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The middle road

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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 01:31 PM
There's a polarization in our world. We see it all around us. It's in our movies, churches, relationships, even within ourselves. The constant 'battle' between good and evil is ever present.

But these are just two separate paths. One negative, one positive, like the yin & yang, double helix, or the nature of lightning. Two paths which are a part of a greater whole.

Instead of choosing to take one path or another, we might choose the middle road. Maybe it's by walking down this road that we can come to an understanding of the dual nature of the universe and ourselves. Perhaps by understanding both natures, we can accept both as a part of our existence.

I believe that each individual has their own path which they chose. Some are good, some are evil, but I think at the end of the journey we'll all meet somewhere in between.

I think this is the road to unconditional love. By understanding that everyone else is also yourself, you can accept it. By realizing that when you hurt someone you will also have to experience it from their perspective some day (karma), you might choose not to... or, you may choose to inflict pain anyway. There's no wrong way because the equation balances itself out eventually.

I may be right, I may be wrong. Maybe both at the same time. It's how you perceive it.

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