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A Means to Understand the 4th Dimension

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posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 12:45 PM
I'm not sure if anything I have to say here is new or unconsidered, but I think about these things to entertain myself, not for the future of mankind. I'm simply expressing ideas that make sense to me in some way. And to be completely honest, I haven't read an "informative" book in probably ten years. Personally I find the idea of static knowledge to be counterintuitive as knowledge is a thing that must change in order to be relevant. And relevance is relative. Which is why I do it for fun. So anyone may feel free to tell me I'm an idiot. It won't hurt my feelings.

Originally posted by verbal kint
Here and elsewhere I have spouted that 'true' dimensions only occur at prime numbers and that at all other dimensional points are 'sub-dimensions'.

This got me thinking about the real phenomenon of the brain manipulating time. Which I've experienced in real world circumstances. To present it concisely I'll just say that I had a long fall, 25 to 30 feet. During the fall, time slowed to the point that I could barely perceive my own movement and was able to focus on the details of my surroundings. I know this is a relatively common experience. Oddly what it got me to think about was that the brain has no moving parts.

From here I begin to see time as a "fluid" and that perhaps the perception of time and it's passage is caused by moving through it, stretching it along and making it appear to move. Thus a being in the fifth dimension would be "outside" the fluid, not moving it and therefore not stretching it and so not creating time as we know it. I think the idea is interestingly demonstrated in a frozen object as it does not "age" as long as it remains frozen.

It would seem to also play into 3D reality since in order to measure depth, we have to move through it. The height and width of an object can be measured from a single perspective, while to measure depth, at least accurately, we need multiple perspectives.

What this implies to me is that our perceptions of time and depth are based on the "filling" of the universe. So perhaps the idea of "prime dimensions" has to do with the difference between dimensions of matter and dimensions of energy. Dimensional matter vibrates and creates patterns in dimensional energy which gives us reality.

This seems to explain how travel to the "future" is possible while travel to the past is impossible, at least according to current science. Basically it means the only time is now and it's passage is created literally by our moving through it. Actual time travel as it is currently explained (speed of light) is really more of an illusion as it requires one to move physically, traveling through both space and time. But I don't think this means time can't be transcended.

To here I would have to classify time as an unknown form of matter, or unproven as I'm sure dark matter and dark energy play a role. I've actually been considering recently that decay is a result of collisions between dark matter and light matter, which would place dark matter in the role of time. Here I make a reversal which seems a logical conclusion in a way. "Light energy" strikes "light matter" and is reflected. Dark matter, on the other hand, strikes dark energy as is reflected. Perhaps this explains many things which become clearer as the properties of the involved elements become more readily understood.

posted on Sep, 23 2008 @ 02:32 PM
There's only 3 dimensions and always only will be.

The 3 dimensions interact with one another causing change and movement because of their forces and we measure this as time.

It's hysterical for me watching people, even so called "educated scientists" explain dimensions beyond 3 using only 3 dimensions.

The reality is that there is not only 1 d and there is not only 2 d, there is only 3 d. Any object having height automatically has width and length no matter how small.

If any object suddenly lost one dimension of measurement, say height, it would disappear altogether. The 3 dimensions are interdependent. If any single one dimension is 0 then all are rendered 0.

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by LastOutfiniteVoiceEternal

Everything you say is true, ...if you are in 3 dimensions.

Yes, what we are discussing is ultimately impossible to COMPLETELY grasp ...because we're perceiving 3 dimensions.

try this out - if you are completely encased in a virtual reality, one that can be observed on a television. it appears 3 d to you, but it is actually rooted in 2 d. in your perception you are moving back and forth, but what is creating that perception is an algorithm making your "being" get larger and smaller, while moving slowly up or down the 2 d screen. in your perception you can manipulate objects in seemingly three dimensions, however the guiding force is actually making the perceived changes in terms of 2 dimensions. are you not in this case existing in 2d (assuming a complete "world" within to exist)?

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