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Human race seeded?

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posted on Jan, 14 2003 @ 11:17 AM
That's why I said they spread anywhere where it can be supported. Some viruses cannot be supported by certain body structures, they don't have everything the virus needs.

posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 09:45 AM
Just like humans, we can't live in the ocean or in space unless we adapt (like viruses can!) to the environment. Humans adapt by adopting and creating technology to be able to live in places like these, that would make us the most adaptable and intelligent virus on Earth. I'm not saying the human race is a virus or disease i'm just playing devils advocate. As far as humans being seeded, it makes a little sense to me, after all during the ice age (after the Earth suffered a major catastrophe that wiped out the dinosaurs) what could live besides deep oceanic creatures? I really don't think every creature in the world could evolve that quickly and we could have so many different specimens unless we were seeded after the thaw of the ice age....

Due to overwhelming derogatory and insultful replies, please read disclaimer.

These are my opinions, if you blast me for my opinions you're an A$$hole, i'm just giving my two cents.

posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 11:02 AM
Your question regarding the possibility of human DNA being "seeded" with another type of DNA is an interesting one, joehayner.

There is a book entitled, "Genesis of the Grail Kings" by Sir Laurence Gardner that sets out to prove that very question.

Mr. Gardner uses ancient Sumerian, Babylonian and Assyrian creation texts to support his argument that human DNA was seeded with extraterrestrial DNA and produced Homo Sapiens-sapiens mankind. He argues that this is the "missing link" in human evolution and sites the sudden appearance of a Sumerian civilisation that created the world's first working alphabet and greatly influenced ancient Egyptian knowledge and technology, as evidence.

I am currently reading his book for the third time because his claims are so far fetched, but I must admit that he is a well respected researcher and lecturer and does present some compelling arguments.

Heres his website link -

More food for thought,

posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 11:27 AM
His theory might hold a bit more water IF those three civilizations were the ONLY places that humans were living back then.

They weren't.

So he's conveniently ignoring all the other creation mythos of all the other peoples alive at that time (including the very ancient Egyptians and the nordic and celtic peoples as well as the AmerInds and the Asiatics) in constructing his theory.

I don't think that's very good science or reasoning.

posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 12:02 PM
Byrd, Mr. Gardner does not claim that there was no human existence prior to his theorised seeding of human DNA with that of Anunnaki DNA. He does not claim that the Anunnaki created mankind. (The Anunnaki being the name given to a host of gods by the Sumerians that came to earth from the heavens - aliens?).

He claims that the origin of the Sumerians is a mystery and that there was no prior writing system for them to have used as a template for the development of their own alphabet. His argument is that where did the Sumerians come from and how did they develop into such an advanced civilisation, far beyond other groups of humans at that time. He argues that by mixing these two DNAs mankind made a jump from the Cro-Magnon stage to the Homo Sapiens-sapiens stage.

An alternative Mesopotamian creation account details that advanced man was produced by uniting the blood of a god with clay. This clay is not to be confused with normal soil type clay, but meant to convey the meaning of being of the Earth. Or, as more adequately described by the Anchor Bible as, an Earthling. The inference being that earthly human DNA was seeded by non-earthly DNA and produced a hybrid race.

It is no doubt a very controversial theory and Mr. Gardners claims of advanced Egyptian technology, which he believes was handed down from the Sumerians is quite incredible. However, it is certainly an interesting read for anyone with an open mind.

All the best,

posted on Jan, 31 2003 @ 01:01 PM
That's very interesting. I may read it.

There are also a race of people in France. They are located in an area surrounded by mountains. I forget their name, but they are one of the most isolated peoples in the world. Their DNA is remarkably different to that of any other. Their skin is a "greyish" color, their eyes, most always dark brown. Their facial structure is slightly different, sunken eyes and a larger head.

Makes you think.

posted on Feb, 1 2003 @ 02:57 AM
don`t know if you have ever come across this guy but Lloyd Pye has some rather interesting theories on this. He claims that life was seeded in the first initial stages of the planet ie the first 500m years. and then modified in successive stages along the way.

I think the case made for interventionism by lloyd pye is compelling and he definitely adds some common sense to what can be a windy subject

(its a very recent article and only the first part, second to be published soon)

posted on Feb, 1 2003 @ 01:56 PM
um joe can you provide a link


posted on Feb, 4 2003 @ 11:54 AM
Sorry, No. It's from a book called Above Black. The factual account of a mans dealings with the NSA, and the Greys.

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 06:47 AM
Genisis of the Grail Kings

Adam, Noah, Abraham are imporant in that they witnessed the 'astounding dawn of the Grail Kings - the original House of the Dragon'

Terah was father of Abraham; Haran was not only name of a city but name of Abraham's brother, the father of Lot. Other cities in area named after Abraham's relatives : Terah, Nahor, Serug, Peleg

Why should such an important family leave Ur? A Sumerian text of 1960 bc notes, "The gods have abandoned us like migrating birds. Smoke lies in our cities like a shroud.'

Believes Adam lived after Noah. Sumerian records have King Uta-napishtim of Shuruppak, ca. 4000 bc, building a ship to survive the flood

YHWH identified as Canaanite El Elyon (El Shaddai). His principal son was Baal. El Elyon's Canaanite presence imported from Mesopotamia. El Elyon's consort was Ashtoreth (Asherah)

Eden was Eridu, the 'most sacred city of ancient Mesopotamia and the very first seat of Sumerian kingship'

Cro-Magno man descended from the Nephilim while Neanderthal man died out. 'Modern humankind was created by the gods [elohim].' Nephilim mated with Eljo women (from a race more advanced than Neanderthals). The result was the Cro-Magnon stock

In Sumer 'heaven came to earth' with the arrival of the annunaki, the assembly of the divine lofty ones. President of the assembly was the supreme god Anu

Primordial father Apsu and consort Tiamat, the dragon queen. their children Anshar and Kishar produced Anu

Anu's sons:
Enki-Marduk was one of his descendents
Enlil/YHWH (lofty one or Ilu Kur-Gal [Great Mountain Lord]) -- descended from Enlil was Tammuz

Sumerian king Zi-U-Sudra was prototype of Biblical Noah

First Nephilim king ruled ca. 29,628 bc, 'close to the approximated 30,000 bc date when the Neanderthal species and the Eljo race finally became extinct after the coming of the hybrid Naphidem and Crog-Magnon strains. It was from this period that the Nephilim became the guardians of their newfound society.'

The Anunnaki and the Nephilim probably came from a planet with a solar orbit of ca. 360 years, a solar planet beyond Pluto

An old Irish word denoting serpent or dragon was 'sumaire'-some figurines of ca. 5000 bc portray the Anunnaki and Nephilim as serpentine in appearance

Sumerian version of the flood has king Zi-U-Sudra not as the preserver of animals but as the 'preserver of the seed of mankind.' Mesopotamian and Akkadian sources state the gods ordained the flood to curb over-population

The assembly of the Anunnaki, through the flood, declared that a stock of human female seeds and ova and sperm from animals would be preserved in chemical storage. 'They had [as would be identified in our modern terminology] genetically engineered the ainu, advanced homo sapiens once before, but this time they would take the process a stage further by adding more of the Anunnaki gene in a second stage of cross fertilization.' This second post flood era was the time of Adam and Eve

Nin-Khursag, sister of Enki, fashioned this new breed of man; '[the new race] was scientifically induced, with human ova fertilized by the Anunnaki to be placed as cultural embryos into the wombs of surrogate mothers.'

Then it was decided that mortals needed a line of rulers, so a cultured embroy was placed in the womb of Anunki Nin-Khursag (Nin-Li), sister of Enki. Adam was born, called Adapa by Enki. Adam designated as earth's first priest-king. Eve was actually Nin-Khursag

Adapa-'Never before had there been a man with so much Anunnaki blood.' Yet "Adam's was not the original earthly blood Royal [Sangreal]. He was a prototype, a model for things to come.'

Sumer invaded ca. 1960 bc by Akkadians, Amorites, Elamites; Abraham forced to flee Ur. The Anunnki departed the earthly plane

Enlil opened the gates of Sumer to the enemy since he was angry over humankind's worship of Marduk as the god of Creation

Abraham and his family remained loyal to Enlil/YHWH and moved into Canaan where Enlil's cult was strong. Abraham said to possess 'The Book of Destiny.' Guardians of this testament were Enlil and Enki. In esoteric Jewish tradition it was known as 'the Book of Raziel' "the philosophical cipher of the Table became known as HaQabala [not to be confused with Kabbalah] and it was said that he who possessed Qabala, the highest expression of cosmic knowingness'

Eve's first son, Cain, was sired by Enki in serpent form. Abel was the son of Adam. 'Cain emerged as the most advanced product of the Royal Seed.' Cain didn't kill Abel ; he was elevated above Abel due to his father's status

The mark of Cain 'the oldest recorded Grant of Arms in sovereign history' was a circle with a cross inside; the insignia of today's Royal Court of the Dragon Sovereignty is built upon this original mark of Cain - and the ouroboros, the serpent, dragon, clutching its own tail, 'a symbol of wholeness and wisdom'

Cain's wife was Luluwa, the daughter of Enki and Lilith, the Lilith who was Adam's first wife

Before Babylonian invasion, Elil/YHWH was seen as a family of divinities:
Y - El, the father
H - Ashtoreth, wife
W - son Baal
H - daughter Anath

Ashtoreth said to have seventy offspring. Her daughter Anath was Queen of Heaven to early Hebrews-also known as Astarte (womb) or Ishtar/Inanna

'The joint legacy of the serpent and dragon was that of the prehistoric, crocodile, the most sacred of all creatures . . . the holy crocodile was Draco the mighty dragon of kingship, whence were named the Pendragons [Head Dragons] of the British Celtic kingdoms from the days of King Cymbelene of Camu-lot [the sacred kingdom of crowned light] AD 10 to 17 down to Cadwaladar of Gwynedd [AD 654 to 664], whose dynasty introduced the famous Red Dragon of Wales'

Messeh, crocodile fat used to annoint Egyptian pharaohs, same root as 'messiah.' so annointed kings of the line were messiahs

Jewish ban against drinking blood derived from Enlil's pique at the power of Star Fire, divine menstrual blood, used by humans to become godlike. Star Fire/elixa Rubeus represented as all-seeing eye or as the fiery cross, rosi-crucis. Term 'scarlet woman' derived from those who were the source of Star Fire

Besides the Egyptian Dragon Order, there was in Egypt the Great White Brotherhood of pharaoh Tuthmosis III ca. 1450 bc-a branch became known as the therapeutate who, in Judea, were identified as the Essenes. Jesus was initiated into this band

'The brain's pineal gland in particular was directly associated with the Tree of Life, for this tiny gland was said to secrete the "nectar of supreme intelligence"-the very substance of active longevity, called soma, or ambrosia by the ancient Greeks'

'The combination of the central pineal and its lateral wings are referred to insome Yogic circles as the 'swan' and the swan is emblematic of the fully enlightened being. This is the utmost realm of Grail consciousness achieved by the medieval knights of the swan, epitomized by such chivalric figures as perceval and Logengrin'

freemasonry has 33 degrees because of the 33 vertebrae of the spinal column until it reaches the pituitary gland which 'invokes the pineal body'

Sons of Cain were Atun and Henokh/Enoch. Atun became king of Kish, known in the Sumerican annals as Etana. The menstrum of the female Anunnaki was the Gra-al (Rose of Sharon). Secretion of the pineal gland is melatonin, literally 'night worker.' Those with high melatonin output are 'night operatives.' Exposure to light decreases spirituality due to low levels of melatonin

Schefa food of the pharaohs and shew bread of the Old Testament was made of powdered gold; 'the hermetic philosophers taught initiates how to prepare a miraculous "powder of projection" by which it was possible to transmute the base human ignorance into an ingot of spiritual gold'

'This dynastic line from Cain to King David and onward to Jesus was purpose-bred to be the earthly "purveyors of the light." They were the true "sons of the gods," who were fed first on Anunnaki Star Fire from about 3800 bc and afterwards on high-spun metal supplements'

Isaac may have been son of Sarah and pharaoh Senusret. Like Osman and others, sees Moses as Amenhotep IV/Akhenaten. Moses' brother Aaron was pharaoh Smenkhkare; Aaron was father of princess Scota, from 'whom the original Scots-Gaels were descended'; her son was Gaedheal

'With regard to the monatomic white powder, Hal Puthoff of the Institute of Advanced Studies has since made the point that, because gravity determines space-time, then the powder is capable of bending space time. It is "exotic matter," he explained, with a gravitational attraction of less than zero . . . not only can the substance be contrived to weigh less than nothing, and be made to disappear into an unknown dimension, but so too can the pan in which the substance is placed be caused to weigh less than nothing.' Gardner goes on to suggest this was how the blocks of the pyramids were put in place, via the 'technology of superconducting highward fire-stone, the sacred anti-gravitational shem-an-na produced at the Mount Serabit temple of Hathor'

'The once-sealed King's Chamber was, in fact, contrived as a super-conductor, capable of transporting the pharaoh into another dimension through the Meissner field (a body's polar magnetic aura)'

1408 the ancient dragon court revived by Sigismund von Luxembourg, king of hungary and later Holy Roman Emperor, as Sarkany Rend. Sigismund was related to the Lusignan kings of Jerusalem. Vlad III of Wallachia, prototype of Dracula, was a member of the order

posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 09:36 AM
Some say humans were seeded by a Carian Race from which grew legends about bird tribes, bird headed Gods and Goddesses, symbols of wings, bird headed talisman, totems, masks, etc.

Many believe we are a hybrid race, we are cousins with interplanetary, intergalactic, and interdimensional beings that can manipulate matter and time.

conclusions: There is overwhelming evidence that the human race is a hybrid race; we have been seeded and genetically manipulated from the beginnings of recorded history.


posted on Feb, 7 2003 @ 09:49 AM
The sperm enters the egg and a zygote is formed.
Gosh... Didn't you all have sex ed in school.

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