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"Operation Cast Lead" - What Is Zionist Goal?

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posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 11:50 AM
reply to post by mrmonsoon

Thank you for your reply.

I think a 3rd party could be found.
What about France or even China?

So a third party police is found and there is a sustained ceasefire.

Then what next?

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posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by RFBurns

The point in my previous post is to demonstrate that your talking points themselves are in error. There are indeed references to the Ten Commandments in the US Supreme Court building as well as on it.
You need practice RFBurns. Your supposition is in error..and therefore your posts on this issue is also highly are your motivations.
You have shot yourself in your foot. You have been caught.

Your technique works very well on those not well schooled in history..which is most peoples...but not all of us.

The telling point is what the American people believe....non believers never want to go there. Not what the politicians believed..back then or even today.

Once again..are you telling me by Diesm/Panthiesm that our governmet was founded on Pagan belief systems?? They would never have been able to sell it to the public on that basis. Today of course under Gnostic, Sophist educational systems they must sneak it in the back door in a cloistered enviornment...public those who cannot know what is going on. Those easily impressionable.

Blue Raja makes an interesting point here which history demonstrates for us.

I love the hypocrisy that the other Arab nations have with regards to the Palestinians though. They're useful pawns in their proxy war with Israel, but when the rubber meets the road, how many have opened their arms to them. They certainly haven't welcomed them in their lands.

Sometime around 1970 the Jordanians got tired of all the Palestenians running around their country with their weapons and turned on them. The Jordanian Army killed many of them and sent them fleeing. This informations can be looked up on the web...but most of the public school systems today as well as the media tend to ignore this history in lieu of the "victim dictum" so popular amongst many.

Concerning this quote..

The concern I'm raising is should they really be classified as terrorists?

The history of Ancient Israel..shows that the Israelis know much about guerilla warefare or terrorism by another name. That area historically under Roman Rule was called Palestine. There were religious and political factions under the Jews/Hebrews whom were fighting amongst each other as well as fighting the Roman occupiers/rulers. Palestine at that time was one of the armpits of the Roman Empire. These Zealots were known for attacking small groups or individual Romans and killing them when they were able to do so. Years and years of this discord culminated in the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman General Titus in 70 AD and what history calls the disapora of the Jews.

In about 1946 a Jewish gangster/guerilla group called the Irgun bombed the King David Hotel where many officers of the British Military were billeted. As I recall the history, the leader of the Irgun at that time was a man named Menachem Begin who was to go on in later years to become Prime Minister of Israel.

There were two main such guerilla groups operating in Palestine at this time which originated out of gangster activities. The Irgun and the Palmach. Both groups often worked with the main defense group called the Haganah.

Call them guerillas , call them terrorists ..whatever you want. My point in all this is that the Israelis have a much longer pedigree and experience in terrorist/guerilla activities than any of the Arabs.

Just thought some of you should know this history as most of the media seem wont to avoid this.

There are no good guys in this struggle..which is why I think we should stay out of it. They are all bad guys..including us.


posted on Dec, 30 2008 @ 12:24 PM

Originally posted by mrmonsoon
The solution you seek is very simple.

Stop the Hamas terrorists from attacking, then problem solved.

Yes boys and girls, it is REALLY that simple.

Your logic pains me. You honestly think that israel would treat palestinians any better if they stopped the insurgency?

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posted on Dec, 31 2008 @ 10:29 AM
Originally posted by Bl0rg

Your logic pains me. You honestly think that israel would treat palestinians any better if they stopped the insurgency?


Your logic and reason pains me as well.

Both groups the Israelis and Palestinians both suffer from leadership problems. This is because the real hard core leaders and directors are peoples who hide behind their religion and front people.

Any Israeli leader who tries to make a genuine peace will be killed by the real Israeli leadership...not the leaders you see.

The same applies to the Palestinians.

We know this about the Muslims by the killing of Anwar Sadat who tried to make peace with Israel. Same applies to the Palestinians leadership.
As I recall the Israeli leader who was killed was named Rabin.

My point in all this is all is not as seems on the surface. There is another dogma/religion operating behind the scenes..for which most of us are not privy.

While your heartfelt emotions are commendable it is not the reality we see operating here.

This corruption ..perversion on both sides is why I say we need to stay out of it here in America. They need to either quit or fight it out to the end.

There are no good guys here...not the Muslims nor Israelis..nor us here in America.


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