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What If The Oct 14th Fly Over Came to Pass?

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posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 05:06 PM
If they do show up I wanna be on the Sith's side. Seems like they get all the cool powers. Besides that and the cool knife that toasts your bread as you cut it. Its gonna be all fun.

On a serious note. I personally do not think anything will happen.
I have to admit that when i first heard of this i had a kind of inner feeling of what i can only describe as a feeling of hope. That maybe we are not alone on this tiny pebble that there is yet a chance for us to grow as a species. Sure. A lot of people are going to have a real hard time accepting whats going to happen in the future but most people get freaked out if you just move an ornament on there mantle.
If nothing happens then I guess the usual excuses will be ready.. "we/our conciousness is not ready" or "We came, we showed, only the faithful saw us the non believers were blocked" so on so forth.
If it does happen then i will be a bit weary of a new, advanced life form introducing themselves to us. Imagine the millions of new kinds of bacteria or viruses that could be introduced into our eco system.

Who knows eh!

Roll on tuesday. Ill be at work. Checking the net every now and then to see whats what.

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