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unexplained light

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posted on Aug, 6 2008 @ 02:17 AM
I was watching a movie this night an hour ago. it just ended and i turned of the tv and wantet to sleep. but 3 mins "approxly" after i turned it off and closed my eyes to go to sleep my Floor lamp turned on.

(((( how the ON/OFF works : OFF it is turned all the way LEFT to activate power flow to it u must rotate it to the RGIHT untill there comes a "CLICK" " which is not easy to click with wind or anthing else in that class of factors, it needs phycial force to do" then you can rotate it slowly to the right to incresse brightness and to turn off again you need to go all the way LEFT again and do that click to turn it off ))))

what i dont understand is that my lamp have to turn a knot to allow power to it, and have to be rotated to turn up and down on how bright i want it to be. -

but when i stood up and went to the lamp the knot was turned half way up. (ON) ~ half power in brightness ~ "HOW!?" i was laying in my bed 2 meters from it and i live alone.

I heard the click and opened my eyes and the light was on. I got a huge chock and started to cold sweat i almost went into panic

i know power can have its "jumps" at random stuff to turn things on. thats natural since we humans havent mastered electricity and therefore there is still some glitches in our tec that noone can explain.

- i simply cannot explain this.. maybe someone want to help me coz i feel really bad about this.

coz to be honest i do not belive in paranormal activity but this event really explode my mind..

please any one out there who can come up with an explanation . i cannot sleep and im shakeing..

"video shows how to turn on. u see my fingers rotate to incresse light brightness after the click ( sound is delayed)


Video clip : how to turn on clip

Picture :


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