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Beyond The Scale Of Existance - Science & Religious Proof

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posted on Jul, 19 2008 @ 10:46 PM
As an Agnostic who has studied the theory of evolution, understood the major religious beliefs on earth and has been constantly swaying his preference in favor of another for accuracy - I have come to a the end of own understanding.

This theory can be debunked, but then again not everyone can understand this. In positive light, it can be understood as an ultimate point of reference to support religious and scientific studies.

We consider biological structure, i.e. human life, had sparked on earth due to evolutionary theory explanations. The basis for this is observations that trace ancestral species over earths existence. I wont debate this, its sound & understandable. For me it opens up another layer of belief and doesn't close the door on others.

Before evolution had a chance, solar & planetary formation took place and due to unique circumstances, the earth has gone through critical changes and has hit a delicate balance of equilibrium - yes the chances of so many factors taking place on any planet in the Universe is very unique.

Before this, we obviously look at the Bigbang and we say an explosion from a single point in the void of space had caused the rapid expansion and so forth.

Now my point is as follows. We humans take what we can observe and even offer the 'string theory' as the possible 'end of the scale' measurement to explain space/time/matter/energy.

If humans could measure 'the end of scale' building block behind all that is in existence, then we are stuck questioning: "If this is the root answer then why can we not explain beyond this, its origins"

The argument is always made that the universe is simply a pocket of darkness that employs 'building blocks' of chemistry by default. You can not assume that strings for example are default throughout.

Whilst looking at the end of the scale, that explains the backbone to TOTAL existence.. The backbone will be observable, its origin and true source are NOT.
Look at it this way.. If string theory is correct, we accept that vast space is infinite, the string theory makes a presence in a part of this space and a cycle of the universe commences upon a certain reaction and we praise the platform on which existence was sparked, but don't question its origin.. Everything, matter, light, space and time originate from a point that is measurable, so why cant we call to question the measurement of the single smallest foundations to all of these?

It is for this reason that I believe:
- The universe, from its endless radius down to any center of measurable; Has a void of information beyond string theory that could explain the origins of life.
- Religions call it God, I call it the pinnacle & the point of origin for not only life but the structure of the Universe, a source of what we observe can be regarded as a God or Governing entity, no doubt it is divine/special.

I look deeper and I can safely say I feel comfortable knowing I can avoid the gauntlet of worship. If one religion claims to be the only true one and yet another one claims the same thing - then if God DID exist in an intelligence way, God would know that as a human, my instinct is not to choose a side of worship, despite many worshiping the same God, I would deny them all until they were unified under peaceful co-operation.

Use common sense, a default implies an original platform theory for matter and mechanics existed, but no idea what caused it to start existing and functioning this way?

If you can not explain the origins of the mechanics which exist at the lowest level possible, then you must acknowledge the unknown factor as being the root cause because it is the only logical answer of origins.


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