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For those wondering why I was away so much for the past few weeks...

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posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 06:19 PM

posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 06:24 PM
DUDE!!! I want to move where you live!

Looks like 1 women out of 5 is okay, the 4 others are drop dead gorgeous!

Plus I love the fact that women there constantly have a great tan. (or most of them)

It looked like one hell of a party. Hope you had fun.

posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 06:31 PM
Well, they had a great tan because they were outside partying all day in the weekend..

posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 06:39 PM
What is more appealing to me is the fact that there's sun there all year long, no crappy winter with snow etc..etc...

Or am I wrong?

posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 06:40 PM
Well it's been raining like crazy this rainy season. But the weather is still warm...

posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 06:42 PM
You're still lucky. (well, in my opinion)

Just the idea of being able to wash your car outside, by your self, all year long, is almost orgasmic to me.

posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 07:00 PM
Oooooooookay then...

posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 07:02 PM
Welcome back.

Good to know you are still around, btw, that looks like an awesome place to be!!!

posted on Feb, 25 2004 @ 07:04 PM
Yeah, I'm a #in' weirdo, I know. I got some kind of insane obsession about cars.

[Edited on 25-2-2004 by m0rbid]

posted on Feb, 27 2004 @ 01:34 PM
Heeeheeee Car fetish!!! lol

You're a wacko!!!

posted on Feb, 27 2004 @ 04:09 PM
bandit, tomorrow Miami is having a bring your flag and represent carnival, stonelove, and many more to be you know who will also be there.

like i told you, I am soooo jealous, I really missed playing mass this year...and the pics really helped to rub it in that I wasn't there (sniff, sniff, wipes tears away)

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