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dgtempe - HEY! Read this!

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posted on Apr, 9 2008 @ 08:51 AM
reply to post by dgtempe

Hey DG! You know how highly I think of you, so I had to respond. I understand how you feel. Lately I too have been in the duldrums. But guess what?
It's all good! Let me pontificate if I might. I walk out my front door every morning and stand in my driveway to look at the world around me. What do I see?
Spring is in the air, with flowers reaching up from their winter rest grasping towards the newborn sunlight in the sky. Robins abound, singing their recognizable chirp in the morning air. The smell of Lilac drafts past my nostrils. My child is happy and healthy. These are things I can't change, but I enjoy.
The state of the world is depressing at best. You and I both have marital issues. These are things which can weigh down your shoulders.


Marital issues have happened to greater people than the 2 of us. Time will heal. I know this and so do you I'm sure.

The state of the US is grim at best.


The current Commander In Chief is in his last months. I'm not a fan of his. I would die defending him as it is my duty, but I disagree with 99.9% of what he does, and stands for. The world seems to be anti US. Are they? Or are they anti Bush? I think the latter. Until recently the US citizens were welcome and respected abroad. The actions of the current administration have tarnished the image. Look at it for what it is.

OK, here I go again. I'm going to be politically incorrect. Gee what a surprise, eh?

Let's take any country, any people, any faith as an example. I am going to use MUSLIMS as my example due ONLY to the fact that the Muslim faith is in todays current spotlight.

Prior to 9/11 did the majority of non Muslims even think about those who worship Allah? Nope. They ranked on the same scale as Episcapalions, and Methodists. They just were not on the radar screen. Suddenly an incident happens like 9/11, where a VERY FEW muslims were involved in the planning and ultimate execution of the attack, and the entire Muslim community is suspect. The majority, VAST majority of Muslims mean no more harm to any one as you or I do. I hate to use the tired old phrase that 'I have friends who are (fill in the blank) so I can't be racist.' I do have friends who are Muslim. They don't preach to me, and they are my friends. They just are. I could care less what god they worship. In my book you are either cool or you're not. They ARE cool. If the s--t ever hit the fan, I would have their back - NO QUESTION. I also know that they would have my back. I do not like the OBL's, and Atta's of the world, but I don't hate the Muslims as a whole.

Is that so very different from todays US? Nope. I truly believe that the US citizens are held suspect because of Bush and his cronies. I also believe that the world is aware that GWB is almost done, and is on a holding pattern to see who/what will happen in the next year.

Is it too late? No, it's not. Is it damn close? ABSOLUTELY. Will the next administration dictate what will happen? ABSOLUTELY.
If the next administration does what SHOULD be done, things will even out over the course of a decade. Oil prices will come back to normal, which will drive every other price down. Everything else will fall into place as well.

DG. Live your life! It's GOOD! Live every single 10 minutes as though they're your last. Laugh. Love. Enjoy.
You have alot of friends. ALOT. Heck just here on ATS, you have a huge family who cares about you, including me. Well maybe the 'me' thing isn't such a blessing........

Stay strong my ATS Sis'


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