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WHAT Does Gary Mckinnon REALLY know

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posted on Dec, 29 2008 @ 09:51 PM

Originally posted by Mintwithahole. As for McKinnon? I can see this going on and on for years eventually ending up at the court of human rights.

I do believe your right... so the question is... WHY is he so important to drag this on for so long... its already been 7 years

Human rights. . . not something America understands is it?

Hu-mans have no rights... that is merely an illusion

posted on May, 26 2009 @ 02:44 PM
illusions man.
NOT playing anymore,
I never like the movie anyways...
More info required


posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 04:34 PM
Its my opion

More going on below the surface of things.
Gary was onto something, I will not dispute this regardless.

He should stay the **** away from USA, period. Theres no way he should be submitted to a USA Jail procedures, …just no way people…does not compute. Period

If I was in his shoes I would want any illness (yea, even life threatening ones) to keep my carcass out of the US...period. Yea dying in UK with my family beats the # out of dying in a USA jail.

Its not over, until USA (and spineless British Politicians) realize that Gary is on UK turf.... Period.

Lots of all of our fore fathers fought in wars to protect us from this sort of #e. We still remember and RIP WW 1 & 2 and all wars...those that gave to protect us from tyranny. I don’t think they died in vain. Those guys died so we could be from corruption and government dominations and secrecy.

As an ex soldier I am pretty much disgusted, when I see governments blatantly disregarding their citizens like this. Weather you like it or not Gary is a scapegoat. Your leaders know this Gary shaved off a little tip of a large iceberg. He stood on some high ups toes. They did not like it.

My opinion is this, anyone who has been subjected to 7 years of this nonsense could go nuts. Aspringers .pffft. Personally if it was me I think I would be fully qualified NUTS by bow. No need for psychotherapy, just show me to the rubber room why not.. after you….

Just another case of BIG Brother and Big Daddy throwin their weight around.. Tut Tut,, pur f******* shame..


The poem of Gary McKinnon…
An exposure of kept secrets…
That are always open to opinion

Opinions are like Arseholes
Everybody’s got one
Aaa the almighty George Carlin
God how I loved him

But Screw the red tape
The falsehoods & bigotry of hate
Always put in place they are
By those who falsely slate

And Gary and his fate
Or as I like to rename it

Will stay in the ripp off UK...
Regardless of hearsay...
USA..tut..o go away...
Your have another fate…

Corruption and cover up
Its the same old story
I personally don’t think
Gary’s telling a “Jackenory”

UFO's evidence below our nose
Stories that Mr Greer and alike..
Brought with pose
That 500 witnesses could never convince
the public and us..of the USA’s long arm..
And tight pinch.

Their want to see Gary tried
Their need to have Gary fried
Oo with their obvious attempt
To Hide their contempt

Gary wanted us to see
Gary wanted to see For Himself and us
That which has been hidden
For long enough

For long enough it has prolonged
7 years in the wilderness
He IS sustained
With out support he will go insane
After all living in an so call sane world…#
Are we not all I little bit insane

But not bad
Are we?

Peace Kirky

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