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Horror, Gore, Dark Humor and Everything Morbid…

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posted on Jun, 26 2009 @ 11:18 PM
Ok, whilst I consider myself a bit of a horror connoisseur, I like all different aspects, so I can go from c-grade trash to a-grade terror depending on my mood... here's my top tips:

Eraserhead - Arthouse, psych-fest, I don't know why this movie scares me, it's one of the few things that makes me feel ill, really nauseous. Soundtrack is unrelenting and there's some very disturbing imagery, it's like watching a nightmare.

Severance - Like Shaun of the Dead, but good. It's pretty brutal and there's a lot of humour in it, but no jokes, just natural humour, some of the characters do and say funny things, but it doesn't come across like joke-setups. Really worth watching.

Mum & Dad - Newish Brit/flick, seriously nasty, unrelenting and some of the best dialogue I've ever heard, these people could be your neighbours.

Man Bites Dog - If you're good with subtitles, this is great - a Belgian film crew follow a serial killer around whilst making a documentary. There's at least five scenes in this film you'll hate yourself for laughing at. Beautifully shot as well.

The Cube - Great low budget psychological horror, could well be interesting for ATSers.

If you only see one of these, see Mum & Dad, it's my favourite this month.

Some of the previous stuff mentioned that I really rate includes: Bad Boy Bubby, Wolf Creek, Bad Taste (anyone mention Brain Dead?), American Werewolf In London and Ginger Snaps is really good too.

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posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 09:03 PM
Hey everyone, horror buff of many years here...
great thread sonya, s and f for you
I spent a little time going over the whole thread and found some titles I'm looking into. thanks!
Some thoughts:
I don't think anybody mentioned the old favourite evil dead 2. (It's not scary but on the big screen the motion is nauseating and it's funny as hell!) In fact, if I was going into space and could only take a handful of movies, evil dead 2 would be one of them. Another one of them would be "Once upon a time in the west." which had as it's screenwriter, one Horror Master, Dario Argento. I was amazed it took until the (i think) fourth page of this thread to mention Dario and even then, (EVEN THEN!) in a gore heavy thread, I'm sure no one mentioned "Demons" Which, at least in english, is terrible but is a conspiracy buff who likes gore's wet dream. (sorry if that's gross...) but so is Demons. Demons 2, by the way, not worth it...

There was a rash of necrophelia movies from Germany and Russia in the nineties, a title that comes to mind is "Necromancer" anybody see that? (I'm aware that there is now another movie of the same title that is not about necrophelia, but that is not the movie to which I am referring.

And I can't think of anything grosser than sex with dead people...

There are movies like saw, that make you cringe, there are movies like the exorcist 3, that make you jump, but as for movies that are genuinely creepy well,....... IMO
the Shining (yes it's less than perfect)
event horizon (see it despite its faults, a creepy idea....)
the fog (i know, i know, but seriously, turn the lights out, crank the stereo and focus on this movie, I've never looked at knocking the same since.)
By the way, the 1980's Carpenter "Fog" NOT the remake!

If I think of some more I'll be back

Oh: I don't remeber who makes them but there's a series of documentaries made by some Australian dudes about nefarious satanic politicians that feature spooky chants and latin incantations along with flaming or flashing pentagrams, etc. They creep me out too! (I can find out who or what this is, I have the dvd's I just can't recall right now, but one was about prince charles and one was about the manhattan project being tied into a satanic sacrifice.)

Mwip - mwap - mrorp- mwock.

posted on Aug, 30 2009 @ 10:05 PM
reply to post by jokei

I'm taking you up on that recommendation to see "Mum and Dad" i'll let you know what I thought.

I'll edit here when i've seen it.

Wow, yeah that is pretty twisted, and yeah they could be your neighbor.
Good film.

The funny thing about it though, I have seen "Dad" in some good british comedies, he's pretty damn funny.

I recommend "Love Honour and Obey" it's a gangster flick but it's comedy with plenty of "dark humour", "Dad" (Perry Benson) has one of the best characters in it.

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