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What's It Going To Take To Change The World

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posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 01:57 PM
If you take into consideration all the knowledge that is out there, we cannot say that we truly know our past very well. Whoever wins the war writes the history, whoever controls the present most likely hides the past, since they control our history. Who really started the American Revolution and the French Revolution?
The people? Ehhhh... the people didn't really have the resources or the swaying power to go up against England/France. It was the affluent members of society. You know what they decided? War. Death. Killing. The "strongest" and "bravest" men in war were our eventual leaders... and guess who those leaders happened to just "coincidentally" end being! The average Joe? No no no, it was the same guys who were schmoozing with the affluent English/French Royalty in their the whole time, in their private little clubs and such! Freemasons! The top echelon of society all flock to the same herd. The real forward thinkers were still persecuted and killed and shunned by society and government...still are. People have been saying the same things for thousands of years, and nobody listens in favor of Big Brother dictating their viewpoint from day one.

So this isn't a NEW idea here. Spiritual and societal and collective species enlightenment. This has been shunned by our Masters for millenia... and the mind control has been in development for millenia.

The odd thing is that, past all the brainwashed stereotypes and pressures of "our society" which causes certain negative behaviors, humanity is at least 2/3rds good at heart. I know this, even looking around and seeing such apathy and malice. I know that it's not really purposeful. People act with their fake egostistical behaviors, and not their true self. How can you have a true self when you are forced to conform with certain ways of society and "grow up"? Look at the majority of people. They act the same, dress the same, like the same things, have the same hobbies, take the same types of jobs, all depend on a currency that has no value other than what our indoctrinated society trusts in it.... and NONE of it is truly our own personal choices. We're brainwashed from birth NOT to choose for ourselves, but to pick one choice out of a handful of choices that are given to us as basically ultimatums. Pick one or starve and end up like the bums. The bums and the punks are BAD NEWS and CRAZY and all around DYSFUNCTIONAL. They don't conform. They don't work mindlessly for this corporation or that. They don't sell their souls for a wad of paper with pretty designs on it. Therefore they are worthless.

Are these OUR ideas? Are we greedy and cruel and judgmental because we truly like it? Or have we become addicted to certain behaviors because in general with the information provided to us by mainstream outlets of "knowledge", we feel worthless unless we have all the great attributes that the "successful" people have, and some people are SO fearful of being overshadowed in competition (because at the same time we're made to feel worthless, we're also made to feel like we're the center of the universe... which makes us inherently confused and psychopathic in thought processes) that they will put down ANYone who isn't like them (They...who are trying to be like everyone....Everyone, who are also trying to be like everyone else.... Everyone else, who are trying to be like uhhh....who are we REALLY trying to be, in the end???).

When I say YOU ARE BRAINWASHED.... guess what? So am I. I'm fighting it and realizing that I am this way because of something I should've questioned a bit more.... which now makes me determined to break free of it, and so maybe I'm a little less brainwashed than most.... but STILL, how can we truly know anything until we know ourselves? For those who think they know human behavior, go ask a true professional hypnotist/mind scientist/psychology expert just how easy it really is to take a newborn baby and make that person into whatever type of being you would like it to be.

How can we know how to change anything when we're all trying to change things with the pre-fab notions we were given? We CANNOT do that! Violebnt revolution might FEEL good at first, but guess what? That's been done about 1000 times already throughout history, and it always gets us the same results.

What's never truly been tried on a mass scale is a people who are governed by themselves, and thoughts of love and compassion and empathy, even towards the bad seeds, the killers, the rapists, the robbers. If everyone is respected as equal and given what they need and allowed to grow into what they feel is who they truly are, the rapists, killers, and robbers won't be so prevalent.

Although.... we must also expand our minds to include the possibility that our choices are not only being influenced by known forces, but also by unknown and hidden forces. Things just don't make sense. The circular logic of trying to explain our current reality is missing huge gaps in the completeness of information. It looks like if it were a coloring book, there would only be one or two little dots of color on each page. We don't truly know the full spectrum of causes and effects. We need to throw out almost all we know about science, physics, sociology, psychology, biology, religion, and all these other things with set seemingly-permanent rules if we even find just one other dimension of reality underlaying or overlaying our own, because then that means there are probably other dimensions above and below that... so causes and effects may be a long and/or infinite chain of things.

We assume we know what causes humanity to act so cruel and dis-harmonious, but we just don't truly know, given that so much else exists about reality that we are unaware of or not privy to know. I personally am almost certain that human beings are positive in nature, and that the balance of good and evil is bigger than just our species.... there's a whole multi-versal spectrum out there FULL of life... and I believe we were meant to be on the bright side of that spectrum.

That being said... I personally know of at least one hidden influence that exists around all of us, and many people would be frightened as Hell to know what it is. It definitely explains the mysterious tiredness, pains, emotional instability, and insomnia people have been experiencing lately. I really wouldn't bother mentioning it here. People will scoff at what they don't detect with their immediate senses. Oh well.

posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 02:03 PM

Originally posted by luis9343
I don't think we will change unless our brains change.

What if our brains are being manipulated?

How can we judge our behavior if this is the case?

Like someone else's thread title said "Stop being Birds!"

The same information filtered through a whole bunch of people, whether they are good intentioned or not, could still be complete bull#.

People think they know. That's the IDEA! Stay convinced of it all! Play right into the "defenseless savage dumb animal that's human" card, and the ones in power will continue to manipulate us as such, they themselves most likely believing something false and being manipulated by some "Higher" power, as well.

Whatever force is doing this... they want you to blame your fellow man, and in turn subconsciously blame yourself for being as such.

posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 02:03 PM
reply to post by sc2099

The x amount comment was just one example of helping, i didnt realize we are doing it already, but just goes to show that it could be better handled.

You say any help would/could/is being abused, but i suppose thats it, people have to do something worthwhile with it to make a real change, attitudes have to change.

When i said help, i meant more than just food and water, that was just one example, building wells in every village, using what technology we have to help them help themselves, obviously i understand that, just giving them the finished product isn't what i ment.

I dont have the answers, i'm just raising an important issue to hear what people have to say, thanks for your input.

posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 02:13 PM
reply to post by dunwichwitch

Yeah i actually believe much of what you say, its all connected i suppose, why we are in this state.

What's never truly been tried on a mass scale is a people who are governed by themselves, and thoughts of love and compassion and empathy, even towards the bad seeds

I think the above is a good start, it seems like a dream, but thats part of making the world a better place.

posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 02:18 PM
I truly believe a move to reward-based socialism is the only thing that will truly change the world. As long as the drive for profits is the underlying goal in the economic model, decsions that benefit the good of society as a whole will never happen. We need to function to advance the lives of all men (women too), instead of advancing a few at the expense of many.

posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 02:23 PM
Who's giving the rewards? A socialist government?

Any type of government will only seek to oppress and grab power whenever the chance arises.

Anarchy? We'll never truly know if things can work without a government until we discover the real forces behind these powers, now will we?

I think humans are quite capable of working together for the good of all.

posted on Jul, 31 2008 @ 02:25 PM
Since this is the PPM forum. I'll make one suggestion.

Consider the World as already changed for the better. Know it to be so; feel it is already so.

Edit: Check out this debate btw:

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