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Please Help Me Identify This Strange Photo Sequence

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posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 09:06 PM
I went to the woods to take pictures, up at the park next to my home. I saw a tree combination I thought looked lovely with the sun peeking through.

So I snapped a pic, and after you take a picture, it shows on the preview box. I saw a white circle in the middle of the trees! I looked up and there was nothing there. I turned to my sister and showed her the review, and there it was, a big white blob in the middle of my picture!!

My sister says, take some more pictures, see if its still there. So I did, even though it clearly was NOT there in front of us, and I figured it was just a fluke.

Here are the next three pictures.

I am really surprised and wonder if anyone here could help me figure out what this might be. I wondered if it were a bug, but an insect I would figure would move fast enough to be totally gone by the time I took the second picture.

My lens was clean, I checked after the first picture. I used a Kodak EasyShare dx6340.

I appreciate any input, thank you!

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 09:26 PM
'___' fairies, flying forest debris, isolated ice crystal in a draft of wind, airborn box jellyfish, Metroid, somebody's soul, alien reconnaissance, a teardrop in the wind...

But it is not swamp gas, weather balloon, camera glitch, a visible good idea...

Thanks for posting the pics. It is always fun getting your own experience caught on film!

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 09:29 PM
could it be an orb? i think thats what a random ball of ghost energy is caled

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 09:33 PM
reply to post by indigo prime

I have no idea! What is strange is how it appears to be retreating, then is gone in the last two pics.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 10:07 PM
It's actually a ghost.
It looks like an orby, soulish type thing which = ghost.

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 10:11 PM
Hmm.. well... the only observation I can make is that as the "orb" diminishes, the sun is bright through the trees; After the 3rd picture where the sun is glaring through the trees, it's gone. Don't know if it's related, but could be some kind of lens anomoly due to light conditions. Just my .02

posted on Jun, 30 2008 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by Ecidemon

I thought of that too, maybe it is connected with the sun. Thanks for your thoughts.

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