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How do we stop drugs corrupting society?

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posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 12:33 PM

Originally posted by Temperamental69

Yeah, great idea there. That way, after all the junkies are dead and all their needles are laying on the ground, all the little children that don't know what they are with irresponsible parents (of which there are double the amount compared to druggies in this world unfortunately), can go outside and play and pick them up. What fun.

Win, win. The offspring of the irresponsible will hopefully die off as a result and the great legacy of the trash of society will end or at a minimum be seriously culled. Social welfare was the worst thing to happen to the human race. Now every moron, addict and madman gets plenty of time leech off of society and reproduce increasing the problem by magnitudes with each passing generation.

Ever see Idiocracy? That's not a funny movie by a long shot. It is reality and exactly what has happened and is currently happening.

A great man once said "Back when you could starve to death for being an idiot there were fewer idiots." There is nothing untrue about that statement and society is under mo obligation moral or otherwise to fund and support its own de-evolution as it is and has been doing.

Before you say I have no compassion or lack heart or whatever I know somebody is dying to say I have plenty of compassion for humanity. Which, consequently, is why seeing the noose of welfare around its neck bothers me beyond belief. As business should be free to fail and go bankrupt and man should be free to fail and die.

posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 12:49 PM
Fight drugs all you want, it's just like trying to fight a runny nose but not the cold causing it.

Poverty is the number one thing that corrupts societies, followed closely by consolidation of power.

posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 05:22 PM

Originally posted by cautiouslypessimistic
Fight drugs all you want, it's just like trying to fight a runny nose but not the cold causing it.

I don't try to fight the inevitable.... I question the system of control.

Poverty is the number one thing that corrupts societies

Thought it was power.

followed closely by consolidation of power.

That can get worse.....

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posted on Sep, 12 2008 @ 06:54 PM
To everyone who is saying the junkies will kill themselves off in time, and so on..

Have you ever had any medical procedure done? Did they give you morphine? Well guess what... you just took heroin, aka DiacetylMORPHINE. The only difference is that heroin crosses the blood-brain barrier quicker, thus is about 3-4x as strong. Heroin is actually used medically in the UK still as a pain killer.

How many people do you know who are prescribed morphine? How many of them would you consider junkies? Probably not many.

The reason "junkies" often end up dying is due to the fact that you are unable to know how strong street drugs are. You can buy a bag of dope one day, and its crap - then the next day you do two bags since it was horrible, yet this time its the strongest its ever been. Then, you overdose and possibly die.

If drugs such as heroin were regulated and legalized, you would see very little problems from its use. Someone can take Heroin constantly for 20 years with no physical problems, the drug itself is actually quite safe. Its the people who are using dirty needles, sharing needles, ruining their veins, and so on in order to try to get a cheaper high. Just like how oxycodone in a pill form is perfectly fine, and people take it for years and years without any problems - yet other people decide to put it in a needle and shoot it... and no matter what the heck you are putting into that needle, its still doing damage to your veins as well as a risk for disease.

Now there are some drugs that are extremely dangerous, such as PCP, due to radical behavior and the fact that its most likely horrible for your lungs, but a lot of the drugs in todays world are only "bad" because the government told you they are. "This is your brain on drugs.", remember that? I would rather take opiates on a daily basis for pain instead of tylenol, which is extremely toxic to your liver. Actually more people overdose on tylenol then many of the illegal drugs - and the fact that it is much more dangerous and deadly. Liver failure anyone?

The problem is ignorance. So many people decide to do drugs and do not research them properly. They do not find out what it may interact with, what the side effects may be, proper dosages, bioavailability, and so on. Ontop of that, many of the junkies you see on the street are very poor due to the inability to use in moderation. They are always looking for the cheapest and fastest way to get high, hence the needles, instead of the safest. Take away needles in general, and many drugs already would be much much safer. But when you can shoot something for 10$ to get the same effect as taking a 50$ pill... you can see why these people destroy themselves.

All I can say is be educated. Do not succumb to ignorance, and constantly read read read. You can never know too much about something. Education and knowledge go a long way, and if people would just research before they jumped into doing whatever drug it may be, there would be many less ER visits due to ignorance and lack of respect for the substance. The ancient sumerians held opium in high regards, with much respect... too bad people these days seem to care less about what can be learned and care more about what gets you *snip* up.

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 02:44 PM
In Canada we grow our own Coca plants we have own legally for a few million years all we do is buy plants and stuff off of the ancient Inca peoples and Aztec they run south american phamacy sales on the planet we live on .

Our coc aine is OK , our poppie is great and our natural meth is fun but it all gets boering fast it is an apaothocary hidden on the street here now has been fer a million years .

Dude , we are wanynes world we told you no stealin our weed hey guy ? You like weed it grows in Montana and Idaho on the apple line and its legal to pick till like October 10th 2008 in the United States due to rez land lawz . By October 15 2008 its cyotee ugly up the hills gotta go home to Portland or wahedever gyus you knowm me ?

Just pikc pikc pikc the apple line from Spt 15 - Octob 10 every year from North east washington to idaho and Montana on the apple line you cant miss fill a bag and drive to san Fran dude its legal .

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 03:30 PM
reply to post by deadline527

I've read through all the posts and I have to say yours is the most intellagent thing anyone had to say. I don't use drugs but I agree 100%. Theres alot of ignorance when it comes to the knollage of drugs.


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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 07:22 PM

Originally posted by redled

Because this site is anti drugs legalisation....

I don't think that this is an accurate statement. At least, I hope it isn't.

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 09:29 PM
Drugs aren't corrupting our society, stupidity is.

Meth is manufactured in labs that would make big pharma green with Jealousy down in Mexico and arrives through my city here in massive amounts and pot is illegal...

Any person who doesn't understand enough to know that the war on drugs is on drugs that enhance conciousness and that Limbic system drugs, Meth, Coke, Cigareetes...are all but handed out in free samples, is blind or dumb. Anything that activates the more primative impulses, Glutamate Production and Dopamine receptor Death is PUSHED, allowed in.

Smoke cigs long enough... enough Dopamine receptors are fried and Glutamate production is so high you will never be happy without stimulation ever again, and then your a slave, you NEED the luxuries the stimulus to be happy... even if you kick, you rely on TV or Porn or anything else that kicks the dopamine up and appeases you... and it lasts forever unless you really are active and knowledgeable in how to stimulate your brain naturally

There is huge money in the war on drugs, we could stop Meth in...90 days if we wanted to, Coke in about the same span... but we don't... the equal of 2 weeks in Iraq would nail every single distribution point and field in colombia and lab in mexico, no one would complain, Mexicans would love us for eliminating the gangs, neighboring south American countries would do a 360 on attitude to us if we stoped sponsoring blood money from Colombia and eliminated the drug gangs there to...

and it would be alot easier than a war on terror lol, which revolves around religion (something people take with them) Bomb the fields the drug gangs disapate forever ( and not with defoliants that then get sold in the drugs to americans)

Kill the leaders of a drug cartel and put 15,000 troops and some tanks in the region they aren't coming back...period, pick up trucks and automatic weapons don't cut it... there aren't millions of religous converts to fill in the ranks, most people aren't into becoming drug syndicate members

So the obvious truth...and Heroin ranks too thanks to our war in faghanastan it's huge again...

THEY LET IN ALL THE AWFUL DOPE IN THE WORLD and continute to persecute benign substances so you do the awful dope and use it when with good reason nobody normally ever would..or hardly anyone...

It's on purpose, the more terrible dope they import, the harder it is to score weed or go out and have a drink... the worse the situation gets, the more cops they can hire, the more people they put in jail the more money the system gets funded

Ever wonder why our whole system is based on urine tests that pick up weed for 3-6 weeks but Meth and Blow in 3 days?

Any idea how many people use speed today because of child custody? Jobs? .... Cops, Military?

And what do those drugs do?

Kill frontal lobe capacity and hyper stimulate Limbic (reptillian) behaviors.. make you more of a follower, divisive, war like, aggressive, sexual... open to sexual cues in advertising for starters... more willing to back a war for a second item.

Hitler fed himself and his army Meth for a reason lol, it went great with the Volkswagon... "the peoples wagon" give everyone something material they will be sedated... it works better In America than it ever did in Germany... get them over propducing Dopamine, overstimulate them and then when they lack receptors.. Material appeasement works better than ever... Get a person hooked on Blow or Meth, even when they come off, they need that TV, the New Volkswagon... anything to keep the depression at bay

and Big pharma and scrips then get handed the money and... people are sedated, it breaks up families, so the kids are "publicly educated" Hitler Youth style except it's PC, Benetton (lol) Master Integrated race bs this time...

But the entire method is an exact copy of Hitlers Methods of public control

Cigs... Coke... Meth and since they can't get rid of those who wish to mellow out... we now control faghanastan and make sure there is plenty of Heroin to decimate the population of drug users who still won't conform and SPEED up... like everyone else

And No One... would be doing Meth IF

You could Drive to a bar at night and go out with out these moronic DUIs on Fri and Sat night

and IF

Weed was legal and didn't show forever in drug tests and could be safely transpoted, because weed, is alot harder to hide, than meth or blow... just in a car or pocket, Meth is odorless when smoked, coke doesn't smell and a weeks worth can fit in a pen for a moderate user

What's there problem with weed? It prevents and breaks down permanent imprints... it makes it very hard to CONDITION a person.

and pople won't do anything to get more...

Cigs... are predictable... if 2 people one a marijuana smoker another a cigarette smoker lose thier car... in 90 days or 2 years ... in short order... the pot smoker will cut down or stop and get themselves a car, The cigarete smoker, will remain at the bus stop... and buy cigs every day 5-10.00 a pop

and they will get sick, and cig smokers and coke users and meth heads will...get sick and die and bankrupt themselves and family in the medical establishment (which goes great with national health care) tax, tax, tax

So... it's all on purpose if anyone doesn't get it... that we use the hitler system, that the bad dope is brought to us, that our politicians are bought out (many of them) by narcotics trafficers, then your just lost, clueless...

The Govt gets great results from a massive influx of limbic stimulating dope... Health Problems, Prison, Material needs, Conformity, workaholism, sex addiction, keeps people at home...

LOL Dui's... hardly any lives are saved... Felony DUI in So Cal arrested 300,000 people year one, made the system a fortune and drunk related deaths droped by 3 for the year...

But, they got alot of people in thier homes... snorting lines, tons of Domestic violence calls... tons of police involvement, tons of Felonies handed out to inncent normal people while dope fiends sat at home safe, high... watching the war, being paranoid of terrorists, bored frustrated

Lots of people who can no longer VOTE

Just from a dumb DUI set of laws...

No one goes out lol... Internet porn, Dope, in the house... Broken Families, Police State in full effect...

Drugs aren't the problem... stupidity is, we are letting them, on the dumb war on drugs alone, take the whole country from us... blind, pacified at home...

Keep us IN the house, Drug Addicted and Materialistic and Sex Addicted... Kill the Families get at the Children, keep em working to appease the 3 Dopamine receptors they have left

It's so obvious... I am nauseated by peoples lack of awareness

Brave New World

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 09:39 PM

Originally posted by GradyPhilpott

Originally posted by redled

Because this site is anti drugs legalisation....

I don't think that this is an accurate statement. At least, I hope it isn't.

I got into a row with a few mods over forum topics like 'should we legalise Cocaine' so I try to keep it in the system now. I think it's 'drugs are bad, but the law can be too.'

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 09:45 PM
It would be very interesting to see...

If you got rid of harsh Duis

and legalized weed

What the USA's economy would look like

Because people would be... back out at bars and Nightclubs, buying food at night, spending money in those local businesses


There would be tons of money diverted from Dui penalties, and minor drug infraction charges and all sorts of legal fines that go along with...

and people wouldn't drink or do drugs at home and less divorces and...

g-d, divorce, dui, domestic violence, minor weed offenses, car impoundings, lawyers fees, tickets, family court, health issues....

BILLIONS less spent into the system... Millions of people who could vote again if...The war on drugs ended

i'm not saying dope would go away...

But who would CHOOSE Meth and be paranoid in the house over Weed and a Movie if you could safely blaze a dube in the parking lot?

Who would be doing speedballs at home if you weren't risking arrest to have a drink and leave your house?

Some idiots sure lol... but if all that money was diverted from criminal Justice and spent OUTSIDE on nightlife... and clothes, and cars etc, etc... like it once was...

what would the economy look like? How much more power would Joe average have to leverage without those felonies and being broke from the system?

How could they make this a police state without the contraband to arrest us for?

How could the constitution be evaporated if the libertarians didn't all have felonies?

How do you make a case against Guns without drug Gangs?

How do you get an American youth raised by the State without this system?

The answer... None of it is possible without the war on Drugs

People don't CHOOSE ... METH and HEROIN... They CHOOSE Booze and WEED to the 99% and those choices have been...severely limited... and in it's place, Kilo after Kilo of Speed and Heroin and lifetime addictions, jail time and health consequences have been placed...

and YOU and I and All of US are letting them do it... by being unedecated as to the nature of drugs in the classrom from the time we can read, by letting the propoganda and the BS Lies infect all of and keeping this War on Americans active and empowering Thugs and Criminals and Dictators and Cops

We can fight a war on Terror but we can't cut 2/3 of the Meth production by bombing 6 Labs in Sinaloa Mexico?

We can Invade a nation in 2 weeks but can't shut Columbian Coke production down?

We can take over Faghanastan but... not realize that somehow Heroin Use has tripled in America since the Occupation and no one thinks it's on purpose?

and Cigs are Legal...and Pot isn't? and we aren't screaming about this? Death sticks are fine... Weed which is know to prevent at the least of all things Lung Cancer.... is illegal?

It's also btw a JOKE that a conspiracy site shuts down dope threads because:

It's the MOTHER Conspiracy that enables the Wars, pays for the police state, erodes the Family, divides America, Empowers both the Gangs and the terrorists, Funds the system and currupts our politicians

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 09:49 PM
the minds of many are controlled by just a few.
drugs were not a problem until they became illegal.
drugs are used as a weapon of mass destruction.
drugs make too much money.

street level distributors do not manufacture the drugs. they do not create the infrastructure. yet they are the menace that has been presented to us.
before the afgan war, it is rumored that heroin was hard to come by in certain markets. now it is said to be plentiful.

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 10:06 PM
reply to post by mantic

Heroin is Said to be around?

My friend your gift for understatement is remarkable... In my LIFE at 38 I have never reandomly encountered heroin outside of select few locales where it remained the last 20 years I was out and about being social and was ... Very easy to avoid.

Heroin is everywhere now, particularly in rich neighborhoods which... if you stop and think of the implications of How and Why it is in those areas you should be very worried

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posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 10:20 PM
reply to post by redled

I vote for a little research.
In the future we will have better drugs, that taste good and are good for you.
(Some would say we have a couple of those type already, but, I don't want to argue with cheap opinions, so...)
We need to recognize that this is a particular moment in history, that what we think of as immutable problems with drug use are merely the characteristics of the limited pocket lint we've been carrying around for a while...
Some troublemaking nation like Iran or Venezuela will start a dope-development-freedom movement any minute now, you watch...
Who the hell is anybody to say a word against it?

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 10:29 PM
reply to post by nine-eyed-eel

I have been waiting for that to happen for a long time now...

Wont be a "troublemaking" nation though. It will be a small one that can be bought. we have seen this sort of thing happen in Africa... but too volitile and Parts of Europe are close but pressured by USA and Russia...

But it will happen in a small nation one day, some tiny country will... fill the biotech void and it will be an interesting thing to see what happens when...

a Belize or Costa Rica lets say, opens the door to All The Bio tech Money in the world one Monday Morning, because what your saying goes beyond Dope and into genetics, stem cells and nano tech and a great many Bio subjects Billions of Dollars are waiting for investment in and the Big 8 won't touch with pair of gloves on...

Great point, stared!

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