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Bush says rebates going out Monday should help economy

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 05:32 PM
A little bit more info is coming out, one thing is that the Federal Govt is sending out 800,000 stimulus package checks out over these 3 days -Mon/Tues/Wed (apr 28-29-30th)

which may explain why i have not received the $300.oo which Social Security recipients are scheduled to receive....
as opposed to to the other sums of $600 (and multiples thereof)
that are deemed 'tax rebates'... and not purely 'Stimulus Package' monies.

my head spins with all the misinformation the government puts out there...
or else the reporting by MSM that still has us (or at least myself) uncertain as to who gets what and how much.
My SS# ends in a "00" so i reckon i have Tues and Wed to anticipate...

because on Thursday, the Federal Govt. is not sending Stimulus Package checks...the MSM claims that is because they need a day off from sending some 2.4 million 'Stimulus' direct deposits out
-->but i say it is because they have the ongoing 30 million?
Social Security Checks/monies to send out (on May 1st)
---& they can't run the two programs at the same time without screwing up royaly.

It ain't easy or cut-&-dried, is it?, i will update the thread about the Tues or Wed direct deposit of any 'Stimulus Package' monies (max $300.) which i have been led to believe was to be sent to the poor social security recepients.

Or i will report that IT just didn't happen for me...which i feel is the likely end result---- i just wonder IF there are hundreds or perhaps multiple thousands of others that 'fell-thru-the-cracks' like myslf and that demographic will be swept under the rug...
as the compounded lies keep stacking up.

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posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 05:40 PM
My take on why we are getting Stimulus checks is this...

If you were heavily invested in oil and wanted to see your stocks rise wouldnt you and your "party" find it incredibly ingenius to issue every working American a check just as the price of gas skyrockets? Just so we can all put it right back into our gas tanks...

I fear the price of gas will go up severly in the next month... =(

posted on Apr, 28 2008 @ 06:08 PM
Anyone besides me notice a lack of the ATS conservatives here defending the President and calling us a bunch of "Bush Haters?"

Is it possible that they now see how they have been chumped out like the rest of us? Or is their ideology so entrenched that they are blind to anything against the Bush administration?

My tax rebate will be used to buy gasoline and perhaps a bottle of tequila to dull the pain of my financial situation.

This rebate BS is just a transparent attempt by the neocons to make us think that they care about us and our welfare. Even my Texan, Baptist, rightwing conservative mother isn't fooled by this obvious BS. When the GOP loses people like her, they got a problem.

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