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sunny greetings

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 01:36 AM
hi folks

due to john q's kind advice i am introducing myself.
well it isn.t easy to introduce oneself, coz you never know what ppl are interested to hear.
so feel free to ask what ever you like. and i try to answer

basic data:
i am female, single parent and work as independent media designer and graphic designer in germany. i live together with my 11 yo son and 2 male cats! i got no partner so far
i am vegetarian, for a couple of years i lived vegan, but unfortunately i fall back

my name is helen, but on board i would love to be called by my nick!

my interests are:
getting in touch with new people, talk to them, trave, listen to music, dancing, meeting friends, sewing, painting, playing my guitar, the internet of course.

why am i here:
i found this place because of the message that rob williams was talking about his sightings
well, but than i strolled around a bit and was very interested in the discussions of your guys
i am bound to some other boards and sometimes people there just like to give statements and that's for them. but here you really think about the subjects and i must admit, i love that

when i used to live with the father of my son, i got in touch with several spiritual concepts.
when i say futheron i know i mean, it is my truth my knowledge, if anybody got different feelings / knowledge about it, i would be happy to talk about

i know that we are all one,
i know that i am a spiritual being who owns a body not as it was told during my catholic education that i got a soul (which occured to me like owing a handbag
i know that i have lived before this life, but nevertheless i am scared of dieing coz i might / will lose all my memories. sure i know on a certain level i won.t lose them but it so hard to recover them

when i was a young girl i was highly fancied by egyptian culture, i read everything about it.
and i am still interested in new datas about that culture.
i read a lot of that german/swiss author erich von däniken
some things always sounded to good to be true, others to much invented.
but since then i keep asking questions. i try to use my brain. i am lookind for answers. most of all: if it is just the homework of my son, the way of thinking of other humans, ufo sightings or OBE - i try to understand. i wanna understand.

maybe my mind is sometimes to open - but i can.t bear the thought if it would be closed.

i got not much experiences in the esoteric or paranormal field.
the few i can recall are some OBE, which i can easily reproduce by meditation. being really calm for a while, just concentrate on myself or better on nothing - just BE!
then i get the feeling that i become very big, very wide - image i have is the mushroom cloud after an atomic explosion. there is still a connection to my body but I by myself get out, gain much more space above the body
i can.t recall if my senses functionate better no idea

other experiences are: telepathic connection with my son. while being in hospital after his birth i was at the nursing room where all the babies slept at night 1 or 2 minutes before he started physically to scream
telepathic connection to my older cat whom i met when he was about 5 hours old
living in a terrasse house with the father of my child the cat was allowed to go out. i never knew when he would come back home but most times i didn.t need to call him, all of a sudden i knew he was in front of the door, or while being in bed he sent me a dream that he was outside in the garden, i woke up went downstairs and opened the door.

hope it doesn.t sound to silly
don.t wanna be boring.

biggest cognition of my live: I am

hugs and love

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 01:37 AM
i am happy about tips what i shouldn.t miss.
so please be overwhealming
with your advices and suggestions. i really appreciated that coz this board is very very huge!!!

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 01:52 AM
Fantastic introductory post, Helen.

Orange light is a nice visual!

Glad to have you aboard. I look forward to reading some of your posts as you sound like an interesting person!


edit to add: I didn't catch your nickname!

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posted on May, 22 2008 @ 04:44 AM
Hello and Welcome to ATS...

Yep this John Q guy is very friendly
actually someone helped me when I first joined so I thought I would do the same...

Great introduction, I was trying to work out where you were from. (via U2U) Ive never been to germany but used to live in france many years ago. I do miss france, its very relaxed over there, I think alot of countries in main europe are quite chilled which is something the english need to learn.

Here is some info for you:

ATS Handbook which will give you help / advice about the rules, avatars, points etc.

More info which is everything that was left out of the handbook.

ATS Freshmans forum is a great place to ask any questions you have or just send me a U2U

From the topics you mentioned you might want to check out the paranormal studies forum on ATS and the dreams and predictions forum on BTS. We share similar interests so I will probably see you on the boards anyway.

Also dont forget to listen to the ATS / BTS mix shows click here you can download them from there or you can subcribe to Itunes on the main ATS board page (left hand side)

Have fun here and I will see you on the boards,



posted on May, 22 2008 @ 04:57 AM
reply to post by John Q

and @interestedalways

thanks for the warm welcome

life is giving and taking john - that is great
and you usually get back what you give

all ppl i met so far on this board are very very friendly, really lovely

thanks for the great info john
lot of stuff for me to read.
but it is great work of those who established the info

hope my english doesn.t sound to strange for you guys - but i am willing to learn
if i make to much or to obvious mistaked please help me to get better!

great that the ats/bts mx shows can be subscribed to via itunes
another important thing about me: I LOVE my mac.
for me: never found a better computer system!

hugs and love

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 05:18 AM
Welcome to ATS, orange-light.

Your introduction tells me that you will very likely enjoy all that this site has to offer.

Happy reading and see you on the boards.

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 06:57 AM
Some things are just meant to be hon, and I can tell you were MEANT to stumble onto ATS by whatever means possible.
I have already found you to be very insightful and interesting and a great person to talk to and share ideas with.

Welcome to ATS

posted on May, 22 2008 @ 08:12 AM
hey nephra tari
love to see you here

yeah somethings are meant to be, no matter how they happen
and in someways i come back to a certain way of thinking - which i already missed!

thanks for the nice compliment

i am really looking forward to discuss with you and share ideas

thanks for your welcome

will take me a lifetime to stroll around in this big house of ATS

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