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8,000 Year Old Nabta Playa Stone Circle Vandalised

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posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 05:11 PM
Astrophysicist, Thomas Brophy, has recently returned from a trip into the Nubian Desert to study the 8,000 year-old stone circle at Nabta Playa which Brophy has shown depicts the belt stars of the Orion constellation.

In Cairo yesterday, 22nd April, researcher and best-selling international author, Robert Bauval, compared photos he had taken of Nabta Playa in 2007 with those taken by Brophy in his recent trip.

It seems that the site has been ransacked by vandals. Many of the ancient standing stoones have been knowcked down whilst others have actially been stolen.

This photo shows the site in 2007 (Bauval) and recently in 2008 (Brophy):

I cannot begin to tell you all how utterly saddened and dismayed I am with this news. Yes - angry too! This is part of ALL our heritage - world heritage. It's part of where we are all descended from. That some individuals could do such a crime - for that is what this is - is beyond my comprehension.

I ask myself "Why? Why? Why?"

But I find no answer.

Scott Creighton

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 05:38 PM
reply to post by Scott Creighton

I know this is in the middle of the desert, but is it really left unsupervised? An 8000 year old relic.... what a shame

I guess so...

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 05:42 PM
Sad but when we have a black market for private collectors to take advantage of this type of relics is nothing anybody can do.

I only hope that its plenty of research done and pictures of the relics before they got vandalized and stolen.

posted on Apr, 23 2008 @ 05:43 PM
this makes me angry, how could someone do this?

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 07:23 AM

Originally posted by marg6043
Sad but when we have a black market for private collectors to take advantage of this type of relics is nothing anybody can do.

I think it's complacency to blame the black market. What's really at fault here relates to our lack of judgement and the obscurity of alternative archaeology. If the connotations of ancient and megalithic monuments were taken more seriously, by the world, then perhaps even the thieves and vandals would realise that these things are far too sacred to be lost.

I'm with you Scott - since developing an interest in ancient history, I have never, ever been able to understand how some people look upon such monuments and not feel the emanating sanctity of them, not observe their incredible antiquity and not understand that they are vital pieces of a vast puzzle essential to understanding the meaning of life.

posted on Apr, 24 2008 @ 07:41 AM
Speaking as a drystone mason, those slabs look rather delicate to have survived looking like that for 8,000 years. The wind could easily topple those if it just blew sand away from the bases of the stones. I did a quick wikipedia and google search and I am not impressed with the "sources" used to legitimise this stone monument.

Would anyone mind filling me in on the dimensions and compositions of these stones?

posted on Apr, 25 2008 @ 03:28 AM

Scott Creighton

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 06:42 AM
Miroslav Provod
Circular structures

There are many circular rocks around the globe, which are talked about as astronomical calendars to determine the times of solstice or places for ritual ceremonies. The oldest one had been built in Nabta Playa two thousand years before the first Egyptian pyramid was built.

In order to situate the circular structure into an energetic place it was necessary to know the properties of static electricity. Former architects must have known that any amount of matter creates a charge, which produces zones and interzones as well as aura. They must also have known that zones create a 3dimensional conducting raster above the Earth (ether), which creates higher energetic concentration in places, where the zones cross. This place was then selected as the center of the circular structure. The accumulated energy of the rocks that was bordering the aura was increasing charge inside the circle. In some places, the circle was marked only by small stones or only by a groove in the terrain. In these cases it wasn’t necessary to manipulate with the energy but only mark the border of the energetic place. The circular structures were used for increasing the energy of bodies but could have also been used for ritual purposes.

Constructors of the circular structures must have known other properties of static electricity as well, for ex. that individual charges interconnect into one common charge when their auras are in contact, but also that energetically greater charge spontaneously transfers energy to a charge with smaller energetic value. The people that were gathered inside of the circular structure had a common charge that was equal to the sum of charges of all the people present. In order for this common charge to gain energy from the matter of the structure, the charge of the circular structure must have had greater energetic value. For smaller amounts of people, menhirs, balanced rocks, dolmens, mounds and other structures were built in the energetic places.

Further properties of the charge of static electricity are hidden in the horizontally placed rocks of the very famous circular structure called Stonehenge, which were imported from a great distance even that there was a great amount of rock in the close vicinity from which the vertical rectangular parts were built. Similar combinations of rocks of different chemical composition are also found at other structures, for ex. Machu Picchu, the pyramids and many others. It may be logically deducted from this fact that the energy that is transferred via matter is affected by its chemical composition. I’ve noticed these combinations of charges in my past experiments, but I haven’t put a great attention to them. It’s necessary to repeat these experiments with different values, in greater sizes and more often.

If I used to present the static electricity as cosmic energy, I was afraid to use the term antigravity in connection with it, because science never took this unknown cosmic energy seriously. But it’s different with the not so known greatest natural force – the static electricity. It is a part of every matter and it’s necessary to respect it. But the statement “What we don’t know, we can’t judge” is very appropriate here. It’s necessary to get to know everything properly.

Zahi Hawass states in his book “The Pyramids” the following: “Some graves are deeply dag and covered with rectangular blocks of rock that are as large as a few freight train coaches or small houses”.

In Baal beck there are two cubic rectangles of weight of one thousand tones, the third one is still in the quarry. A greater amount of rocks that weigh hundreds of tons that were transported is in other places as well. I can’t accept experiments where someone moves a 15 ton statue at the Easter Island or when someone transports a rock of similar weight with a human force and science then makes an assumption that even heavier rocks were transported in this way. I will start to believe when a similar experiment is repeated with a rock of at least one hundred tons, which I think is a technical nonsense. Until then I will believe the heretic sentence: “Ancient cultures knew the secrets of antigravity”. The architects of megalithic structures had only the knowledge about static electricity and human force available when transporting such heavy rocks. Therefore, we have to search in the field of static electricity as thinking about the human force would be lost time.

There are unbelievable descriptions of people flouting through the air without the aid of any technical machinery in history. Successful levitation was even observed by the Emperor Frantisek I. and his courtiers. The hero of this unusual production was a mystic Schindler, who kept saying that he can levitate for at least quarter of an hour just by his own will. The emperor chose to prove his statement. This successful event was pleased due to Mr. du Prel. The emperor arranged for a chandelier to be removed from a high hall and instead of it one hundred of ducats were placed there. Schindler could have kept these if he could take them down without any help or tools. Schindler hardly limbered up for at least a minute but at the end he was really able to levitate and grab the money. After that he turned into horizontal position right under the ceiling and stayed there for a few minutes like if he was to take a rest after all this effort. Finally at the end, he slowly came back to the floor.

Czech explorer Břetislav Kafka wrote in his book “New basics of experimental psychology”, which was published almost one hundred years ago: “The properties of magnetism and similar phenomena are limitless. In a deep sleep (much deeper than during dreaming) of a subject or a medium, either automatic or mechanic, the magnetism could cause a disruption of gravity and levitation of the subject. The condition is taking away his personal magnetism by at least six persons who create a chain by connecting their hands, which is closed by the sitting subject. The thought must be unique, uninterrupted and more or less phlegmatic. If there is skeptic in the chain, the experiment doesn’t work. Therefore all the people that take part in the experiment must believe (have totally loyal belief).

I explain this phenomenon myself in a way that the bodily charge of static electricity of the experimental person decreased because it was taken over by the six persons. The decrease of charge of matter will probably have a different process, but it would be appropriate to the technical possibilities of that time. Unfortunately, I can’t get hold of people with the properties required to perform such an experiment, but there are many groups that deal with parapsychology. Members of such groups have a greater interest in research of unexplainable natural phenomena and have therefore a motivation to repeat the experiment and find an explanation. A successful result of this experiment would even be “just” a decrease of weight of the figurant. Up to now it’s the only clue that hints us in which direction to continue. Therefore, it’s very important to begin as soon as possible. If it is possible to empirically uncover some basic properties of static electricity, it would be possible to be successful during further research of yet unknown phenomena.

November 2008

Miroslav Provod

posted on Oct, 30 2012 @ 07:26 PM
hi Scott
i was doing some digging around on the net for Nabta Playa
its or (was) a very interesting site
its one of, if not the oldest known astronomical observatories
what strikes me is how far away from any other place Nabta Playa is, which suggests whoever vandalised the area went there with an agenda!
What that is, is up for debate
maybe to keep inline with modern scholars? who knows

Nabta Playa is a large, complex archaeological site in the eastern Sahara in Egypt, where some of the earliest known evidence of domesticated cattle, pottery, and astronomical observatories in Africa have been identified. The site is one of several sites in the Nabta Playa-Kiseiba region, and they together represent some of the earliest roots of what would become predynastic and then dynastic Egypt.

Nabta Playa was a major stepping stone towards the Egyptian civilization
as is evident at the site

The Late Neolithic period at Nabta Playa has evidence of millet agriculture, tombs, and megalithic structures, with the suggestion of ranking and ceremonialism found in elaborated tombs, differentiation in house and storage facilities, and megalithic stone constructions.

Maybe it was THE birth place of Egyptian civilization

you posted this thread 4 years ago, not even a full page of replies
if Stonehenge was vandalized and destroyed there would be an uproar of threads and everyone would have their say
but Nabta Playa is atleast 4,000 years older than Stonehenge and dosnt get any recognition
its a sad day for me.

For more information (SOURCE)

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