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Have you ever been to a psychic?

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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 10:03 AM
Hey everyone I read the forums from time to time and post from time to time if I find myself bored at work or whatever and I have a question for you.

Have you ever been to a psychic, and how well did they know your life?

A friend of mine went to a psychic a few months ago and she was blown away by the accuracy the psychic showed.

My mom has also been to tea readers and psychics as well.

I've always been reletively open to such things compared to most people. I believe there are forces in this world that we/I do not understand and I accept that.

I'm looking to get a little bit of guidance in my life because I feel kind of lost right now. I just want to know if it would be a good thing to do to go see a good psychic.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 12:49 PM
Most psychics, especially those who charge an extravagant amount of money for a tarot or palm reading, are fake. I did see one a few years ago at a fair, she said I was married (which I'm not), that I had 3 kids (which I don't), and that I'm planning a lucrative future in Law (hell no!).

She also failed to detect my gift as a sensitive, and that I had a spirit Guide named Mai. Most of what we consider psychics, is actually someone who is incredibly observant to the way you think or act. So in most cases, if you meet a psychic and just put some money on the table and don't tell them anything about yourself, they'll be wrong. And they'll get more wrong if you poker face them so they can't read their reactions to their predictions/readings.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 02:04 PM
Well I do trust my mom and my friend and it seemed like the psychics were legit...My mom is quite a spritual person and has has seen ghosts and what-not. We also have a strange connection...

Sometimes I will phone her and say something and she wil say "I was just thinking the EXACT same thing" and this happens quite often.

Maybe I'll give it some second thought.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 02:55 PM
I had seen one several years ago that had supposedly worked with the police in solving some crimes. It was a psychic party arranged by someone where I worked with several readings. It cost me $50.00 and I was able to record it.

I've played it a few times since then but really don't know if anything she said came true because it was vague. " You will meet a blond woman who will be important in your future" (or whatever) Yeah, I met some criminal profiler at my apartment about something happening in the area where I lived.

Not exactly psychic since they were connected, but more like an appointment or heads up? She also mentioned I had two female spirits or whatever around me that I didn't know either. I'm fairly certain the whole thing was a scam set up by the feds anyway.

I think these people do much better business around holloween.

I wouldn't know who to recommend and I wouldn't say it's all bs either. Check them out in your area on the internet?

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 04:42 PM
Around July 2007, I saw a psychic for a palm reading; She knew nothing about my life and circumstances prior to the reading.

A circumstance of my life at the time worth note is that I was living and working in Holland and had only returned to the U.K to visit family. The psychic made the following comments about my future:

1, I should not return to England to live for at least 5 years because I would lose all my money (she did not know I lived abroad - I hadn't told her);

2, I would buy a blue sports car;

3, I had had problems with a previous relationship (ex-girlfriend), that a little boy was involved (her son/my nephew (long story, don't ask) and that the ex-girlfriend was trash and should not be allowed back into my life. She also stated that the little boy knew I cared about him and that relatives would keep him in my life by acting as go betweens for his mother and I so that I wouldn't be able to get involved with the woman anything more than necessary;

4, In 18 months of the reading I would meet a blue eyed, blond haired woman who would speak English. She would be much younger than me and would love me as I need to be loved. The palmist said I would marry this woman;

5, The woman I marry will give me 3 children: a boy, a girl and a boy;

6, I will live in a white fronted house;

7, I will be my own boss (exact words "You will be bossy boss";

Other parts of the reading I will keep to myself.

So far, the following have happened or not (or are yet to happen):

1, I came back to England about 10 months ago (a few months after the reading) and now need to find an income (nearly spent-up but I invested in my self well). So yes, England has proved financially costly for me;

2, I can now drive and have indeed bought a car. Before seeing it (it is second-hand) I was told it was blue. It is a silver (silver/blue) BMW 520i SE. I don't know if it would be described as a sports car but it drives like one. The psychic also told me not to drive it too fast (the speedo doesn't always work so sometimes I have to count rev's, perhaps she sensed this);

3, She was right about the relationship. Before leaving for Holland, I had been seeing/looking after my nephew's mother. Indeed, she was trash and had been at other times I'd held relationships with her - she had an addictive personality type (she liked drink, drugs and sex (indiscriminately). I now see my nephew by getting relatives to collect him (psst, she and my brother had separated before she and I began any type of physical relationship);

4, We're now in August 08 so we're about 13/14 months from the date of the reading, in 4/5 months I'll let you know whether I meet a blue eyed, blond woman (I really do hope she isn't British (sorry but been used as a gold-mine/social security too many times which I wouldn't mind if I got something out of it);

5, Been single for a while thus not yet married;

6, I'm staying in a white fronted house now but my ambition is to live in a glass fronted house with an ocean view (not in the U.K);

7, I've always wanted to be boss of my own company and I will... I'm working on it.

8, I'm not yet 89 and in any case I'm sure I'll live forever....(I hope this "all energy degrades to heat" thing doesn't encroach on eternity).

I'll leave it to you to decide how accurate the psychic was but personally, I will see her again.

So you know the details, she is Gypsy-Romany, it cost 10 pounds for the palm reading and 5 pounds per trinket (GBP 10 for the 2 I "bought"). I think she told me about the blue-eyed blond to keep me off her dark eyed and haired daughter!

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posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by naossoan

It would be better if you learned to trust yourself and your own instincts. They will NEVER lead you astray and your wallet will not be missing a few hundred green friends...

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 06:10 PM

Originally posted by Tapped In
reply to post by naossoan

It would be better if you learned to trust yourself and your own instincts. They will NEVER lead you astray and your wallet will not be missing a few hundred green friends...

Many many years ago I went for a sitting with spitirtualist counsellor. I had no expectations although id always thought there was more to this life than this world.

She had no prior knowledge of me nor my history we lived many miles apart.

I was apprehensive to say the least bit for some odd reason i was comforted when we went into her small front bedroom and she prayed for safety.

Did she tell me about my future? NO My past however was spookily accurate, even down to describing my 'imaginary' friend id had from birth to 5 ish. I wrote down some notes at that time and have researched them since which my mum then followed through-they were 100% accurate in terms of timescales and venues.

I haven;t been back since, im happy with my one visit, it convinced me and thats good enough.

posted on Aug, 21 2008 @ 06:56 PM
I went to a new age fair, many years ago, while there I saw both a palm reader and a pschic. The palm reader told me about my past, that seemed to stand out to him more than my future.

He told me several things, one I was an old soul who had most of my karmic debt paid.

Two I had horrible nightmares as a child every night and that they affected me very much, that my nightmares were the kind of things horror movies are made about, and that as a small child I really had a terrible time dealing with them. He said at one point I had willed myself not to remember my dreams.

All of this was true the only way I would know for sure I had a nightmare after I willed myself not to remember was my throat would be sore from screaming. That's right I would just be sleeping and then all of a sudden raise up in the bed still asleep and scream bloody murder for anywere from a minute to five minutes, and then lay back down asleep. My parents said they could not wake me up.

He said I had several close calls and had nearly been killed or murdered at least twice, and that my intuition had saved me. There had been several times like that in my life.

The psychic told me lots of things, some of it he told me about was about my daughter and some of it has happened to me, instead of to her.

He said she would not marry the fiance she was with that day. I was shocked, they were perfect for each other, he told she would marry a musician and that he would make his living through his music and that he reminded him of a young Meatloaf(singer) only slimmer.

He was right, she did not marry the fiance and later married a professional musician, lead guitarist, whom many of you have heard sing on tv and concerts.

He said my son would develop a limp later in life. He could be right, my son is flat footed, but got in the military anyway and they put stuff in his shoes to try and build an arch, and he ran 8-9 miles with a 60 lb rucksack on his back, everyday for months. They kicked him out on a medical discharge because his ankles and feet were black and blue. Since then he has had more trouble with his legs.

But, I also now walk with a limp from arthritis. He told me to tell my daughter not to take her health for granted that she would get sick and die early if she did not. Hopefully he was talking about me on this one, I am now very ill and though I tried to take care of myself, it just did not help me, health wise.

He told me he saw me on the computer writing a lot, not chatting, but posting, well that part is defintely true. He told me my hubby worried all the time about colon cancer and it was almost comical, this was true. He told me to tell hubby that he did not have and would not get colon cancer, that it is not what kills him , though he would not share wiih me, what would.

Anyway this guy told me specific stuff, not just general stuff, well it was all correct so far and most of it has all happened, just like he said.

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