He talks about the feds wanting to catch him for dealing drugs. Once again he spoke out against the way the feds treated his race. White Mans World that is totally about being born poor and black and having a government that has no plans to help them out. Most of those songs talk about outting the fake thug rappers. The ones that had no real "street cred" like he claimed he had.

Yes his murder was shady and it hasn’t been solved. But one can make just a strong case against Suge Knight as one could make against the feds or ‘”Illuminati” or even it being gang related. You had the supposed gang fight in the casino. Also how did Suge only come out with a scratched head. Suge is know to be a dick to his artists. He is known for some alternative negotiation tactics. Also their was a supposed beef between Tupac and Suge over royalties. I have know idea if this is said fact or speculation. But just about all of his murder case is speculation. Even the death of his body guard know one knows. That could be tied in with Suge also.

This discussion could go a thousand different ways but only a few people really knows what happened with Pac and they are not talking so it’s all speculation.

Just my view don't shoot the messenger.

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posted on Jan, 17 2009 @ 08:14 AM

Originally posted by Ant4AU

If you are going to make that statement try doing it without adding the extra ill.

Why would i do it without the ill? HE said so himself: "Im puttin the K there cause im killing that illuminati sh*t." So thats what it means, even though it doesnt spell out KillIlluminati.

Now if he ment that he wanted to go against them, cause he thought they EXISTED, or if he wanted to destroy the myth, cause he believed they DIDN'T exist Im not sure.

But he sure made himself heard... I love his music, and his movies are cool.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 04:16 AM
2pac's words are always twisted up. He was a poet foremost and wrote about social conflict mainly. There is a rapper Immortal Technique who exposes the NWO and Illuminati, he even raps about MK Ultra, the Jenin Massacre, and Bush signing W119I.

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 11:29 AM
reply to post by CNRHKick


posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 08:02 PM
I remember the interview, but he said he put the K in Killuminati because he was killing that #, he didint believe in it, or was a part of it I think as He said interview out loud that he went prison and every one was talking about it and his argument was if these lot are rich and powerful and have these plans, hows does little 'n-word's in prison know about it.

My thoughts are that he changed his mind after, unless he was in on it, or some how indirectly connected to it! You never know.

Jay-z is 100% and nas too, the beef they had was just for show, they used it to make money and a big name, both of them, also to bring up Illuminati in a intelligent ways, cusisng eachother, eg Nas illmatic " Rockerfeller died of aids and thats the end of his chapter and thats the guy you chose to name your compan after" This was cleaverly planned. They let it be known, be in a way you cant prove neithers story. But seeing Jay-z his signs, songs, his symbls on his clothing line, its more less proving his involvement!

Tupac was my best rapper ever, I dont want to believe he was part of it, but saying this I will go over his songs again as them times I didnt listen to Illuminati as I didint have a clue, I was asleep like most the World!

posted on Feb, 25 2009 @ 11:06 PM
reply to post by MERIJAAN

Yah man I like the way you put it, if I can add to the topic:

His final album was the don killuminati

Idono personally me I believe he knew what was up, and like someone said it started in the prison yea but we all feelin it right now...wu tang was big on it and ALL THEM NYC rappers from the mid 90s and even some west coast(THE D.O.C(married Erykah Badu at one time)).

I love this topic n just wanted to drop some info


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