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McCain Lies About being POW reciting Steelers Defensive Line

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posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 11:52 AM
reply to post by Krieger

I agree that in the long run little things like this don't matter to the greater picture in this election for you and me. But there are people in Pennsylvania, who are Pittsburg Steeler fans that found the statement made by John McCain a bit odd in comparison to the statement made in his book. That lying about their team would be automatically remove him from their minds as a viable candidate. Because if he can't tell the truth about common sports, what is going to lie about on a more important level.

Maybe I myself was a bit out of line smelling smoke and yelling 'Fire!' in regard to McCain and his love for the Pittsburg Steelers. But I myself find it more than odd that a man whose only goal right now is making him say outlandish things that contradict himself. That he would choose to lump himself in with diehard Steeler fans, in contradiction to his written word is not good. ANd to claim it is a bad memory because of his age and mental state after torture does not make it any better for me.

So yeah Fox News not mentioning it nationwide might not do it for you. But I hope that voters in the state of Pennsylvania will at least take their local media to heart as they do their beloved Fox News. This isn't some rambling from a wannabe pundits blog. This is the written version of a news story on the Local NBC affiliate. Here is their graphic.

As much as some members want to say this discussion is idiotic, or flawed, oh well. McCain probably made a big mistake pandering to the people of Pennsylvania in contradiction to what he wrote in his book. Maybe I am wrong, and he named the 1967, 68, 69, 70, 71, 72 Steelers defensive linemen's names to his jailers. But it is impossible that he gave the names of the Steel Curtain to his jailers, because the Steel Curtain did not exist.

But all I see is this:

1967-68 Green Bay Packers (world champions)
1967-73 Hanoi McCainiacs
1974-79 Pittsburg Steelers (world champions)
1979-present Arizona McCainiacs

I also find it interesting that McCain was able to devote so much of his time to the NFL. I would think that he was fairly busy being a pilot from 1960 onward. Maybe that is why he crashed so many planes before he was shot down, he was too busy memorizing player names, and not paying enough attention to his work. In his youth he was not known for paying close attention to things that didn't really interest him.

In 1951, his family settled in Northern Virginia, and McCain attended Episcopal High School, a private preparatory boarding school in Alexandria.[7] In high school, he excelled at wrestling[8] and graduated in 1954.[9]
Following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather, McCain entered the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis. There, he was a friend and leader for many of his classmates,[10] and sometimes stood up for people who were being bullied.[5] He also became a lightweight boxer.[5][11] McCain had conflicts with higher-ups, and he was disinclined to obey every rule, which contributed to a low class rank (894 of 899) that he did not aim to improve.[10][12][13][14] McCain did well in academic subjects that interested him, such as literature and history, but studied only enough to pass subjects he disliked, such as math.[5] McCain graduated in 1958.

Oh well, maybe he was a Steeler fan, and a Packers fan. Too bad he wasn't paying close attention to his work instead of pro football.

posted on Jul, 13 2008 @ 12:34 PM

Originally posted by ThichHeaded
I wonder however, if he lied about something stupidly simple like this. What else has he lied about?

That's the problem I see in this. For a moment's approval, he lied. How many votes would it get? How many people would be won over by the mention of "their team"? Ugh! This man cannot be trusted to tell the truth about anything.

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