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Evaluate 10 Ancient Texts that Reveal Proof of Time Travel

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posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 08:13 AM
Had Jacob Boehme (1574-1625) seen The Matrix?

He alone is a true christian, whose soul and Mind has entered again into its original matrix, out of which the life of man has taken its origin, that is to say : The Eternal Word.

Could match tons of present-day images with ancient or medieval texts.

[edit on 5-8-2008 by undermind]

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 09:43 AM
IMHO you have an interesting theory. I would go about laying it out differently. The questionare session has to go as it proves nothing and is really a pain in the ass to go through while your attempting to prove your case.

posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 10:14 AM
sherlock holmes once told me that we need to twist theories to suit facts, not facts to suit theories.

i have a cd with beatles music on it. does that mean someone went back in time and got 4 british guys together to play what was on the disc?

it seems to me that if someone is able to do research on their own to even find the correlation in data, then it stands to reason that the contents of the cd are also the result of a similar investigation.

move along. nothing to see here.

posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 11:18 PM
New Interactive Evaluation Session: Are Ronald Pegg's Observations Correct ?

During 1996 to 2002 the Queensland researcher Ronald Pegg made a series of amazing observations.
He said that ‘Descriptions from over 30 different Ancient Texts matched to pictures from a modern cd-rom’.

He then inferred that stories about 'angels' and 'gods' in ancient chronicles were telling of encounters with 'time messengers' who showed ancient people certain information from a modern compact disk.

Pegg then made a bold claim that
“The documented accounts in certain ancient texts known as prophetic 'dreams' or 'visions' are about the contents and pictures from a particular modern cd-rom.”

I conducted an online study of some texts related to this between January and July 2008 entitled "Evaluate 10 Ancient Texts that Reveal Proof of Time Travel".

The feedback I received derived a mean average validity score of 64.74 percent.
Many comments I received reflect why this figure is lower then expected, such as
‘A Capital icon does not look like an eagle flying’,
‘A She-wolf does not look like a dairy cow, ox nor calf’,
‘Only two questions are not a large enough sample’.

The proprietor of World Breaking Discoveries (Publishing, Australia) on 1st September 2008 re-evaluated Pegg’s claims and found some blunders and oversights in the following...
Page 1:
sea of glass like unto crystal
in the midst of the throne and round about the throne
the second beast like a calf
and the fourth beast like a flying eagle

Page 2:
out of the midst of the fire. Also out of the midst thereof came the likeness of four living creatures
the face of an ox
the face of an eagle

Page 3:
the four winds of the heaven
strove upon the great sea
the second like to a bear, and it raised up itself on one side, with...
three ribs in the mouth of it between the teeth of it*
a leopard* (*better pictures)
and it had great iron teeth

Page 4:
Instead of just 2 questions, there are now 11 and five verses examined.

Page 5:
a womb of monsters, a bull, an eagle

Page 9:
Fowls, beasts, cattle, creeping things

A new interactive evaluation session that addresses these blunders or oversights allows YOU to input whether you see a match between ancient descriptions and modern cd-rom pictures.


posted on Oct, 12 2008 @ 11:19 PM
Results for June to August 2008

Number of replies received: 54
mean general average score was 64.74 percent.

Results for September/October 2008 (to date)

Religious people seem to be scoring the validity of Pegg's Observations very low: between 00.00 to 50.04 percent.
Some do not bother to complete the evaluation.

Non-religious people: between 61.36 to 85.33 percent.

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