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A cure for cancer? Or at least 300+ alternative treatments?

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posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 09:42 PM
I'm reading the web page, and there is just so much good info.

For those who are not on chemotherapy yet, but who are contemplating chemotherapy, there is a chemotherapy treatment, administered by an M.D., which is a very good treatment. It is the Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT). It combines very low doses of chemotherapy with insulin.

Why do they use very low doses of chemotherapy? The reason is that the insulin opens up the cell membranes of cancer cells so that the chemotherapy will target the cancer cells and leave the healthy cells alone. Because this treatment allows chemotherapy to target cancer cells, very low doses of chemotherapy are used and there are virtually zero side-effects. It uses about 1/10th as much chemotherapy as a normal chemotherapy treatment, but more importantly it allows the chemotherapy to target cancer cells, thus eliminating side-effects.

The reason I mention this is because some families of a cancer patient insist the person use a medical doctor and chemotherapy. Fine, use IPT. IPT is one of the orthodox cancer treatments which can cure cancer. Orthodox medicine does not allow its use in most states so you may have to do some traveling.

Here is an article on IPT:
Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT)

There is an even better orthodox cancer treatment than IPT which uses chemotherapy; but it is not allowed in any state. In fact, the last medical doctor to use it was raided and shut down by the FDA.

A link to a list of clinics will be given later in this article.

And yes, if someone independently finds a cure for cancer, they will be raided by the FDA. Does that sound like a "for the people" organization?

And are there any countries in which alternative cancer treatments are well-known and commonly practiced?

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 09:47 PM
IF Max Gerson had figured out how to cure about every cancer and diseases in the 1920's, and his daughter (now in her '80's and never sick, beautiful complexion, and healthier than most 50 year olds), founded a clinic in Mexico in the '70's to help people that suffer these problems or have been butchered by chemotherapy and US surgeons with negative results and gloom filled prognosis, why is America so ass-backwards when it comes to non-drug related cures? Because to feed the Big Pharma and Big Medica Corporations vampire-esce appetite is just another example of ways the consumer can be milked of their health and wealth, while testing damaging new drugs on the populace as a "last resort" attempt at a cure.

see the 11 part Gerson Miracle video series on youtube (please make sure you view chapter 6....very eye-opening tale of one girls quest for a cure.)

In the meantime, Max is one of 8 medical field giants to be inducted into the Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame in Ottowa this Saturday.

Of all the alternative methods I've researched, I think this is one of the most successful methods in the world.

My bff and fiance just had a biopsy Tuesday for lumps in her breast. Should the results come back malignant or such, I am going to plead with her to schedule an appointment at the Gerson Clinic first rather than go under the knife. She may be harder to convince than a stranger, but I don't want to lose her due to some US doctors textbook taught methods of cutting and radiation.

We have been denied these treatments for over 75 years, and I for one, believe that a last, and I mean very last alternative should be the US way.

In the meantime, I am on pins and needles awaiting my fiance's results, and hopeful the results are favorable.

posted on Jun, 13 2008 @ 05:36 PM
Reading all the links (particularly the last one) I posted is absolutely critical, especially if you or a loved one have cancer. For anyone who dismisses my links as "quackery", why not actually CLICK ON the links? Big Pharma is a corporation. What are the goals of a corporation? TO MAKE MONEY! A "cure for cancer" has not been found yet simply because cancer is too profitable of a disease. The goal of "orthodox" medicine is to prolong the life of a patient and keep them on high-cost drugs; NOT cure the disease. It is no secret that alternative cancer treatments are far superior to orthodox treatments; again, read the articles, they explain everything.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 12:19 PM
What’s sad is that, for the most part, even ATSers don’t take alternative medicine seriously. After all, who would you trust more: your doctor with a PhD written all over his name, or a renegade hospitad in Mexico that practices “quackery”? What would you trust more: the 70+ “official” studies by the FDA that prove aspartame is good for you, of the 70+ “independent” a.k.a. “renegade” studies that prove aspartame is TERRIBLE for you? Sadly, most people, even some ATS members, will choose the first. That can be explained by “authority worship”. Our government-controlled indoctrination camps (schools), and even society itself (parents, siblings) train us to give our absolute trust to authorities. The fifth-grade bully can beat you up, but your first-grade teacher is always there to protect you. She can overload you with work, but she will always be there for you. By age 11, the core of a human’s personality is established. School has always had two purposes: to educate, and to indoctrinate. And today is no different. Middle schools are known for their no-tolerance policies. Kids are given seemingly-useless rules (throughout school) and are expected to follow them. To get them accustomed to living in a police state. Kids can get ARRESTED for a school fight. And then, the job. Your boss may treat you like sh!t, but say something back to him, and you may get fired. And you know what happens if you defend your first-amendment right with a police offices. Your doctor tells you mercury fillings are OK, that fluoride is good for you, and you believe him. That's what sheeple are good at. I know idiots who put fluoride tablets in their water. I know dupes who are first in line for their mercury-filled flu shot. Your doctor says that with chemo, you have a 40% chance of surviving for 5 years. And if some brave soul dares ask about alternative treatments, the doctor simply dismisses them as quackery. Now, not every doctor is part of this conspiracy. Most doctors genuinely want you to not fall for the “scam” of alternative treatments. And they don’t realize that by doing so, they’re giving Big Pharma and the FDA a handsome paycheck. We are TRAINED, from a very early age, to WORSHIP AUTHORITY.

The problem with even most ATS members is that they will take my links, read the site, read the quotes I posted, talk about how cancer is “pissweak”, how useless orthodox therapies are, and move on. And when they get the big C (which you better hope you won’t), they will be first in line for a dose of Chemotherapy. In that case, you might as well drink undiluted hydrochloric acid (no, seriously, don’t; it will kill you instantly), but you get my point. You have been TRAINED to see alternative medicine as quackery. You have been SUBLIMINALLY PROGRAMMED to take the word of someone with a “PhD” in their name as gospel. YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINED TO TRUST THE FDA!!! You may criticize orthodox cancer treatments, but in the end, most of you will, unfortunately, fall prey to them.

You may understand that cancer is very a lucrative business. But if you get the big C (Which I hope you won’t), you will be so shocked you will be relieved to hear of chemotherapy. You will forget this thread, this site, and you will be first in line for chemo.

The thing I want you to do is at least read through the links I posted, and take them seriously. What is the point of a corporation: to make money, or ensure your health? And is cancer a good way to make money? Cures for cancer HAVE been found, alternative treatments ARE being practiced, but they are under attack by Big Pharma and FDA. Does that sound like an organization that cares about your health? To be one-sided and BLIND to the effectiveness of alternative therapies? And, unfortunately, even most ATS members never take alternative cancer treatments seriously. Most people vies alternative cancer treatments (that is, if they know about them) only as a last resort.

If you are ever diagnosed with cancer, and offered chemo or radiation, your first choice should NOT be your doctor and your hospital (although you have been programmed to put your full trust in them). Your first choice should be the Oasis of Hope, located in Mexico simply because their alternative treatments are so effective they would be illegal in the US. Please bookmark all the links I have provided (especially the last 2). But be prepared to pay at least $25,000 for the treatment, and don’t expect your insurance policy to cover anything. But rest assured every penny will go towards treating cancer. The Oasis of Hope is the best alternative cancer treatments clinic in North America. But, again, most people, even ATS members, won’t take it seriously because they have been taught so.

[edit on 15-6-2008 by thetruth777]

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 02:49 PM
Thanks for the thread thetruth777,

I've been saying for years, that there are cures for cancer and most diseases, but you won't find them at the clinics and hospitals.

I always ask, when was the last time a disease was cured? In the 60's if memory serves me. Since then greed has taken over this country, and most others for that matter. I also always say, If there were a pill available to cure cancer and it cost $100.00 the drug companies would go broke, because it's way more profitable to control disease, than to cure it. In my opinion, anyone who believes big pharma, is in business to find cures, really should have their head examined.
But then, I'm just a conspiracy theorist always wearing my tin foil hat.

Doesn't the USDA require that only drugs can cure disease?

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