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Bombing Iran

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 05:03 PM
Bombing Iran

I’m seeing quite a few comments about bombing Iran.

It’s obvious that Ahmadinejad wants to stir up something with the US and Israel.
Think what you want, but the little fact that Iran has been the worlds largest supporter of terrorism for a little over 28 years enters into it quite a bit in my opinion.

It seems the great majority of Iranian people don’t really want an all-out war with America and Israel.
And something has to be done to rein in Ahmadinejad and the Mullahs.
There is no choice in the matter.

It doesn’t make any difference whether or not a US President, past or future, gets the involved parties to sign a peace agreement.
The Arab world doesn’t stand by their word and in all cases I can recall, they’ve never kept their end of the bargain for long.
Some photo ops, a few huzzahs and once off the world stage, it’s right back to the bloody business of terrorism.

The answer is simple and we need not get into a land war with Iran.
We have the technology to destroy the nuclear plants and if need be a great part of the Iranian Army if necessary.
There would be very minimal losses to our combatants.

And if Iran’s Army marched toward the Iraqui border, whether on foot or in convoys, the death toll by bombing from the air would be terrible to behold.

With the intelligence capabilities we have - and it’s a lot better than most think - it won’t be hard to find where the Mullahs are and where Ahmadinejad is.

Knocking out the leadership of Iran and then taking the nuclear plants out would cause the least amount of damage to Iran.
The people of Iran could set up a government that suits them with the religion of their choice and not have to live under the iron thumb of today’s Mullahs.

I realize there are many America-haters here on the board and the great majority of them live in America.
I notice too, that not many of them seem to be moving elsewhere leaving me to believe that they like living here.
Granted, things could be better in many areas, but that’s something we can work toward via the political process.

I can hear the whining already.
You can’t just assassinate a country’s leaders.
Why not?
They’ve proven themselves to be a danger to many other countries all over the world including the US and stepped over the line many years back with their acts of terror done by cowardly men.

Many of the comment’s here on ATS and other boards talk about nuclear war in the region.
Any nuclear explosion in Iran, anywhere else in the Middle East or the world in general will not be done by the US.
And here’s why not.

Like many peoples throughout the world, when the Chernobyl disaster happened and satellite films traced the path of the radiation tinged cloud, it made me realize what a small world it really is.
I think more than a few in the US, scientists and politicians realized there had to be a better way to fight a limited war.
Nukes or even tactical nukes are not the answer.

To that end, from what I see and read, extremely powerful conventional explosives weapons - bombs - have been developed.
A small number of these dropped in the right places would bring Iran’s lust for exporting terrorism to an end.
And once the dust settled - in more ways than one - Iran could join the world as a free nation, take advantage of its oil riches to further their country with infrastructure, schools, roads, a good food supply and all the rest that they could do with the money.

What follows is some of the more interesting sites and a small bit on them and the equipment/explosives they talk about.
And just so it’s clear, there are conventional explosive bombs out there that are considerably more powerful than the MOAB which is mentioned at the start.


A partial quote from the site
“The GBU-43/B is large, powerful and accurately delivered. high explosive. The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb [MOAB] weapon is a 21,000 lbs total weight GPS-guided munition with fins and inertial gyro for pitch and roll control. It is probable that this munition was initially nick-named the "Mother Of All Bombs" with the retronymic expansion of MOAB following later.
On 11 September 2007 the Russian military announced that it had tested what it called the "Father of All Bombs". Described as the world's most powerful non-nuclear air-delivered munition, the Russian military claimed it was four times more powerful than the American "Mother Of All Bombs." While the Russian bomb was reported to contain 7.8 tons of "thermobaric" explosive, compared to the more than 8 tons of explosives in the American bomb, the Russian bomb was said to use more highly efficient explosive, with a yield equivalent to 44 tons of TNT. The bomb was reported to have a blast radius of 300 meters, double that of the American bomb, while the temperature at the epicenter was also reported to be twice as high.


The MOAB has a 450' blast radius

Moab drop video

The Russian FOAB

FOAB stands for Father of all bombs.

The FOAB has a 900' blast radius.

I did quite a bit of looking, but I can’t find if the FOAB is more powerful due to a higher quantity of explosive or it carries a higher intensity explosive.
I’m betting it has a higher intensity explosive.
And further betting that America has an even higher intensity explosive waiting in the wings that’ll make the MOAB and FOAB look like small time devices.

Quoted from the site
“There are a lot of skeptics that believe the Father of All Bombs may just be a big hoax. The Russian military claimed the bomb was dropped from a Tupolev 160 bomber although the bomb and the aircraft where never seen in the same video. Recall that the MOAB is usually dropped out of a much larger C-130 or equivalent. ‘You’ve got to approach Russian claims with skepticism,’ says John Pike, an analyst at the think tank.”

FOAB video

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 05:03 PM
Thermobaric Bombs

Quoted from the site
“There are many different types of Thermobaric weapons, it is the destructive concept that renders Thermobarics different than conventional high explosives. Rather than a simple bomb with high explosives in the warhead, thermobaric weapons, or fuel-air bombs, are predominantly filled with either an aerosol or powder of a high explosive mixture. The bomb has 2 charges, the first to blow away the casing and release the aerosol cloud, and the second to detonate the cloud. This 2 stage method renders the size of the blast to be drastically larger in diameter than conventional.”

Also quoted from the thermobaric site.
“Thermobaric bombs are also known as vacuum bombs, they are also used on buildings and caves because of their ability to collapse structures. The shockwave and subsequent dramatic overpressure created by the intense heat of the explosion draws in oxygen so fast that it literally sucks in anything in its radius, be it cave walls or walls of a structure. Thermobarics have seen widespread use in the caves of Afghanistan, and smaller versions are also becoming more widespread with applications from hand grenades to rocket launchers.”

(Click on thumbnail for the animation.)

Area 51 and an extremely interesting interview on a variety of subjects including munitions.
There is a short, but very interesting series of comments on “Crop Circles” in the sand at Area 51.
As noted by the speaker, not done by pranksters since Area 51 is an extremely well controlled area as far as ingress and egress goes.

The Halifax explosion.
Some exceptionally interesting reading about what is probably the largest explosion the world had ever experienced prior to the Atomic Bomb.
Along with some information on explosives in general.

The primary reason I believe nukes will not be used in the Middle East or anyplace else for that matter is our capability to use extremely powerful conventional explosive laden bombs.

Even if a Middle East terrorist group was able to set off a suitcase nuke in the US, it looks to me like these extremely powerful conventional explosive bombs will do what we need without exposing the world to an excess of nuclear radiation.
Any thinking person realizes that Nuclear War is pretty much the end of the world for the great majority of us.

Nevada non-nuclear, non-conventional explosives bomb tests at the Nellis AFB bomb range.

Quoted from the source
“Operation Name: Divine Strake

Las Vegas - A twice-postponed non-nuclear bomb test in the middle of the Nevada desert may face additional legal challenges over its potential to propel dangerous radioactive particles from the soil into the air over four states.
An environmental assessment released last week showed that although the bomb, which comprises 700 tons of ammonium nitrate-fuel oil, could stir up and release radioactive material from the Nevada Test Site, 65 miles north of here, the amount would barely be measurable. The radioactive particles are in the soil as the result of above-ground and underground nuclear weapons tests at the test site from 1951 to 1992.”

Note that the radiation contamination spoken about is from previous nuclear bomb tests.

Complete article

News and other blurbs along with their Internet address sites

So, there’s some here on ATS who will agree with me and some who won’t.

Sometimes there is no choice in the matter than to use the military option and this is one of those times.

Summits, treaties and simply talking to these people isn’t going to do it.
We need to show the countries who sponsor terrorism and give terrorists a place to hide is not good for the world and not good for them.

I’m open to other ideas, but I see no other way out....

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 05:15 PM
I agree with everything you say with one exception.Just like Iraq they will have to change ones way of life again once the man in power would be removed,both political and socialable.Not that easy.Iraq still has no clue of what to do after sadam being gone,That starts civil wars and riots.But this is my own opinion.Good read you posted.Flagged.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 05:25 PM
There is no way that Iran is

the worlds largest supporter of terrorism for a little over 28 years

To try to say that as an American with a straight face is beyond contemptuous!!!

We are the SUPREME WORLD HEAVY WEIGHT CHAMPION of Terrorism and have been for a very long time...

In Fact... our first Modern foray into this evil role of Empire... was in IRAN...

It is not surprising that you do not know this..

It is not surprising that you do not know that Iran has done nothing Illegal in regards to Nuclear Energy... That they are ALLOWED to have these reactors by International LAW treaties.. That you obviously also care nothing about.

It is also not surprising that you also think that Iranians are ARABS...They are Persians...

It is not suprising that you say this...

With the intelligence capabilities we have - and it’s a lot better than most think - it won’t be hard to find where the Mullahs are and where Ahmadinejad is.

Yeah like we knew where Saddam was .. or Osama.. or anyone else for that matter..

It is not surprising that you talk about our military hardware.. and have no clue as to the weaponry of Iran or how this could go wrong after 8 years of total bungling...

It is not surprising that you think any one who knows and can view America for all it is good and bad...and is obviously against your thuggery and jackbooted reactionary war lust... Hates the Country..

Not Surprising.. It is #ING DISGUSTING...

You hate the cant even do enough to learn about it...

Fair weather fan.. Sunshine Patriot....

Stop hating your species...

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 05:26 PM
Well after the proposed idea to bomb Iran with air strikes. U.S would have to then defend themselves from Russia. This is where the United States missile sheild comes into play. It will protect the U.S when Russia fires off the missles towards the U.S. When Iran gets bombed from the U.S. Of course the Bush Administration says it's to block Iran's missles, North Korea's missiles, etc.

Sadly to say, after Iran gets bombed. I'm guessing more and more countries will get involved and will escalate drastically.

Shortly after that, the stocks will probably crash. Then terrorists will then make a big retaliation. As like what happened in 9/11, but bigger. So yeah I can see only the ugly aftermath of it.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 06:38 PM

I know the Iranians are Persians, but like it or not they are part of the Arab world.

There is nothing in what I wrote that indicates a hate for Iranians.
I want to see Iran join the world as a modern and successful society.

Its the Iranian leaders that are making life tough for all of us.

And . . . I see no suggestions or thought from you as to what can be done to stop terrorism fomented by Iran.

Your seething hatred for America is obvious....

[edit on 12-6-2008 by Desert Dawg]

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 06:48 PM

Originally posted by Desert Dawg

I know the Iranians are Persians, but like it or not they are part of the Arab world.

There is nothing in what I wrote that indicates a hate for Iranians.
I want to see Iran join the world as a modern and successful society.

Its the Iranian leaders that are making life tough for all of us.

And . . . I see no suggestions or thought from you as to what can be done to stop terrorism fomented by Iran.

Your seething hatred for America is obvious....

[edit on 12-6-2008 by Desert Dawg]

Your seeping ignorance of American History is obvious...

I am a veteran I am not afraid of the truth... watch out you don't confuse real patriotism with your sunshine variety..

The Iranian leaders are to blame..
ohhh k.. right...

Lets bomb the world into freedom~~!!

Pssst.. your fascism is sticking out..

It is amazing with how severely limited your vision is.. yet you consist on walking the same path that we have failed on...

And you say I hate America.. yet you are enabling its destruction...with the same mistakes every other idiotic citizen of every other failed empire has made...

I did not say you hate Iranians.. I said you HATE America.. and Humanity..

What you are enabling ... you are guilty of.

[edit on 12-6-2008 by SavageHenry]

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 06:53 PM
Are you kidding me?There is no proof whatsoever that those even work.They failed many times during testing phase.Plus since russia end the treaties,who knows what thier missiles for (buses) mirv are carrying.Some can be drones or all can be up 8 or more independent warheads.Please this missile shield is a joke.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:02 PM
reply to post by Desert Dawg demonize Iran and the Arab world just like
a PRO MSM newscaster.

and you preach homegrown terrorism better than BILLO himself.

there`s a job waiting for you probably , you know,
Thats If your not working for them already....wink,wink.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:04 PM
this is sooo stupid.

you know iran was a secular prowestern economicaly booming democracy till our CIA under kermit roosevelt launched a coup on them and put the oppresive corrupt shah in power?

or did you forget about operation AJAX?

everytime since ww2 that we got involved in another part of the world we screw things up worse than they were before. i assure you this will be the same.

the leaders of iran want to cling to their power they arnt going to do anything suicidal unless we provoke them. just leave them alone and the iranian people will soon kick them out of power.

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 07:07 PM
Why is this in the Election 2008 Forum?

Shouldn't it be in WOT or something?

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