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Which Country is the most Evil?

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posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 09:11 PM
I say North Korea is evil in all of these ways:

1) The way the citizens are treated.

They are sent to prison camps for mentioning anything "good" about South Korea, or for their family background. If your uncle is sent to prison camp, you are sent along with him. In fact, your entire family is sent there, even if you are an 8 year old boy.

2) Foreign policies and how they are dealing with other nations.

Constantly threatening to turn Seoul into a sea of fire isn't cool. Also constantly holding the world at gunpoint with their nuclear weapons isn't the nicest thing... especially when they keep saying they will turn Seoul into a Sea of fire.

3) The leaders.

Kim Jong Il gets many pleasures normal North Koreans cannot enjoy, such as American food, movies, etc. He basks in American culture when normal North Koreans would be sent to prison camp for that. He takes women from all over the country into his "Happy Corps" and makes them do anything he wants them to... sexual things... he even sleeps on a "bed of naked women." The family, if they refuse to hand him their daughter, go to prison camp. When he speaks, he rants. This is why the elite leaders don't let him talk much, because he talks like a crazy-man (if you could understand Korean)... similar to how Quentin Tarantino speaks in English (always stuttering, tripping over his own words, constantly getting off topic). He threw insane parties where elite people would enjoy luxuries like drinking, eating meat, and well, enjoying food other than grains and treebark, which most Koreans would rarely get. He is insane, and he simply wishes to hold onto his power no matter the cost to the people. He has no leadership ability, and is truly a selfish man... the worst of the worst.

4) The military and their actions.

The military constantly raids farms and steals food from the working farmers. If a farmer tries to stop them, the farmer gets severely beaten. Many farmers must sacrifice their children in order to feed these thieves. The army is starving, however, and must resort to stealing food to survive. They are poorly trained, but all of them "want war" according to the defectors. They want war, so their misery will end. They'd rather die of bombs and bullets than of hunger. They also gang-rape the newer, younger members of the army since they are not allowed any relationship with women. They usually pick the most feminine man, and gang-rape him until he commits suicide. It's a terrible, terrible situation.

5) The quality of life.

Probably the worst in the world, physically. Many people have to do intense physical labor. There are varying degrees of "camps." Some are places where people are worked to death, others give families a chance at redemption... but it takes 10 years and so much sacrifice, medical problems from malnourishment, and backbreaking labor and severe beatings. After army service, many men are forced to work in the coal mines. They usually never leave these coal mines, and work there until their death. Most people get two meals a day, which consists of grains (rice and corn) and some salt soup. Meat is almost unheard of, and the average North Korean can eat meat once in two years. Many resort to eating tree bark soup. Not just the physical standard of life is horrible, but the mental state. People are forced to say good things about the Party and Kim Jong Il in an insane, constant, manner. Mental slavery.. nobody really owns their own mind, thoughts, or speech. It all must be a certain "way" or they will face death.

6) The Government's decisions and the type of government.

The government exists solely to exist. They saw what happened to the rulers of fallen soviet states, and decided they didn't want to be lynched and mobbed by the people. So they've decided to instill a government worse or just as bad as in the book 1984. This is no communist state. It is a despotism, ruled by an insane leader with absolute power.

posted on Jan, 13 2009 @ 10:05 PM
Has Zimbabwe been mentioned yet? If not, it's a heavy-hitting contender for the top ten for sure.

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 04:41 AM
I'm quite stunned Somalia has not been mentioned.

Here are some statistics on Somalia:

Human Development Index: Not Surveyed. Also not surveyed were North Korea, Zimbabwe, and Iraq, if that gives you an idea of what "not surveyed" means.

Life Expectancy: 48.84 years (World Average: 65.82 years); Rank: 173 out of 191

Infant Mortality: 116.3 deaths per 1,000 live births; Rank: 188 out of 195

Literacy: 37.8%; Rank: 184 out of 192

Quality of Life: Somalia is considered a "Fourth World Country" by the United Nations' Least Developed Countries survey

Press Freedom: Rank: 153 out of 173

Personal Freedom: Political Liberties: 7, Civil Liberties: 7 (7 being the worst)

Perception of Corruption: Rank: 180 out of 180

Failed States Index: Rank: 1 out of 177

Global Peace Index: Rank: 139 out of 140

Very few people know or even care that there actually is a war going on in Somalia right now. It has been raging since 2006. Over 16,000 civilians have been killed in the conflict, while 1.9 million have been displaced.

Another interesting fact here is that Somalia has no permanent government in place. Somalia is "ruled" by a transitional, parliamentary government according to the CIA World Factbook. Essentially Somalia is in a state of anarchy.

Other notable mentions are Chad and Sudan. Both of these countries rank just as low as Somalia on most if not all of the above statistics. This is without mentioning the Civil War in Chad and the War in Darfur.

Sadly I have only seen Sudan mentioned once and Chad not mentioned at all in this thread. If we are going by the guidelines set out in the opening post, Somalia, Sudan, and Chad are no doubt the top 3 more "evil" countries in the world.

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posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 05:25 AM
I find this thread delightfuly intelligent. I'll have go at it -meh... Israel is being totally discusting of course, but I have been stalking China's activities for decades and they are certainly the rising evil lurking, getting ready to take over the world and rid it once and for all of its women and peace! The united mistakes are not evil their just crazy with all that energy. beauty, and strength.

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