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Police Surveillance People

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posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 10:29 PM
The Police don't have to wire tape your phone anymore all they have to do is use a technology that is unknown by the general population and law enforcement agencies, that sees directly into your house, and can see through your clothing and skin. It can hear as well as we can and can hear a heart beat! This technology produces an image of whoever it is tracking onto a TV type screen crystal clear and can see through anything except 3-6 inches of metal. It can see from any angle, from a birds eye view-down and from the ground-up and in practically pitch darkness, and in color! This technology has been used on the unsuspecting public for decades, violating our privacies, and civil and constitutional rights all under the color of the law. I have been exposing this technology and police corrupt practices for the past 9 years, silly me to law enforcement who have been using it on me. Now there is a great big police corruption cover up here in San Diego (and other places). The Police and the Fire Dept here in San Diego has been attacking my reputation for exposing their activity of sex slavery trafficking and using this technology to obtain people for the sex slave trade they are running here and a crossed America. It is the third most profitable crime in America, it has been run here for the past 20 years by individuals within the Police, Sheriff and Fire Dept and the Military for 60 years! Also know as framing people for sex then executing them! Stop trusting these people they are running their own show! They assassinate anyone who gets in their way. I have been a target of such assignation and for the main purpose for sex slave trade. I'm beginning to wonder if there is anyone who has any ethics in this city at all. The Police and Fire Dept have gotten the entire city involved in the slander that I was already complaining about and now there this big cover up. It's pronominal how people join forces with anyone who says they have a badge or hold an office of any kind! The people are told here to slander me because "I have slandered this City" (because I have reported their corruption and have been a target for 16 years). The Chief of Police in San Diego, and Police and Firemen have slandered me all through the COUNTY with a photograph that they claim is a photograph of me without make up on, and this has instigated hate crimes against me, because I have the audacity to speak up and because I was already a target of sex slavery trafficking anyway. They have told people to slander me and frame for saying I slandered this city, so police can obtain me for an unethical purpose, for sex in other words, for the sex slave trade! This is just an excuse to do what they were doing anyway. There is a great big government corruption cover up concern this issue here in San Diego and if you know about it don't follow their lead! This is a rape (actually sodomy) and murder conspiracy! Check out: and Satellite Espionage, An Anatomy of a Satellite, HAARP, and National Security Breach.

This technology has the ability to read your mind and can plant and steal thoughts out of your mind! You have a thought and then they steal it and you can't remember what you were thinking or talking about! It has the ability to control your emotions, (angry, furry, adorant towards your surveillancers etc.), your not in control or if your out of control in your life. It has the ability to force your motor skills to move without your permission. This technology has the ability to think for itself and I think this technology is the technology that will take over the world! It even controls the psychopaths behind the technology to do things so hideous to their targeted person, it gives them the feeling they are all powerful and claim to be a god!

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