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To all you BLEEPING ATSers BLEEP YOU !!!

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posted on Oct, 7 2010 @ 02:31 AM

Originally posted by MischeviousElf
Excellent thread on many many differant levels,

Perception and also modern Media influence, however on a much mech deeper level indeed what the OP has done is in fact recreat in ATS style one of the most Psychologically and Spiritually deep and difficult to understand topics of the Entire Buddhist Path.

In fact what the OP has done simply, by showing ourselves directly how it works within us, rather than stating a story of what a Guru or Genius experienced, or using a Metaphor / Parrable is by showing the true nature of Emptiness, collated the thousands of pages of discussion on "Enlightenment" found here.

If one is able to extrapolate what we experienced when first reading his Post, and really really get to know and stop that thought process of "Like" and "Dislike" attachment and Aversion, to something that in fact does not have the qualities we think it has, in ALL of our experiences of the world, and add in Compassion at a level wherby "You" and "them" merge from distinction to unity, Enlightenment s achieved.

This OP has shown ALL who read it to each reader themselves the Illusion or Life within ourselves, it has clearly through our own experiences shown us one of the two parts of Enlightenment.

To take the experience you had on reading this, to examine and become aware how your mind also gives "False" names, terms and forms to every other aspect of your life when in fact they are not as we first think and feel, to over many years break this down, become aware of it and chuck in oodles of love will emancipate you from suffering and illusion in its totality.

Therefore IMHO it is probably one of if not the most important thread on ATS.

To use an example of a very very profound Spiritual master who the Dalai Lama uses fo contemplating and trying to understand what the OP did so easily and quickly please look where I post the original text below, and the Dalai lama's Mystical experience of its nature when realised here:

Emptiness and how the Dalai Lama Experineced it

S+F and added to friends indeed.

Such a short and simple post, with so much meaning in our mundane world or media control, politics, spin etc, and also showing 50% of the path of enlightenment in a way that we all experienced, wonderful and thank you again.

Kind Regards,



Thank you, I have read your profile and many of your threads and posts and I will say I am proud to be chosen as a friend. Your statement that this is one of the most important threads on ATS is very flattering.

I found the replies in this thread to very revealing of the head space of those that replied.

Some, like yourself. found it to have deep meaning while others seemed angry that this thread existed at all.

Many became so angry that they were compelled to reply before reading the entire post.

I posted this with the best intentions, as a fun way to challenge or own perceptions and to remind myself to challenge my perceptions before reacting.

This was intended as tasty food for thought but, as it seems some found it sweet others found it to be bitter in taste, still others found it to be savory and satisfying, at least this is my perception.

Thanks for your very flattering reply.

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 07:08 AM
reply to post by deepred

Haha that was great. At first when I saw the title I thought bet he's banned by now, but no.

You made a really good point about perception.

posted on Feb, 19 2011 @ 09:53 AM
Spaghetti incarnate wolverine decides to go to playschool to venture into the finer degrees of metaphysics only to discover the that the pork chop was brown and the swimming pool was filled with dust.

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