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"Jesus is a liar"

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posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 05:04 AM
It's just sad how people tend to exaggerate in religion and distort it.

Remember, Moses had just saved the israelites and with the help of God parted the Red Sea for them, and they witnessed with their own eyes these miracles and yet, so to say, a day later they already made a calf to worship it as God. Pathetic.

Jesus came to confirm the original Law of Moses and to rebuke those who had changed it and distorted it - for this he was hated by the establishment and they wanted to kill him.
He prayed to GOD that he would save him, by prostrating with his head to the ground, and according to the book of hebrews God did indeed fulfill his prayer.

Then, decades later, some guys collected narrations from various people, intermingled with distortions, lies and legends, helped themself with the Old Testament for stuff they did not have Information about, packed that all together in books and now we have 4 different accounts from 4 (or more) different people about a man, a Prophet of God, who was MADE God by people, whereas he fought exactly against such ideas, commanind the belief in only ONE god, and even saying THEIR God and HIS God.

So, if it is HIS God, then how can he be God?

It's just sad that people don't want to see the truth and recognize it, shutting their eyes before thousands of facts that clearly, logically and scientifically show you that Jesus, the man, never claimed to be God and all the sayings that even hint to his being more than man are unanimously accepted from biblical scholars to be later inventions which cannot be found in the oldest manuscripts.

Like the saying in John, which now - oh what a shocker - has been REMOVED from the new Testament, that "there are three who bear witness, Father, son and the holy spirit, and these three are one".

You see, this was very very much later "intepolated" into the manuscripts to be a "fact" for the trinity ...Now, however every biblical scholar will tell you that is simply a FRAUD.

Now, think about how much more of the stuff in the New Testament today is a fraud, how much of it has been changed, distorted, "interpolated" ... just to "fix" a view adopted by the church centuries later.

People who shut their eyes before these facts are pathetic and sad people.

And say: "Truth has arrived, and falsehood perished: for falsehood is bound to perish." (Qur'an, 17:81)

posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 05:14 AM
Wow....i think you should team up with Elton John.
Jesus was GAY and now a LIAR.

Id say he wasnt the son of God, just another Westminster politician.

They only need to discover that the sect at Quumran had an out of town office in London 2000 years ago.

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posted on Feb, 22 2010 @ 05:14 AM
sorry double post ... it wouldnt appear, but now it is above.


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