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Dreaming OOBE?

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posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 07:58 AM
Hi Everyone,

I just have a question. Below I've posted my experiance that I had last night, and I was wondering (may be far fetched) could you experiance an actual OOBE while sleeping or almost? I never intended it to happen, I think its just ATS getting to me
but tell me your opinions, thanks alot

***Dream:***I think I woke up early in the morning half awake, and I was thinking about OOBE and trying it (just randomly, Ive been on ATS constantly and reading about OOBE plus NDE as well and im actually scared to do it) and then I dreamt that I was in the kitchen feeling half awake as I did in bed and I felt some sensation and concentrated on being out of my body and I did. From here its kind of sketchy, I remember seeing my “spritual” guide (i figured anyway.) and all I can really say is that she had black hair and she was very bright. I couldn’t talk using my mouth but my conscious(again I know this from my reading) and she told me about my career. That day I was worried about my second college choice..She said that I have the ability to be empowering, and that I need to find a career that I can be empowering in. I agreed, and then she observed that I looked very drained and that she, I think, touched my face or I felt the sensation of it (I was very tired that day, and am today as well) and I said “yes I’m just very tired” and one more thing I can recall is that we were "floating" in the corner of the kitchen by my fridge when my actual body was across the room by the kitchen table. I did not feel fearful or anything I felt, light. I don't know how to explain it. But again, I was in my bed half awake, and then I dreamt that I was in my kitchen experiancing this..

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posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 09:33 AM
i had a similar experience where i was put into an astral travel by my friends mother in my sleep. Shes a medium of sorts and has the ability to put her son(my friend) into an astral travel by lying him down and touching his head for 5 minutes. He has told me about this many times and had m really interested and I wanted her to do it to me.

So one night i was dreaming and realized i was in a dream at my friends house. I asked his mother to slip me into an astral travel and she said she would. She lied me down, put her hand on my head and I started getting the intense vibrations and sounds associated with a waking astral travel. I then released from my body and explored the house. It was very strange having it happen in a dream because it felt just as intense as the astral travels i have had while awake.

Heres the really strange part.

The next day i called my friend to tell him about the dream and he got all excited about it(hs into the same stuff i am, oobes, UFOS ect). So hung up with me and called his mother to tell her about it because i mentioned that the dream was so real she probably had something to do with it. He called me back in about 5 minutes and said "EFF YOU Ryan, your going to go behind my back and talk to my mother and screw with me?" I then asked him what the hell he was talking about and e said the first thing his mother said when she picked up the phone was, "tell ryan to stop summoning me in his dreams." She went on to describe my dream exactly as I had told him. I had to swear on my life that i was not lying and hen i made him swear on his life that he was not messing with me.

So yeah hope that helps and relates to your story.

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posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 09:36 AM
wow that is so crazy! thank you for your story. It's a real eye-opener to have this dream and to read yours. Everyone I tell thinks I'm on some good kind of crack but thats not the case, lol. I would love to hear anyone elses experiances as well.

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 10:12 AM
I also had one where a was almost asleep and started getting the vibrations. I was getting ready to try and project and leave my body because i knew I hadnt fallen asleep yet and then BOOM! I went from lying down in my bed trying to fall asleep to consciously entering a dream. I got the vibrations and then I was in a field in what i thought was Ireland because of the landscape. I knew i was lying in my bed and what had just happened but at the same time i was in a field in Ireland. So i did what anyone would do. I got a running start and took off flying! Had a lot of fun for about a half hour and woke up with full memory of the dream. Ever had that happen before?

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posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 10:48 AM
I just type a whole load of stuff then hit the wrong button and lost it all! GRRR

Anyway, hello... my first post here. I stumbled across your story and was interested in what you experienced, if you don't mind I would like to share some of my own here:

I used to have a lot of experiences when I was much younger, I would have dreams of going through my bedroom wall, once through I would be anywhere I wanted to be.

When I was 4-5 I had spent the summer period at my Grandma's house with my mum, when I returned home I had a dream where found myself back in my Grandma's living room and began playing with some toys I had left there.

When I woke I told my mum about the dream I had just had. Later that evening she was on the phone to my Grandma, during the conversation they had my Grandma mentioned that I had been there earlier that day playing with my toys!

Now, there is no way I could have left my room & popped to my Nan's house to play with the toys as we lived in Bedford, Bedfordshire, England while my Grandma lived (and still does) in Atwater, California, USA.

Apparently though things had happened before this experience. While in California staying with my Grandma I had gone for an afternoon nap when I woke up I told my Mum & Grandma that I had gone back home to play with a friend of mine but all his toys were packed away and he was in bed asleep as it was dark there.

Also my Uncle was scared of me and daren’t pass a room if I was in it, if he bad mouthed my a picture my Grandma had up on the wall of me would fall to the floor (ok this could have been dodgy DIY).

When I slept people would see me spinning on my back, fists clenched with just one finger on each hand pointing outward.

And one night while my other uncle (I have two in the States) was being sick in the toilet he said my face came up at him from the bowel (I was asleep in my room at the time).

The only one of these I can vaguely remember is the playing with my toys part.

I do remember speaking with my mum about all of this and she told me about astral projection, that it was dangerous and that she used to have to "earth" me (by holding on to my arm while I slept).

A lot of this I cannot remember first hand but I have no reason to believe that my family would go to such lengths to lie to me about what they had experienced.

If you have any more experiences please post them as I would be very interested to read more about them. Also any techniques you use to protect yourself would also be of great interest.

Stay peaceful

Dave (KW)

posted on Jul, 3 2008 @ 11:09 AM
both of your experiances are incredible and thank you for re-typing that post kombat, much appreciated.

i do not know if i was phsyically in the kitchen, i can't really find that out because i did not touch or move anything while in my dream. My only concern is if this really was a OOBE experiance and I can do this without being aware, how can you truly protect yourself? mind you this dream was very safe and comfortable but yeah. Also, the sensations that I felt while going into the state of coming out of my body I cant really explain them I am not aware of what exactly happened at that transaction I can't recall if it was a virbation or buzzing or anythingm but I know i did feel something.

posted on Jul, 4 2008 @ 06:46 AM
It's very strange how this can just happen.

I wonder what kicks this sort of thing off? I wonder why I may have been able to do this when I was younger but have not had any other experiences since I was 7+.

Is it tied in with our fear? Is it tied in with our skeptisism?

can people who wish to astral project have some sort of technique they use or is it just natural to the individual?

I've got to admit I'm pretty ignorant of the subject (normally looking up UFOs

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 10:30 AM
the first time i actually traveled i wasn't trying at all. I had stated meditating twice a day every day for like 2 weeks. I think meditation s the key for me. I heard about astral traveling with the vibrations and sounds, but it had ever happened to me and i had never tried it. I was just taking a nap in the afternoon and i started getting the vibrations (which can be extremely frightening the first time it happens) My body started rising from the bed and I actually thought i was dying!

So honestly i don't know what caused it...maybe my subconscious desire to astral travel made it happen, or meditating twice a day. Who knows what it was but when it happens and it is blatantly proven to you that your body and soul are separate it is a pretty awesome life changing experience.

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