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Have you seen them?

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posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 10:27 AM
For those who have never experience such things, it's easier to explain it away with the obvious things they think it is. I believe you........

posted on Sep, 7 2008 @ 12:24 PM
Yes, I've seen them. Have posted the experience on ATS a few times, a couple of years ago.

Those I saw didn't look 'dead' as the OP describes them, though. They were as 'alive' as you or I. Weatherworn complexion, as if they spend a lot of time outdoors. Around two to two and a half feet tall, approx. Male and female. There were between five and seven of them. Mostly middle-aged in appearance, but a couple of younger males.

Know what you mean about communicating via the eyes.

One of them was slightly larger, a male. He appeared to be the leader.

They spoke to each other though. Argumentative type voices.

Yes, they somehow have the power to paralyse their victims, basically. They overwhelmed me by making me feel totally exhausted, despite that I'd had very ample sleep not long before and was not in the least tired.

Those I saw weren't wearing red. They wore dull colours ... tans, muted greens .. earth colours: looked like vegetable dyes rather than chemicals.

Going 'underground' seems to be a common theme amongst those who've experienced these creatures. They tried to take me underground too. I managed to prevent them, after which they disappeared in a downwards direction.

I agree with the OP: I don't believe they're UFO-type aliens either.

Don't know what they are or what they want, but it was the most terrifying experience I've had. I wasn't afraid of them during the experience. But after they'd gone, I just fell apart. Fear and panic just fed on themselves.

Other accounts I've read say the same thing ... as soon as the experience is over, you become almost unhinged with terror.

It's become my opinion that these creatures are from a dimension that's superimposed on our own. Don't know if we stray into their dimension or if they intrude on ours. Yes, I daresay they're around most of the time, but we only occasionally become aware of them. Maybe when they plan an abduction, they choose to make us aware of them. Just don't know how it works.

They've been seen since the beginnings of time, so they've been around a long time and people have known about them. These days though, most people believe that they're simply a myth or exist only in children's stories.

Young children see them quite often, although they seldom mention it to their parents and even as adults they usually only reveal their experiences online, where they can remain anonymous. Older people see them too, but daren't mention it to anyone as a rule, for fear their families and doctors will judge them to be senile. So these little creatures get away with a lot more than people realise, because most people are simply afraid of revealing their experiences for fear others will accuse them of 'inventing' or 'dreaming' or 'imagining' the experience.

I hope I never see them again. They don't like humans.

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