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Cows !

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posted on May, 25 2008 @ 10:25 AM
This gonna sound really strange or "out there" but i have read "aliens" are interested in human and cow hemoglobin. This i read on a site that i received a link from on ATS, but i never bookmarked that site. If i remember correctly it was "Our government sold us to the greys" or something like that

Basically the forum says that aliens only live for 20 odd years and need us to "perfect" themselves. They abduct be it human or animal to "extend" their life expectancy. and have made deals with our governments, the usual conspiracy theory but it was a good read.

I do not know how it was received by ATS'ers though. I googled to see if i could find it but no luck., should still be on ATS though.

Found it. Looks like it's J.Lear related.

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posted on May, 31 2008 @ 07:57 PM
On the topic of recording thunder.

This annoys me as recording thunder proves nothing more than thunder exists!

This is an example of how getting proof has become stupid in more than some cases on ATS.
If I came on here and made a thread about an eery silence in my home, people would ask for proof of this lol! use your judgement for once and stop being a puppet of a think tank.

Im not asking for an argument im just highlighting how silly that statement is in relation to the topic for crying out loud!

posted on May, 31 2008 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by qonone

Its strange that you say this as I am a qualified scientist and I quit the field as I was developing cell culture to name one of many etc through using fetal bovine serum which is drawn from cow and sheep ovaries. I am not going to go any further as I will get in trouble due to the fact that I have signed a disclosure agreement.

Clones of humans can be developed from growing eggs in cows serum also.

Another interesting fact is that no matter what is created by humans will always be 99 percent accurate. This is why for example in factories, that are using machinery to create products, we still have defective goods. Anything made by man is not perfect as man is not perfect himself. This is true for anything that is man made full stop.

The result if we cloned humans that are 99 percent human, what about the clones created by clones????? The reality of all of the real scientific world can be mind boggling and that is why many have lost their lives trying to find the answers to ever aging questions.

In short my good man you are correct if your story is correct although I do not know if the story is of course. Makes sense though if a race was in need of help to create another generation of offspring because they have no means of having physical reproduction. Even at that the whole 99 percent thing is what is well known as EVOLUTION to us!

You really need to dig deeper friend. Open your eyes to the blind wool thats pulled over your eyes. I have tried and its not possible to explain it in words.

There is a massive difference between walking the path and knowing the path to put it in a nutshell.

Thats the best piece of advice I can ever give!

Lastly consider this, you are travelling in a spaceship throughout the galaxy, you come across a planet that you observe. You discover that the beings are intelligent but in terms of their technology and understanding of the universe etc they are in the stone age. You have three choices.

1) Attack them and kill them for resources.

2) Make them worship you as they will look upon you as gods due to the fact they cannot comprehend your level of tech and intelligence.

3) check up on them and wait until they are at a similar level of advancement to you then share your tech and thought with them in a peaceful manner etc.

Do you really think the monsters that we are will appeal to anymore than another group of monsters?

I could elaborate on this all night but in short it is definately an interesting point.

In short nothing surprises me anymore and you could well be correct. If this is what you truly believe dont let anyone tell you different until you are clearly wrong. If there is such a thing

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