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Survey: is there an ongoing U.K & U.S. conspiracy against equal redistribution of wealth? Yes=star,

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 08:37 PM
If "Yes" vote then star & flag -- If "No" vote do not

Here is the full text of the survey question:

Is there an ongoing U.S.-Federal Reserve Bank/U.K.-Bank of England conspiracy against equal redistribution of wealth? -- using any of the following war methods (also, please add any forms of warfare I overlooked -thx):

-- biological warfare -- chemical warfare -- covert warfare -- educational warfare -- food warfare -- economic warfare -- electronic warfare -- medical warfare -- military warfare -- mind control warfare -- nuclear warfare -- petroleum warfare -- political warfare -- propaganda warfare -- psychological warfare -- radiological warfare -- social engineering warfare -- space warfare -- terrorist warfare -- water warfare -- demonizing (warfare) -- myth of scarcity of resources warfare -- spiritual warfare

Following video of companies (see charts below) owned by the private bankers that own the FED and BANK OF ENGLAND and the military-industsrial complex (see charts below) -- and is accompanied by Bob Dylan singing, ‘Master of War’
http ://www .youtube. com/watch?v=g0ELgFGd2fs

lyrics at

MOD: I had a post in this general conspiracy forum called: "The only hope for this country is democratic socialism & equal redistribution of wealth." But it was appropriately moved by a well-meaning mod to the political ideology forum. The reason it was moved was my fault for being inarticulate and indiscriminantly ideological and philosophical instead of documenting the conspiracy behind it -- my fault, sorry for that. (That url is -- & that entire thread is summed up in a page at & in an introductory paragraph at

MOD (cont): Therefore, I'm doing this, new post that belongs in the conspiracy forum: "historical & ongoing British & U.S. conspiracy against equal redistribution of wealth using mind control, demonizing & social engineering".

NO OPINION & NO PHILOSOPHY & NO POLITICAL IDEOLOGY ON THIS POST, okay? That means if you have anything to say, back it up with documentation from a book or newspaper or video or other ATS post that includes documentation, okay? To make a political ideology or philosophical remark PLEASE USE the following location:

This underlying premise prompting this conspiracy post is:
The British central Bank of England (for whom MI-6 is a private, terrorist army) and the U.S. privately-owned FED (for whom CIA is a private, terrorist army) and the German central bank Bundesbank (for whom BND) is a private terrorist army) -- and the new proposed Saudi Arabian, & Bahrain & Iranian oil stock exchanges (bourse) and/or currencies &/or central banks (and the Moslem Brotherhood being originated and funded by the western central banks previously mentioned), and existing central banks in South America and Africa including upcoming &/or new currencies such as Amero, for example ... ARE ALL DESIGNED specifically in a conspiracy against the redistribution of wealth in the world -- historically &/or currently employing and deploying conventional and non-conventional warfare, BUT MAINLY DUMBING DOWN, BRAINWASHING, MIND CONTROL, CORPORATE MEDIA & SOCIAL ENGINEERING

Which Fed-owned international investment banks own which banks which own which oil & which utility companies.
courtesy of Antony Sutton

who are the Fed private international bankers that own the Fed that owns the banks that own the oil companies & utility companies that also own most of the major successful companies in the U.S.
courtesy of Eustace Mullins & U.S. Congress

courtesy of Eustace Mullins & U.S. Congress

add'l FED chart info
research courtesy of Eustace Mullins & U.S. Congress

part 1
McCarthy, Sutton, Ruskombank, Brown Brothers Harriman,

part 2

UNTIL YOU KNOW WHAT the Christian West Concept was bringing Nazis in America to found CIA as a hit squad for the FED, skim through, For neo-Nazi holocaust deniers

What companies do you hate the most

watch Esoteric Agenda video,:

I just realized the other day that the Fed runs an inflation/deflation pyramid scheme to keep us poor … I just never realized it was a pyramid scheme (I guess that’s what fractional banking really is).

also, the proposed new central banks & currencies & oil bourses, "and, "Iraq (& coming Iran) war not about oil, about what currency will oil be traded in", at

and, "is it true EVERY German child in Germany gets 800euros a month free (about US$1,256) from the German Goverment for 18 years?", at

and, "NO ONE! will believe you about the No. 1 NWO bank conspiracy – 6% fixed rate mortgage is a 580% variable mortgage", at

and, "U.S. has enough energy here for 2,000 yrs w/o imports & w/o nuclear",

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posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 09:11 PM
ok i def didn't have time to read through that whole post... but, what is this equal distribution of wealth that I have just heard of the past few days. Whatever it is, I took a guess, will never happen

1. Elite

2.Upper class
3.Middle class
4.Lower class

The Elite profit from our misery, it would be foolish to let anyone else prosper.

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