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(LSWC) Random Planet

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posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 10:06 AM
(LSWC) The Gathering

Part I: Connectivity

Speaking to me from her ascended level of existence, was much like all of the past telephone conversations over the years gone by.

Resting in a meditative, theta state Mom's excited and jubilant voice exclaimed in my left ear awakening all of my near sleeping senses, "You wont BELIEVE whats next!"

Springing up from my supine position, opening eyes to the the soft candle lit room with the soothing sounds of melodic new age music playing softly in the background.

Inhaling deeply and closing eyes once again, raising arms to cover my chest, and visualizing a violet blue energy vortex which begins to expand in all directions, I exhale and the energy pulses out like a nuclear detonation in all directions from the center.

Like liquid lightning in the colors of bluish-silver, gold and white it spreads out from the center of intent and pours over a hundred mile radius as a ring of pure protective energy.

A triangular shaped military jet passes over the house with breakneck speed yet stealth and silent, only the sound of the craft splitting the wind could be heard.

Continued below...

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 10:51 AM
Part II Random Planet

It is known that the Galaxy in which we live is filled to capacity with over 300 billion extrasolar planets known to have the ability to 'raise' life forms.

Of those 300 billion, at least 30 million are stations for scientific experimentation's to raise beings which carry souls for everything from worker bee's and genetic enhancers to food...

Approximately every millenia, the outer planets hold a sphere gala to decide exactly which planet they will gather above and much like a vacationer, gathering souvenirs of the life forms to be taken back to their home worlds and utilized. All current and ongoing species to be gathered or culled at the time of gathering. On planet Earth, which has been the chosen once again, this will include all animal, vegetable and exceptional minerals.

As the time draws closer, the occupants of the decided upon planet begin to see astronomical anomalies within their atmosphere which cannot be explained or for the most part understood. This is due in part to the underdeveloped state of the inhabitants and their evolutionary stage of enlightenment.

Once a planet begins to advance it becomes part of the possible sites for the next evolution of gathering. It is then added to the list of millions within the choices in the random pool. This is necessary so that no new planets may be allowed to mature its population and there fore to keep the clutter and over use of the individual solar systems in check.

Occasionally before a planet is chosen, the lifeforms begin to ascend into the outer regions of its planet, yet during this time they become 100% dangerous to the overall project. For billions of years it has been proven that only 1% of these types of developing planets can make it to their place in the Extra Galactic Alliance.

Moving from a type 0 society is almost always riddled with all of the destructive powers of a 2 year old in possession of a nuclear device with a shiny red button just waiting to be fondled and ultimately pressed.

Continued below...

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 11:20 AM
Part III The Riff

As the travelers begin to ascend and gather upon a planet, they bring into the dimensional realm other realities and physics which tend to rip, bend and tear the dimensional level in which they descend.

Time distortions and riffs begin to open and this in effect becomes the beginning of the end for the occupants of the planet.

When the visitors, gather and scientists have all arrived they must create a shifting of the earths axis in order to bend the dimensional realm to allow their safe passage to the planets surface and its inhabitants.

Hundreds of thousands of these dimensional activators arrive before hand to set the stage for the final event. Mostly remaining cloaked they survey the planets surface and work by the shadows of night to remain undetected for as long as possible.

75 years before the event happens on the planet, these forerunners become part of the society which they plan to occupy and become involved in the higher order of the social systems.

Control from within for the final adjustments is essential and always productive in keeping the few more advanced inhabitants in check.
Rarely do challenges arise where the information informants need to be pre-selected for culling prior to the arrivals. As for this event many have been preselected to keep the event a surprise.

It has been discovered at least 10% of the population have arrived at the developing soul stage which deletes the ability to move forward with the scheduled event.

The forerunners do all they can at this point to ascend the developing souls off world and to other more advanced civilizations and stations within their extrasolar hub.

Just as it is acceptable to swat a fly, but not a child, so too is it found inappropriate to 'swat' a developing soul as it evolves to the point of evolutionary excellence.

Keeping the specimens averted from the ability to evolve is crucial for the end days of Earth as it passes into the final stage.

Continued below...

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 12:08 PM
Part IV The Final stage...

Reports from all over the globe of anomalous lights in the skies, entire communities struck with fear as they watch the craft fill the skies in broad daylight no longer hidden by the darkness of night. Unavoidable to the naked eye as they descend over major cities and hubs for sometimes hours at a time.

Still the main stream media remains oblivious to the reports filtered in by the massive number of phone calls, emails and text messages. Instead ramping up rumors of impending wars, soaring fuel prices and declining dollars.

Scientists are filling their minds with the reasons behind the melting of entire polar ice shelves, weather related disasters and strange geomagnetic rumblings from the earths inner crust. Volcanoes which once lay dormant coming alive ready to spue forth molten lava and endanger life as we know it on the planet in an event which challenges that of the greatest extinction in known history.

Man no longer able to dominate their environment, vulnerable to Gaia and her quest to cleanse the earth of the infection which has become a rampant virus bent upon her inhalation. Humans.

10% of earths population have begun to feel the new pulse of energy being cascaded down upon the planet and somehow know the time has come to take heed of the signs and warnings and the demise of the world as they know it.

With no real direction or guidance from the trusted world leaders they no longer look up to or respect, they turn inside and to a higher power for answers which fall short in coming.

10% of that number have been receiving direct messages from offworlders that feel the time has come to save a few of these developing souls from the terror which will soon be over taking their planet and reality as they know it.

Centers in the brain which have lay dormant for thousands of years begin to be activated by the outworlders who are now calling by frequency signals to those which are a part of their worlds experiment.

Animals and humans alike begin to react and respond in manners which are contrary to their known base of understanding. Entire herds of wild beast begin to move into areas which are populated to get in alignment with their designated meeting spaces.

Humans feel as if they are being downloaded massive amounts of information which is far beyond their ability to comprehend consciously. Numbers, images and thought processes outside the grasp of understanding are flooding in at unprecedented rates.

Even the few who are aware of the events which are to come, know that it is a very slim chance to help the planet to ascend, while keeping a handful of humans of higher frequency alive after the extraterrestrial event of 10/28/2012.

Continued below...

posted on Jun, 28 2008 @ 01:23 PM
Part V 10/28/2012

As I lay awake in bed now wide awake from the unexpected visitation by my Mom from the higher dimensional realm she now resides in, I listen to sounds of the distant thunder rolling ever closer followed by a sharp and sudden clap hitting a large and old twisted pine nearby in the forest beyond the property. Tears roll down my face as it was my favorite place to sit and meditate or rest my back upon to gaze relaxingly at the skies above.

With a heightened sense of awareness I feel the craft as it approaches my home and I jump up barefooted and tip toe across the hallways so as not to wake the children from their peaceful slumber and quietly open the french doors to step out on the porch and am hit by a chilled patch of circular wind.

Looking up into the north easterly direction, I see hundreds of them gathered together like cars at a drive in movie. Just watching, waiting, knowing that soon it will begin. That soon they will claim their stake on an innocent or not so innocent planet unsuspecting.

"Will you still be here by morning?" I whisper to them and they start to dance like the Hopi Kachinas at a fall festival I once saw up at Old Oraibi. Yes. I knew it was time to head for the deep high cave systems where we had been storing our bug outs for several months now.

Not wanting or needing to awaken the children, I begin to place the collars on the dogs, and set the cats into the cages I had prepared for them. "No one left behind, not if I can help it", as I lifted the fattest of my 5 cats into the light weight wrought iron cage.

If only my Husband had decided to stay when I told him of the coming events, if he had not gone a little crazy with all the information I had attempted to share with him over the years leading up to this tragedy for humans and animals alike.

Slipping on a pair of old leather clogs I begin loading boxes of dried and nitro packed foods into the mini van. As I look up into the storm riddled sky I cant help but notice that the skies above my home are as clear as can be, and lined with dozens of unfamiliar 'lights' twinkling brightly.

An almost sensuous calm seem to be guiding me and the arthritis in my right knee completely negligent, I began to sing softly an old familiar song.

I recalled while packing the final bags for the children the Dark4Kn1ght thread I had read so many years ago on and wondered how many others had taken heed to his warnings.

The following morning the smell of homemade blueberry pancakes hand squeezed orange juice and fresh organic coffee filled the house like Christmas.

The children almost old enough to be on their own now, were relaxed and ready as we stood together in the warm cozy kitchen for the last time to meditate and have a family hug. They knew what was at stake and were ready to face what ever may come with awareness and hope.

Reminding myself once again that I am the Mother of the New Man, and will do all I can to listen to the soft inner voice which has guided us to this point and will continue to guide us into the Golden future.

I remembered the visions that had been granted me by our 'sponsors' And the serene beauty of a planet no longer contaminated by the ruling elites, the power hungry greed and war mongers. The planet in its full enlightenment, our planet has ascended, and all who remained were blessed with the blissfulness of her majestic glory.

The remaining ships and craft were there to help clean up the destruction and chaos of the event, where the world in a single week was culled of almost 6 billion people and over 100 million species of insects and animals.

Because of the shifts which were needed during the event, and earths ascension, the world would take a little getting used to, telepathic empathy of all species. The slight pain as the centres in all of our craniums lit up to remove disease centers, and made way for 6th dimensional realities and understanding. My favorite direction was the new found ability to fly.

Never before had I seen the skies so blue almost violet and the night skies so clear.

The cleanup would take many years to complete , and every single one of the remaining inhabitants were willing to work together in unison for the good of our shared beginning, our joining into the Extra Galactic Alliance of Planets.


posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 09:50 AM
Thats really good antar. I think you have a particular talent for conjouring a scene for example, the part where your character goes out at night through the french doors and onto the patio. This was very vivid in my head and that can only be because of your writing style.

I also liked the way you linked in with d4ark knight's thread, very nice.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 09:53 AM
Some of that was very well written, Antar. I gave you a star for each part. You deserve them.

posted on Jun, 29 2008 @ 03:09 PM
I am so very very honored and humbled by both of your comments.

I truly am happy to have written this one, and yes I love putting bit's and pieces in the story from my favorite UFO/Alien site. This way if the story ever takes wings, the credit and free advertisement will come back to roost.

And to the MOD that granted me the applause, I thank you too.

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 06:01 PM
I wanted to say that the Dar4kn1ght thread is foremost on my mind these days, that said I would like to thank him for his warnings and to dedicate this story to him and his wife.

May their story end as well as the characters in my story...

Not the end, but the start of the new beginning...

posted on Jul, 17 2012 @ 11:48 AM
Just wanted to share this story with anyone who may be interested. In several of my short stories there are truths based on my ET connections and secrets revealed that could in the future keep you alive during an off world incursion.

This was enjoyable to write, hope you like it too.

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