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Russia / Georgia mini-war... Other Possible Reasons?

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posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 07:24 PM
With regards to the recent events surrounding Georgia/Russia's mini-war..

My take on this situation is simple: The threat of terrorism is failing to keep the population of the US frightened enough to submit to the continued removal of personal liberties by their government.

The solution? Create a new enemy (or rather, resurrect an old one), and increase the fear once again, this time with the tried and true threat of all-out nuclear war, or at the very least, war with another superpower. Which, let's face it, is a pretty scary proposition.

I find it interesting that at the time of the EXACT start of the Russia/Georgia incident, both Bush AND Putin (Putin, we all know, still wields the real power in Russia), were conversing together, joking, laughing, touching gymnasts, and generally having a great old time at the Olympic Games opening ceremony.

Reanimated Enemies? Two great nations at loggerheads?

To my mind, This is simply a plan between those at the top of the world's ruling elite (political and corporate, US, Russia and others) to give them the necessary powers to continue consolodating land masses, building more concentration camps, taking over ever more territory and control of natural resources, generating incomprehensible amounts of money for their respective Military Industrial Complexes, and especially in the case of the U.S, continuing to remove people's liberties by scaring them into compliance with non-exsistent boogeymen.

It's appears to me that the mainstream news media are playing along with the instructions given to them by their corporate masters, just as they did joyfully partake in the "we KNOW Saddam has WMD's" lie, propagated shortly following 9/11.

I would expect a nuclear incident in a US city sometime soon. Buildings being hit by planes will not work this time. An extreme flavour of shock & awe will be required to get the populace terrified, and ready and willing to surrender the last shreds of their freedom for "security".

This is all just MHO.. I remain an optimist, I would be happy to be completely wrong about this! I look forward to ingesting other points of view in this matter.

posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 08:16 PM
Know what your talking about. Why the other day, some one was talking to me about a latest news ticker, something about Russia-US conflict over the missile shield. As far as I'm concerned, its either the Cold War all over again, other there is someone behind the curtain.

posted on Aug, 27 2008 @ 09:03 PM

Translation of Russian Govt official regarding Georgia, notice that he mentions the dollar being destroyed and that the Amero is already printed.

Here's what is said in video.

The following taken from interview of speak of lower chamber of Russian parliament Jerenovski who ran for President of Russia but lost .

His words concerning conflict:
This is a pure Lie and provocation to represent actions of Russia as aggression .
Aggression is being acted upon by Fascist regime of Saakashvilli .
He is adventurist and scoundrel who took most desperate steps to oppress all Georgian people .
We are obligated to defend citizens of Russian republic .They are being killed .
Should we allow murder of Russian citizens ?
Soldiers of Russian army who carry functions of peacemakers?
This is same political dirt when they have been justifying Hitler when he occupied France Holland Czech republic Denmark .
This is sad pathetic Lie in pure form .
We defend . If I was a president of Russia and they injured a single Russian soldier
Tbilisi would have seized to exist .
Totally seized to exist .Georgia would have seized to exist . And let them be grateful
that in Kremlin we have democracy now .
When in Lebanon one Israeli soldier was captured all of Israeli artillery started bombing Lebanon and Israel army occupied south Lebanon and thousands were killed .
For one captured Israeli soldier !
We had 15 Russian soldiers peacemakers killed
! And for that we have to kill 1.5 million Georgians !
For 1 dead soldiers we will kill 10 000 !
This is crazy . Why Georgians kill peacemakers? This is soft government and soft president .This is laughable .
If this was done in relations to US soldier or France soldier whole Georgia would have been occupied .
And what Russia is doing is naively laughable .
Russia offered very simple response and they accused us of aggression .
So that is ok to kill Russians every day ?
This shows true democrasy of USA and Britain.
These are bastard nations which terrorize all planet .
We have WW 4 here.3 WWar was finished in 1992
We lost cold war and soviet union was split .
Russia is lovely country .We do not oppress and kill out own people as these adventurists and fascists in Washington and Tbilisi and Brussels .
Correspondent asks : What could we expect next ?
Liquidation of Georgia as a country .We have no other choice .
It does not exist already . Because nobody like regime of Saakashvilli . He was a mole placed there by the West .
They have nothing in Georgia. No electricity no gas , people die .What kind of government is this ? There is no water no sewer Saakashvilli can not govern that country . He is maniac and international criminal who needs to be arrested and judged in Ocetia by military tribunal .
Georgia does not exist and never existed , it was a part of Russian Empire and part of Soviet Union .And people who were forced to live there , they want to live with Russia .
Any constitution of any country requires that citizens must decide their own destiny and Abhazian and Ocetian people have chosen their destiny .They do not want to live with regime of Saakashvilli which does not really exist .
Tactics and strategy of USA and Britain is by somebody else hands to provide itself economical World domination but they face the end of their domination . Dollar is finished .
Ahead US has dollar crisis. They already printing Amero .And Saakashvilli only has one choice to move permanently to USA .
May be tonight may be next night ,I think we already have a rocket ready specifically for him .He needs to run immediately for the airport and leave Georgia .
Georgian soldiers do not want to fight .They have never fought .They never had a single victory in history .They always existed under Ego of Turkey and Iran .
Georgia became a part of Russian empire forever in 1805 .You can forget about Soviet crap . We have contract of 1805 which says Georgia is Forever part of Russian Empire .
Period .We have no Empire but we have Republic. Russian Republic .
We can not kill people in our day and age .
They kill people . Look at this picture what they have done to Russian peacemaker.
They poke his eyes out cut ears totally mutilate a human being . Hitler did not do such things !
Russia will end regime of Fascists and Extremists ! That is All

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