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Why do we have to chase UFOs? Or Aliens? Why? Why? Why!

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posted on May, 5 2008 @ 02:36 AM
It seems rather perplexing to me that we would have to chase evidence of this phenomena. Think about it. Most of these UFOs display evidence of highly advanced flight technology. So this probably means that the civilization or civilizations that bore these machines is incredibly complex as well. I don't like the fact that people treat UFOs like wild animals that you have to pounce on at the right moment, as if they were ghosts. It trivializes everything.

I can't address any of the abduction claims because many come from people looking for attention, including some military guys, or appear to be fever dreams.

Even Whitley Strieber's Communion and his following books read like a schizophrenic's dream replete with symbolic icons, "vibrations" and alien fright masks.

I do think the abduction phenom is real - Betty and Barney Hill case is as profound an experience as you'll get. I mean the terror in their voices on tape during their regressions were horrifying. The story behind the star map is the clencher too, thank you Marjorie Fish. But I think there is a duplicity behind it, not behind Betty and Barney Hill, but the creatures themselves. For instance why would super advanced aliens use a common needle on Betty when taking a supposed pregnancy test? Especially when the same kind of procedure was introduced into hospitals 3 years later? Doesn't it make you feel good that spacemen were using the equivalent of 1960's technology? Or it wasn't only a pregnancy test? The whole ordeal seemed like a theatrical put-on by the creatures. I mean capture two humans for measly egg and sperm? Why not teleport it out?

I'm willing to bet that many of these UFOs are not merely captained by dull computers going through routines. Even if it was only a computer flying these UFOs it would be sensible for it to have some device that could interact with conscious entities; for instance if it were "downed" by a competing force, like say another UFO, wouldn't it be smart to have a telepathic repulsion field to keep primatives away? Or maybe even a telepathic pulse to attract the help of naive inhabitants?

Which means they're ignoring us.

Just by looking at Earth's technological progress for example you can see why I can make an assumption about the sophistication of these UFO civilizations. Massive output from multiple industries is usually required to create new advanced devices. For instance the human genome project would never had been possible without computers, computers never possible without transistor tech from the telephone industry, a telephone industry without cheap copper prices and so on into infinity. Each industry seeds the evolution of adjoining industries as market demands put pressure for new and wondrous products. For humans, an eternal demand for superhuman capabilities simmers in the background of all of these industries. So a majority of humans push the demand for new technologies that give us instantaneous communication, healthier bodies, flight, protection from physical damage, and longer lifespans - essentially the Utopian human. Now what do you think the aliens have?

I've heard the theories as to why they do not expose themselves, (govt conspiracy with aliens, aliens don't want to interrupt the planet, aliens work under diplomatic accord etc.) but this seems odd to me since they probably can hear the telepathic wishes of millions of people that want to meet someone who obviously has technology to give us Utopia.

And just like there are military leakers working in black ops projects, I'm sure that there are some creatures out there who lend a sympathetic ear to our plight.

I mean don't you think it's kind of disheartening that most Ufologists are in fact facing a presence that may have a million-year head start in technology that does not wish to be found?

So what do you think? The behavior of the UFOs seem to suggest that they are avoiding detection and we're gonna have to force them out. Why?

posted on May, 5 2008 @ 04:31 AM
Weeell...I basically observe them. I like lighted things and metal objects that catch the light. I'm easily amused.

posted on May, 5 2008 @ 04:57 AM
For a long time the political establishment and even the military publicly denied their existence - it's only recently thanks to sci-fi movies like MIB (among others, many of which were made decades ago) that they've realised it isn't so easy to simply discredit the UFO community as a whole anymore.

During the 50's through to the 70's they were prepared to deny the existence of UFOs outright.

Now, when you spend your time looking through picture after picture, amatuer video after amatuer video, and the government sits there complacently while unidentified flying objects appear to be zipping across the sky every other week, one cannot help but feel a little curious as to why there isn't some sort of massive panic going on in the political hierachy.

This is the reason i believe the movement has lasted so long - it's not about the fun of it (although you can indeed have fun) nor is it about spreading awareness (although you can indeed spread awareness), it's about sticking it to the man.

If the Government denied all knowledge of the harm that chemicals in our water supply can do to us, would you not be interested why they would do that?

If the Government denied all knowledge of an invading army on U.S shores, wouldn't you be interested as to why?

Why should UFOs be any different?

posted on May, 5 2008 @ 05:30 AM
Living on this third rock from the sun for 'gasp' 45 years I have taken to expect certain things. When I see 'some certain things out of kimbo' I begin to ask questions. I have many more questions than answers these days. And I really do like shiny things.

posted on May, 6 2008 @ 06:41 AM
reply to post by Anti-Tyrant

But my point is - who cares about the government!? Do you really think the US GOVERNMENT is powerful enough to cover up the activities of creatures that are at the very least 1000 years ahead of us in evolution? In a phenomena that spans the globe???

You must be chasing human shadows in order to believe that government intervention has kept this secret locked in a base? Obviously the military probably has committed crimes with UFO knowledge/tech that it does not want us to be aware of. I do believe that is a noble reason to pursue and unlock these secret cabals. You know, to hold fellow humans accountable for the alien vice grip. However blaming the government is like blaming Igor for creating Frankenstein's monster, Igor just collects the brains for his master.

Aliens can read minds. We know this. People ask for their appearance. They don't show. Something's up.

The creatures make mistakes here and there - People claim abduction. A Ufo is spotted joyriding in our stratosphere every so often. Ufologists die of tumors at an extraordinarily high rate (revenge?). Cattle are mutilated and drained of blood within 45 minutes and found as if they were dropped from a large height. Various manufactured metal pieces are found in the wake of UFO landings etc.

It is nothing less than the creatures themselves that are masking their presence. Maybe our government complies with their wishes for some reason, but in the end you are fingering the patsy and not the ringleader. So what if the government hides the information? A lot of people act like they have the option to... what if the military has no option but to comply? Also alien activity is not confined to the military - tons of other people have alien experiences such as with the MIB.

Everyone assumes that we have to hunt for evidence? Such as the people who come to this website looking for answers... nobody has the answers here! You are hunting something that should not have to be hunted. The phenomenon is aware, like a politician is aware of his flock. I think that the people who come to the website must start considering that the answers will have to come from an alien source itself, and that it must be reasoned with, just like you would reason with any authority figure. The aliens are not wild game for UFO safari tourists to catch with giant butterfly nets. These things have personalities, like anything sophisticated. I know this is not the popular mode of thinking here because a lot of people have the attitude that the aliens are like bigfoot, something to find to "best" all the other searchers looking for it. Something to satisfy their egos that advanced creatures are just in the vicinity and a good picture will force them to fess up.

The point I'm making is all the anecdotal evidence means nothing if the creatures do not comply. Remember, they may have technology that edits thoughts. The job of the people coming to this website should be to find trigger factors that compel these creatures to reveal themselves. Not ruminate over whether the latest UFO picture is a hoax or not. Looking for the next UFO footage as a point of proof is pointless by now. They exist. We know it in spite of the hoaxers. Now the main problem is discovering why they are hiding.

Maybe we have to have a specific event to trigger contact, like a global We Are The World singing special or something?

Again, we are chasing something that does not wish to be found. Something that knows what we are thinking. What is it waiting for? What are we waiting for?

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