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Would Israel Use Nukes?

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posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 12:01 AM
Saudis do not like Ahminahajad (mis-spelled). Do not expect that.

What is reasonable to expect is that the Israeli Government (no offense to its people) will do absolutely whatever is necessary to bring U.S. support into the fold for an Iranian offensive. That means anything as their right to survive and exist could be in play.

Iran will have a delivery system within 12 months for a nuclear device. The Iranian people as a whole would prefer to listen to rock and roll and hold their girlfriend's hand in public moreso than what are spoon fed in the press from a government whose values do not agree with the overwhelming bulk of their people.

That being said, Iran does spoon feed Hezbollah and Hamas but this is a American focused site so lets focus on what keeps Americans safe.

Israel needed the U.S. to agree to an Iran offensive in 2008. They tried and they tried.

Israel's card to play is to foster an attack on AMERICAN ASSETS in a manner that is appears to be supported by IRAN or IRANIAN in origin. Then they can expect U.S. support against Iran militarily.

Put yourself in Israel's shoes for a minute. Think about your options. You are surrounded by people who principally dislike you and many do not feel you have the right to exist. You have a track record on Human Rights that is absolutely dismal. Your alignment with the United States is your key to survivability.

If Israel deployed small tactical nuclear weapons out of their unofficial stockpile that the rumor mill seems to refer to often at just under 200 warheads (rumors); even if they took steps to pull the yields down to 1 or 2kt, they would still risk massive fallout potentially crossing-borders and extending their already extended game.

The reaction on the ground in Gaza and throughout Lebanon and Syria aside from governmental or quasi-governmental responses would jump start a grass roots movement of absolutely anything anyone could find to engage them [Israelis] and they would find themselves in an extremely ugly and stagnated ground defensive mode on their land.

I can however see Israel attempting to use a 1 or 2 kt frog brought into underground facilities to try to eliminate select nuclear development and storage resources of Iran but again there are other options for that.

Israel has been anxiously awaiting for some time some of our [US] newer bunker buster toys including a number of extremely novel burrowing protypes which you can easily google your way into reading links about.

By themselves, Israel has a major problem.

What I am about to say may well be inaccurate as I cannot know Iranian motives but what if much like China, Iran truly wishes to GAIN FACE by entering the nuclear club and the talk of eliminating Israel is there as a method of fear in order to persuade Israel to be less harsh in Palestine.

Visualize this as with North Korea you may well already be visualizing a similar situation.

1. Iran has fission weapon prepped 2009 and tests weapon
2. Iran has thermonuclear weapons tested in 2010
3. Israel has full TT&C for a missile deliver device for nuclear ordnance in 2009.

4. U.N. further financially isolates Iran for these reasons
5. Iran grows more isolated and angry
6. The Israeli unofficial nuclear club entrance looks more like a double standards.

NOW ---

Ask yourself in this situation what other behaviors change:

1. Israel treated Gaza citizens better? better from a hint of fear of the Iranian wild card and wanting to placate.

2. Saudi slowly comes to better accept Iran... perhaps publicly ripping them to the Western press and laying low in middle eastern press. They will want to play the line carefully for economic and social stability concerns but somewhere deep inside there will be for many middle eastern countries pride in the fact that one of them entered the nuclear club and as such had a deterrent capacity upon Israel.

posted on Feb, 7 2009 @ 12:11 AM
reply to post by neformore

Again, all they had to do to bring the U.S. into the fold is IMPLICATE IRAN QUDS FORCES or Intelligence services in what looks like a TERRORIST ATTACK on U.S. ASSET.

The irony here and I apologize for repeating it in two different threads is that we are leaving Israel with few choices but SIMULATE or ENCOURAGE an attack on U.S. soil by IRAN in order to turn the US against IRAN.

OTHERWISE, they will live with the ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE of a Nuclear Ordnance possessing IRAN in 2009. It is what it is.

USS LIBERTY 1967 - Israel Attacks U.S. Navy vessel in international waters and SIGINT confirm that they KNEW it was U.S. (lied about officially though). They wanted the U.S. to think Egypt attacked them to inherit an ally.

MARINES BARRACKS attack -The rumor mill on Mossad leaking data on shifts and personnel times was so closely guarded. WHY?

9/11 MOSSAD agents on ISRAELI TELEVISION telling the people that they were in that WHITE VAN taping the impact for POSTERITY.

I REALLY RESPECT MARTIN LUTHER KING and GHANDI. Passive Non Violent Disobedience. But personally, I do not think I have the strength of spirit for it. I expect I would fight and not turn a cheek so I do not say to either GAZA people or ISRAEL that it is EASY to turn a cheek. It is very hard. But its not too late.

I really think that Israel needs to try to play GOOD COP for a while instead of BAD COP. The U.S. also needs to put its foot down harder on domestic industrial espionage and surveillance activities by MOSSAD on U.S. SOIL even today. Allies do not need to have so many human assets on their allied countries lands.

posted on Feb, 8 2009 @ 02:58 AM
IMO they would use nukes. An Israeli professor recently bragged about their capability

Never underestimate the wrath of "G.d".

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