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Perfection is an illusion created by the imperfect Man.

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 08:51 PM

UFO's are probably super advanced US'S from the future. Think about it, what would the ultimate form of entertainment be for a hyper advanced version of us. And wouldn't YOU pay a large amount of money to go back and witness an event in time. Say you pay a certain fee to view a certain amount of time in history. To view the assassination of a leader would be cheap, but to watch a war unfold over many (if not hundreds) of years would be expensive. It makes perfect sense as a form of leisure for us. And the reason this all seems possible to me is take a look at the sun.
Oh that's right, you CANT, no one has ever seen the sun in it's true state because we are eternally looking at the sun 8 seconds ago, atleast if your trying to look at it from earth. With this is mind remember if you looked at the sun for 8 seconds you would go blind due to Ultra Violet.

The sun is so powerful it emits light you can't even see, THAT WILL BLIND YOU.

So just assume in the future we can create a device that allows us to "travel" through space AND time to view history AS it unfolds. Now, take all the UFO sightings and eye witness accounts. It's just does not seem plausible to me anymore that EVERY piece of UFO evidence EVER is faked. Maybe everytime we are able to catch a glimpse of one, or one crashes (aka roswell) it changes the timeline. It is the result of pilot error in the UFO because even when we become twice as evolved as we are now and we are godlike on our own, The Homo-Sapien will be ancient history, we will be trans-human BUT, we will STILL make mistakes. Because our mistakes are what make us Human. Again, when you look up at the stars at night your not seeing them but your witnessing the past take place. Doesn't this concept allow time travelling/viewing to be possible? Basicaly we'd just have to create some kind of infinite mirror ship that runs on water. And how the # havn't we figured out yet that all we need to solve everything is the SUN and the WATER. And every problem we ever face is because of US. WE ARE THE PROBLEM.

Ok, Now with God.

God. GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD GOD. It's all I #ing hear all the time. Havn't you ever read those greek mythology books and laughed at those people who believed that there were actually gods on mount olympus. YOU DUMB #S, WE'RE JUST AS DUMB RIGHT NOW. Can't people see that God is simply an ILLUSION. It is a word which describes the literal, "DO NOT ENTER", "ACCESS DENIED" "GET LOST PETTY HUMAN" part of our brain. It is simply a word which describes the fact that we are part of an infinite system. Right now we have limits, We can only see as far down as a quark and as far up as the big bang. Soon enough people will start to realise this never ends, we're ment for the domain we can see, and that's our universe. There are probably other big bangs going off and retracting all the time quadrillion's of miles away from ours. Get what im saying?

The simple fact is WE ARE GOD. We are probably just a simulation that was created by PEOPLE LIKE US, just on a level that is immeasurably higher than us, If you've seen and understand the philosophy behind the movie TRON, you might get what I mean.

"If I don't have a user, who wrote me?"

Can't people see that our universal system works in perfect harmony, but there are subtle clues to a higher existence which is basically a civilization of just HUGE versions of ourselves, you are your OWN god.

Now the one, The one (GOD) is simply the whole infinite concept, God is everything we (THE HUMAN ORGANISM) and all the universes and all the bizzaro-universes put together.

You are the #ing sperm who made it to the egg, Cherish your #ING life. And thats it.

Ok so, sentience, hyper intelligence... How? Ill tell you, Accidents. The only way life can arise is through accidents, This shouldn't sound negative though, there really are no such things as "accidents". Things just happen. Good and bad are perceptions of the HUMAN brain.

posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 08:52 PM
All these words are just in our heads, it's the meaning these words have that really matters. Our superior biology is (probably) the result of 1) Abiogenesis: The first single cell was created through interactions of Inorganic materials, heat and water. Put enough ingredients into the soup and let it sit for enough time and watch what happens. SOMETHINGS GONNA #ING COME ALIVE OUT OF THAT #. EVENTUALLY. Just give it a couple millenia to evolve and see, then one tiny cell will develop and start replicating itself untill it evolves to having the male-female parts of its species. (Perhaps in our future we'll discover third, fourth sexes (pure speculation and off-topicness.))

So basically we're just the result of a bunch of mutations in genes over the millenia. Honestly, just take a look at your thumb. It MAKES YOU. without our thumbs we wouldn't have been the top like we are now. And some people say they have ten fingers. I like to think that if your drawing yourself as a stick figure, and your fingers are straight lines, then your thumbs should be hooks, simply because they add a huge array of versatility to your hands. Your thumb is a #ing mutation. It jetisons out the side of your hand like a retarded finger. It IS a retarded finger.


Colour. Another deception of our "evolved" mammalian brains. Do you realise you only actually see Red blue and yellow? Basically you only see the interactions between these three colours, Why do you think a certain SOMEONE keeps control of Red and Blue and White? It's because Red and and Blue Saturated together will form black, replacing the yellow with white in the primary colour triangle #s with your brain. It's hypnotism on the most basic subconscious level. They dont brainwash you you idiots, they brainwash your subconscious, making you inept of making any intelligent decisions. Then as soon as you start to talk to yourself and make SENSE, they tell you your INSANE. There is no colour people there is only different shades of gray. A dog doesn't care if it's masters are white or black, poor or rich, all it cares about is the love it recieves and the love it can give, What do you care about?

Seriously we're #ing # up and we need to stop. Our brains in my opinion are based a chaotic mathematical equation. I read a seriously #ed up article on ATS the other week, that led me to Chaos Theory. Your going to have to use your imagination here (OH NOES!). Basically your brain is a lateral figure eight, or an infinity sign, but lopsided on one pole. This is what makes us #ed up and more inclined to think with one hemesphere of our brain. How is possible for the Human to contemplate and try to end it's own existence. IT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE. Choice is THE curse of the intelligent being. It's what makes us smart but it's also what makes us want to smash and destroy and see things fall apart. But it's also how we're going to figure out all we have to do to save the world is CHOOSE.

Last, The War on Terror.
The War on Terror. The biggest joke our descendents will ever hear. You cant fight a war on an IDEA. TERROR will always exist. There will ALWAYS be people who want to scare other people, just like there will always be people who want to live off the system, and stay jobless and homeless. It's their choice. I thought living in the U.S was about freedom of speech and civil liberties for all humans of all colours, like it is here in Canada. Not about a belief in your childhood imaginary friend, a perfect version of ourselves we name GOD.

Please, Believe in whatever the # you want to believe in. I believe in Myself, and the Divine Soul which I call the cosmic muffin, Because IT doesn't have a sex and IT doesn't give a #. Sorry this is way longer than I intended it to be but to recap.

You are a Divine Soul trapped in a Material world, you have a higher self and it gives you advice, this is you and your head. THE GOD, is simply all space, matter, Time, and dimension

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posted on Sep, 8 2008 @ 08:52 PM
, it is our whole, REALITY as we know and see it. It is ONE and it is ALL. And HUMANS are a representation of what that could be like. We are a colonial, hive minded, telepathic species of super beings and we dont even know it. Kind of like Bee's... Or Ants... etc. I hope one day WE get stepped on.

OK, Last thing im gonna say. I swear. Do we actually think the government has RULES? They dont have RULES. They operate wherever, whenever and on whatever medium they want. They try to monitor every THING and every ONE, that is their GOAL, CONTROL. OF YOU.

# i can't get this edit to work. In the part about THE flag (im sure you know which one I'm talking about) They replace Yellow with WHITE. It tricks your brain. Imagine the flag centered on a white sheet of paper, it has no borders, it doesn't look like a "flag" It makes you think the background should ALWAYS BE WHITE. It makes you think everything "good" should be white, holy, etc.

I refuse to name names but one flag in particular, plain and simple says "Boys are Blue, Girls are Red, You should be white, so you can be a star."
They've split men and women up so we only talk within our own sex. This splitting takes place right after birth when boys rooms are decorated blue and girls room's pink. It's all subconsciously programmed into us. We're like super advanced organic robots, which can be programmed. We're like the earths natural slaves, it sounds #ty but its not a bad thing. Our routine purpose in life is thus: Wake up,drink,eat,work,drink,eat,sex,sleep,reproduce. In other words: SPREAD AND MULTIPLY. Like Smith says, we're like a virus. But it's every form of life's purpose. To spread and multiply, like a virus. Life ALWAYS tries to arise, in some form, it TRIES to break free , think about Extremophiles, organisms that arise in the most desolate of environments, Why? Because they adapt to what's available.

They use our #ty evolution of the HUMAN EYEBALL to trick you, Colour is just something that inspires creativity. Our eyes will continue to evolve over time to become even more attune to spotting colour differences, subliminal messages. ETC.

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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 02:05 PM
Really fun read. Keep thinking outside of the box. We need more of that. I don't necessarily have an opinion on every point, but I really enjoyed the ideas. I really do agree with the recap and the programmable organic computers part.

Best wishes fellow human.

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