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Are there aliens and UFOs? Part1

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posted on Jul, 28 2008 @ 05:14 AM
To day our astronomy estimates that there are in the order of 10^24 stars (suns) in the universe. 10 raised to 24, a 1 with 24 zeroes! A quadrillion!

Obviously there will be in the same order of magnitude of planets. Some stars have none, others may have 20…

In the 80es an astronomer estimated that there should be of the order of 800 000 planets with conditions for biological life. At that time the estimate of the number of stars/suns was 10^20 . Today it is 10 000 times higher. So now that estimate of planets with conditions for biological life could rise to 8 billons!

Obviously not every planet with conditions for biological life will also have it. But beyond any doubt many will. Probably mainly primitive life forms. But it goes against all statistics and every sound logic to assume that we would be the only intelligent life form in universe! There MUST be at least thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of civilizations out there! To assume something else is simply naïve… And if there are, maybe a few hundred of them are technologically more advanced than we are! Could it really be otherwise? I say: no! It would again be primitively naïve to assume that not… a psychologically explainable but erroneous reaction to the unknown…

But they are so far away, so that we may never know about them, and they couldn’t come to us. Or could they? Our physics begins to discover ways to overcome the light-speed barrier, but so far only theoretically. We are still far from realizing it. Why shouldn’t there be civilizations out there who can already do what we cannot yet?

The estimate is based on the assumption of life forms similar to the ones on Earth, based on carbon and breathing oxygen or (in the case of plants) carbon dioxide. Is that a logical assumption? Why should there not be life forms based on, say, silicon, or life forms with breath methane? Or maybe even life forms which do not need to breathe and can life on a planet without an atmosphere, keeping themselves alive in other ways. In that case the estimate above will be far higher…

And if they would come here, what would they want? First, of course, to know about us and what is going on on this planet. Would they show themselves to us? In that case very cautiously! They know that we may in our fear for the unknown react very aggressively. So what did they do, if they came here long ago? They would be regarded as gods by the early primitive humanity, and they would gladly accept that, since they would that way be much safer. Is that how religions arose? This would, of course, not mean that there is no real God, a prime creator, but that they would pretend to be gods for their own safety. And humans of earlier times would very easily believe that. Or they would anyway assume that they are gods even if not told so.

If they are technologically more advanced than we are, are they also morally more developed? Maybe some are and some are not… Maybe some would look upon us like most humans look upon animals… Maybe some would even feed on us, like we feed on animals. If they are multidimensional beings they could tap our life energies and we wouldn’t know it…

(Continued as: Are there aliens and UFOs? Part 2)

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